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Rohit khare

  1. 1. Agile Manufacturing IndustriesFrom Mechatronics toCollaborative Supply ChainsIndustrial Technologies 2012 - Aarhus, 19 JuneDr. Massimo MattucciSession Chairman
  2. 2. EFFRA: who we are and what we doAbout EFFRA• industry-driven European association• created by MANUFUTURE ETP and by industrial associations• partner of the European Commission• creates consensus on common R&D priorities• strong network of SME’s, large industry & RTOs
  3. 3. Agile Manufacturing Industries: from Mechatronics to Collaborative Supply Chains Overview of the FoF PPP• Funded under FP-7• 61 projects up and running• Statistics show industrial participation of more than 50% (compared to some 20-30% for total FP7)• € 250M of EU in 2010/11• Success rate of up to 20% After 2013 FoF PPP will• Time-to-contract 1st call: 8.5 months continue under Horizon 2020• Industry participation: 50-60%• Additional € 400M in 2012/13
  4. 4. EFFRA Roadmap: ‘Factories of the Future in Horizon 2020’RD&I roadmap 2014-2020• roadmap will cover R&D and innovation activities• guiding principles: industry competitiveness, from research to industrial application and market uptake• ambition: key impact on industrial application fields
  5. 5. Factories of the Future PPP: EFFRA RoadmapTechnologies & Enablers • Advanced manufacturing processes • mass production of functional 3D systems • additive manufacturing of customer custom made parts • automated production of composite structures/products • shaping technology such as forming and machining • Mechatronic technologies for advanced manufacturing systems • control technologies, increasing computational power and intelligence • continuous monitoring of the condition and performance, introducing autonomous diagnosis capabilities and context-awareness. • intelligent machinery components
  6. 6. Factories of the Future PPP: EFFRA RoadmapTechnologies & Enablers• Information & Communication Technologies Considering ICT trends: collaborative manufacturing – connectivity – mobility- – manufacturing intelligence • ICT solutions for factory floor and physical world inclusion • all need to be connected to each other and to back-end systems and be self- aware of the surrounding environment. • ICT solutions for next generation data storage and information mining • ICT solutions for implementing secure, high performance and open manufacturing services platforms • collaborative and decentralized application architectures and development tools• Modelling, simulation and forecasting • for integrated product-process-production system • strategically support the manufacturing-related activities during phases• Manufacturing strategies
  7. 7. EFFRA Roadmap: ‘Factories of the Future – Beyond 2013’ The right research priorities Challenges & Technologies Opportunities & Enablers • advanced manufacturing processes• economical Research & • mechatronics for advanced• social sustainability manufacturing systems Innovation• environmental • ICT for manufacturing & enterprises Priorities • modeling, simulation and forecasting• new products markets • manufacturing strategies the right technologies for the right challenges/opportunities, measuring the (potential) impact of technologies
  8. 8. ‘Factories of the Future’: EFFRA RoadmapResearch Priority Domains Research & Innovation priorities Domain 1: Advanced Manufacturing processes Innovative processing for both new and current materials or products Domain 2: Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems Innovative manufacturing equipment at component and system level, including mechatronics, control and monitoring systems Domain 3: Digital, virtual and resource-efficient factories Factory design, data collection and management, operation and planning, from real-time to long term optimisation approaches Domain 4: Collaborative and mobile enterprises Networked factories and dynamic supply chains Domain 5: Human-centric manufacturing Enhancing the role of people in factories Domain 6: Customer-focused manufacturing Involving customers in manufacturing value chain, from product- process design to manufacturing associated innovative services
  9. 9. EFFRA Roadmap: ‘Factories of the Future – Beyond 2013’Considering the ActionPlanT roadmap Information and Communication Technologies • towards agile manufacturing systems and processes • the new seamless factory life cycle management • people at the forefront • fostering collaborative supply networks • aiming at customer centric design and manufacturing
  10. 10. Agile Manufacturing Industries: from Mechatronics to Collaborative Supply ChainsFoF 2020 Roadmap: public consultation • strategic research roadmap for 2014 – 2020 (covers Horizon 2020) • launch of wide public consulation at PPP Info Days on 9 & 10 July (Brussels) • roadmap will reflect expert opinion from across Europe • work in progress: this session and conference is part of the consultation