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I don’t believe in telling stories through stock photographs. Instead I always try to curate powerful
visuals which share a point of view. To illustrate what I mean, here’s a short guide to some of the
images used in this presentation – and the stories behind them …
Can Headshots Be Human?
This headshot is the one that I use to illustrate my
personality – approachable, happy, and always ready to
lean casually against random inanimate objects.
Lego Guys …
I am fond of using Lego guys to illustrate personality and
use one for my Twitter bio as well. I love the contrast of
these two!
Seeing Patterns Everywhere …
My brother is a Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab and
I saw these brushes in his lab and couldn’t resist taking
the photo.
Following A Full Chorus …
This shot is from a keynote for a large hospital system
where I took the stage just after their employee chorus
Being Big In Norway …
I love the lighting and stage colors from this keynote, my
third in Oslo in less than a year. Does that mean I’m big
in Norway? 
The Obligatory TEDx Shot …
Yes, I have done two TEDx talks, and I gratuitously use
the image over and over – but can you blame me? You
would too.
Multi-directional Speaking …
This Amsterdam event was my first with an audience
watching in a 360 degree arrangement. Fun, but also
The Unplanned Keynote …
This was an impromptu talk to replace a missing speaker. No
slides, no prep, just unscripted stories, an empty stage and
me revealing the real reason I moved to Australia.
Inspiration from history …
I love the story of the QWERTY keyboard and
cherish those chances to offer new perspectives from
Talking To No One …
I thrive on the energy of a live audience – but being in
the recording studio is also helping me learn to bring
energy on demand, and share my ideas in new ways.

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