The evolution of the Internet and it's impact on print and other media_IDC_IIT bombay_'09


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A talk to the Masters in Design students at IIT Bombay. The brief was to sensitize these students on the impact the Internet is making on print and traditional media. Made in 2009.

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The evolution of the Internet and it's impact on print and other media_IDC_IIT bombay_'09

  1. 1. The evolution of the Internet & it’s impact on print & other media Rohit VarmaM.Design (Visual Communication), Sem. 3 students Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay 29.10.09
  2. 2. One of the pillars on which the Internet rests is digital data.
  3. 3. Being Digital*Data => “bits”Why digitize :- data compression e.g. video- error correction e.g TV, radio, telephone- bits can be moved around & commingled =>consumed differentlyFibre optics allows transfer @ Gigabits / sec*From the book “Being Digital” ,Nicholas Negroponte, MIT MediaLab, 1995
  4. 4. Being Digital : ImplicationsGeography does not matterData can be stored, time does not matterHigh volume bits => power shifts to theuserHigh volume bits => User Interface willhave to evolveConcerns : Piracy, privacy, data theft,digital vandalism…
  5. 5. Internet : a history
  6. 6. By means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating nerve,thousands of miles in a breathless point oftime ... The round globe is a vast ... brain, brain, instinct with intelligence!" intelligence!"
  7. 7. The Sputnik, 1957The surprise launch of Sputnik by Russia caused President Eisenhower to launch theDefence Advanced Research Projects Agency, that gave rise to the Internet
  8. 8. Internet : An outcome of military and scientific researchDefence needs : ARPANET, to withstandenemy missile attacks, 1960sScience research lab CERN- Internet protocols : TCP/IP ‘83-’84, ‘83-- First Web servers and client m/c, ‘90- WWW invented to exchange papers withscientists of other labs, ’91Internet sector in India privatized ‘98
  9. 9. Three things needed to get Internet going.. Access, devices, content
  10. 10. Access Over 1.6 billion* Net (PC access) users worldwide India has 50 million^ users Broadband penetration & speeds going up Access via mobile going up : is the future of Internet access* ^ my estimate, conservative
  11. 11. DevicesServers, PCs, laptops, netbooks,smartphones, iPhones, mobile phones,tablet PCs, thin-client PCs, gaming thin-consoles,..
  12. 12. Content 230 million* + websites worldwide What’s hot items : Video, Social media, Search Indian languages use has not grown Worldwide, language growth is forecast* Netcraft, Sep ‘09
  13. 13. Some industries impacted by the NetAdvertising, auctions, auto, banking, billpayments, classifieds, DVD rental,education, financial services, gaming,governance, jobs, libraries, matrimonial,music, news, photography, politics, realestate, retail, shopping, stock trading,telephony, travel, ticketing..Q. : Which got impacted first & why ?
  14. 14. Some reasons whyWhere there is a high direct sales coste.g. encyclopaediaWhere cost of physical distribution highe.g. newspapers, music, ticketsWhere the cost of information is highe.g. health care (U.S.)
  15. 15. What do people use the Internet for ? Communication Information Commerce Entertainment Q. : Which two uses dominate ?
  16. 16. The 3 Cs of the InternetContent => Community => Commerce One leads to the other
  17. 17. Why is the Internet important ? It has both reach and richness Reach : Already reaches ~ 2 billion people Richness : A combination of - bandwidth - interactivity - customization / personalizationThis has profound implications..
  18. 18. Which applications are more inuse in India, the U.S. & China & why ?
  19. 19. Useful things every working professional should know (about the Internet)How do people ‘consume’Internet content (vis-à-vis other media) ? (vis-What is ‘the long tail’ ?What is (the big deal about) Web 2.0 ?What does it cost to be presenton the web ?
  20. 20. Internet’s impact on print and other media
  21. 21. U.S. newspaper circulation Q. Why did circulation decline ?
  22. 22. How are these media evolving ? Newspapers Encyclopaedia Music Movies Graphic Design ! Printing
  23. 23. How are books evolving !Amazon.comDigital librariesGoogle Book SearchMobile learningFlexbooks (a.k.a. transbooks)e-Readers
  24. 24. The Kindle (inIndia thisNov.)
  25. 25. Sure looksgood !
  26. 26. Q&A Rohit Varma rohit@interskale.in