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Real time case study on laundry shop in the NIT Tirchy campus

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  1. 1. CASE STUDY PRESENTATION NIT-Laundry Shop PANCHATHANTRAS!!! Team Members Naganath Ingle Vijay Krishna Shaijil Rohit Abilash Arun N
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Snow White Laundry shop was established in the year 1999 and the shop is located in NIT campus.  The shop operates all throughout the year for the convenience of students and faculties of NIT.  The Laundry working hours: 6am – 8pm.  Totally 8 members are working in the Laundry shop.
  3. 3. Process Management  Manual process.  Traditional methods – Coal.  Raw Material – Bulk quantity.  Students and Faculty.  Washing area – Zircon Hostel.  Unique Id – AQA120
  5. 5. STRENGTH • Many committed student use to come regulary • Increase customer from less than 10 to 70 per day • No competition • Reasonable price as compare to other laundry shop • No communication barrier
  6. 6. Weakness • Washing done by manually • Take more number of days (rainy days) • Still ironing done by old method • No proper infrastructure facility available to expand their business
  7. 7. Opportunities • Can introduce washing machine to wash and dry clothes. • Expansion of the business outside the NIT campus. • Can introduce room delivery to the students. • Messaging service to the students
  8. 8. Threats • New competitor . • During rainy season is difficult to purchase coal. • Absenteeism of employees may delay the delivery of clothes. • More dependency on NIT infrastructure .
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy  Maintaining good customer relationship  Timely delivery of clothes to the customer.  Lesser price when compared to the other shops (Rs 6 – Rs 15)  Use of good quality of washing powder.
  10. 10. Problems Faced By Management
  11. 11. THANK YOU!!!