Employer branding and employee assistance programs


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  • PacifiCare Health Systems is a leading consumer health organization with 10,000 employees.PacifiCare needed to improve their hiring. To do so, they developed a strategic recruitment and branding program.Employee value proposition: Envision. Innovate. Accomplish.They used this theme in all of their communication related to working at PacifiCare (webpages, direct mail, employee referral marketing).Their consumer message is: Caring is good, doing something is better. To what extent do you think these are aligned? Employee referral program (ERP):- ERPs are one of the best recruiting tools in terms of performance and retention.- Particularly effective when the referrals are coming from committed and productive employees.
  • Employer branding and employee assistance programs

    1. 1. GROUP 10
    2. 2. What is EMPLOYER BRANDING?It is defined as the sum of a company’s efforts tocommunicate to existing and prospective staffwhat makes it a desirable place to work, and theactive management of a company’s image asseen through the eyes of its associates andpotential hires.It is a process of creating an identity andmanaging the company’s image in its role as anemployer
    3. 3. For the organization…
    4. 4. For this you have to attract “TALENT”
    5. 5. • External/Consumer Branding – Influence customers to buy products & services• Internal/Employer Branding – Influence employees to be attracted to and remain with the organization
    6. 6. Employer Brand Equity Model
    7. 7. More applicants meansmore potentialemployees Employees proud and motivated
    8. 8. Positive image for media– More Advertising To achieve Competitive Advantage
    9. 9. Extremely 4 1 important16 Very important 42 Fairly important37 Not very important Not at all important
    10. 10. Launched a comprehensive employer branding campaign, including – Employee value proposition: • Envision. Innovate. Accomplish. – Consumer message: • Caring is good. Doing something is better.
    11. 11. RECRUITINGADVERTISEMENT PacifiCare’s employer branding efforts have been recognized by the following awards: Best Employer Brand: 2006 Electronic Recruiting Exchange Best in Class Employee Referral Web Site: VirtualEdge West Coast User Group Top 50 Employer for Minorities and Women: Fortune Magazine
    12. 12. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMSThey areworksite-basedprograms and/orresourcesdesigned tobenefit both
    13. 13. FEATURES OF AN EAP• Is a work-site based program.• Designed to assist businesses in addressing productivity issues.• Identifies and resolves personal concerns of employees.
    14. 14. Issues dealt by EAP• Relationship & Family Issues• Stress Management (at home and at work)• Addictions• Workplace Challenges• Eldercare &
    15. 15. SERVICES PROVIDED BY EAPs EAP services to individuals • Mental health-related services. • Services related to personal issues such as divorce and parenting • Information on work/life supports, such as care giving for elderly parents and financial planning.
    16. 16. EAP services to individuals• Wellness and health promotion services, such as smoking cessation and weight reduction.• Work-related supports like career counseling services to individuals
    17. 17. EAP services to organizations• Education on handling mental health, stress, an d addictions in the workplace.• Addressing workplace violence
    18. 18. EAP services to organizations• Guidance on communicating in difficult situations, such as mergers, layoffs, or when employees die on the job.• Absence management
    19. 19. BENEFITS OF EAPs• Psychological Health Care• Productivity• Healthy Human Resources
    20. 20. LATEST TRENDS IN EAPs• Increased use of technology• New promotional materials• New topics for seminars• Creative
    21. 21. Latest Trends in EAPs• Retention strategies• Supervisor training• Mediation services• Work/life coordination