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The Making of Likeonomics - How To Sell And Write A Book

An exclusive look at the making of the highly anticipated new book Likeonomics - including lots of practical real world advice on how to sell, research and write your own book.

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The Making of Likeonomics - How To Sell And Write A Book

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  2. @rohitbhargava An Exclusive Online Presentation The Unexpectedly Honest True Story Of The Making of Likeonomics How To Sell And Write A Book:
  3. How do you create a book idea? How can you get a deal with a big publisher? How do you actually do research for a book? What does it take to write 250-300 pages? Have you ever wondered how to write a book? Like for instance …
  4. This is my new book, Likeonomics. It is all about how likeability is the real secret to being more trusted.
  5. It’s my second book. The first book was about why companies need to have a personality.
  6. For four years after the first book came out, I thought a lot about what my second book would be … And I took notes to save any idea that didn’t fit into a blog post
  7. I always imagined that Santorini would be an amazing place to spend a few months writing a book and I wish I could tell you I went there this time, but I didn’t
  8. Instead I wrote from home, ate frozen burritos from Trader Joe’s … and loved (almost) every moment. Photo Credit: John McDevitt I wish mine usually looked this good …
  9. This presentation is the true story of the creation of Likeonomics. It is also a glimpse at what it is really like to sell, research, write and promote a book.
  10. Finding and Claiming the Big Idea Part 1:
  11. The first piece of unexpected truth about this book is that I didn’t come up with the title. That honor belongs to my literary agent, Steve, who suggested it with this email …
  12. I registered the URL almost immediately …
  13. About 6 weeks later, I first introduced the concept of “Likeonomics” publicly … by featuring it as my #1 2011 marketing trend to watch.
  14. Creating the Proposal & Getting the Deal Part 2:
  15. So I wrote a 12 page book proposal about the idea and how I would create and sell a book on it.
  16. I looked at other best selling books in different categories and outlined how my book would build on those ideas – but also carve a new place for itself.
  17. After speaking to 5 publishers – we found the team at Wiley was the most passionate about the idea and offered the best deal … so on April 22, 2011 – I signed a contract to write Likeonomics.
  18. Doing the Research & Outlining the Book Part 4:
  19. The first thing I did was to go out and buy a lot of books – and every week I would buy 6 or 7 new ones.
  20. I ripped pages out of magazines and printed articles to read and highlight ...
  21. Then I grouped all the articles into sections and organized them into folders …
  22. I used card sorting to take stories and organize them into chapters and mapped the flow … These are pillows from the W Hotel in NY – I did a lot of writing while traveling too!
  23. And I struggled with the subtitle and how to focus the book for several months.
  24. But the CORE idea of the book finally started to come out …
  25. And it was NOT about counting “likes” on Facebook.
  26. It was based on a simple truth … that we do business and build relationships with people we like.
  27. And that your ability to succeed depends on filling something I called the “likeability gap.” What people do because they HAVE to. What people do because they WANT to. THE LIKEABILITY GAP
  28. Owning The Idea Part 5:
  29. But defining it wasn’t enough. I needed to own the idea of “Likeonomics” Especially because others were starting to use the term differently ….
  30. So I first introduced the idea of Likeonomics at the Mashable Connect conference in May of 2011.
  31. And it quickly got media attention ...
  32. I registered and launched several branded social media platforms ...
  33. And 6 months later the concept continued to appear in the media while I was still in the midst of writing the book.
  34. The Writing & Editing Part 6:
  35. As I wrote sections of the book, I used Powerpoint to help organize the flow …
  36. This was what my desk looked like on an average writing day …
  37. Cards from my research and sorting process. Great biography that helped me write the opening story for Likeonomics. BIG monitor to see multiple pages at once. Desk fan to keep cool! Sticky tabs to help bookmark useful quotes. Mmm, Nespresso Latte … fuel for writing! Freakonomics for inspiration!
  38. First draft (with handwritten edits)
  39. A screen grab from the moment I realized I really wasn’t writing a social media book – the term “social media” was not found … and I had written about half the book!
  40. Second draft (with proofreading)
  41. Final draft (with layout + design)
  42. The Cover Design Part 7:
  43. Before we had a cover, I created this image as a placeholder – and chose orange as the theme color.
  44. Wiley created 3 initial designs – these were the two I DIDN’T pick …
  45. The third design was good – but before agreeing, I decided to play around a bit with other cover designs myself …
  46. But the third design was the best of all of them … and within a few weeks we agreed to use it.
  47. And here’s what the full book jacket design will look like:
  48. Launch & Marketing! Part 8:
  49. In April of 2012, I offered the first sneak peek at the book.
  50. And hosted a virtual chat about the book – which inspired this presentation!
  51. I created a wireframe for the book website.
  52. Which my design team revised, and we worked together on the final design …
  53. I also updated the Facebook timeline with milestones for the book …
  54. And we got galleys and manuscripts to share with media.
  55. So, what comes next? Launch! Media Reviews Articles Blog Posts Bulk Orders Custom Content And Lots More!
  56. The book will officially launch on May 22nd, 2012! If you enjoyed this story of the making of Likeonomics, here are a few ways you can get involved in the launch …
  58. We generated lots of positive media coverage and buzz in the press …
  59. Books sales started to take off …
  60. And stayed fairly steady for the first eight weeks after release of the book …
  61. In April of 2012, I offered the first sneak peek at the book.
  62. And it was even selected for several industry awards …
  63. Want More Information? Twitter: @rohitbhargava Get Exclusive Downloads and Special Offers On The Official Book Website: