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it will provide u all the description of Teerthanker mahaveer university located at Moradabad.....hav great colleges under TMU for management ,engineering and medical etc.

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Admission brochure 2

  1. 1. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011 TEERTHANKER MAHAVEER UNIVERSITY An Ultimate Destination for World Class EducationTeerthanker Mahaveer UniversityEstablished underUttar Pradesh Act, 2008 [U.P. Act No. 30 of 2008]Degrees recognised byU.G.C. under section 22 of U.G.C. Act, 1956For further enquiry contact Admission Office:Ph: 0591-2360000, 2360555Fax: 0591-2360077, 2360444, 2487444Email: University is located in Moradabad on NH 24, 140km from Delhi Price: Rs. 600/-Photographs in the brochure depict the real life situation of the University (Inclusive of Application Form)
  2. 2. Important Trains To Moradabad Sl. Train No. Train Name Between Stations Sl. Train No. Train Name Between Stations No. No. 1 4115/4116 ALD HW ALLAHABAD JWALAPUR 31 5035/5036 UTR SAMPRK KATHGODAM DELHI EXP. JN K EXP. 2 4163 SANGAM EXP. ALLAHABAD MEERUT CITY 32 2207/2208 JAMMU KATHGODAM JAMMU TAWI JN GARIB RAT 3 4511/4512 NAUCHANDI ALLAHABAD SAHARANPUR 33 4119/4120 KGM DDN KATHGODAM DEHRADUN EXP. JN EXP. 4 3005/3006 AMRITSAR AMRITSAR HOWRAH JN 34 5715/5716 GARIB NAWAJ KISHANGANJ AJMER JN MAIL JN EXP. 5 4673/4674 SHAHEED AMRITSAR JAYNAGAR 35 3151/3152 JAMMU KOLKATA JAMMU TAWI EXP. JN TAWI EXP. 6 2211/2212 MKI NZM G BAPUDM H NIZAMUDDIN 36 3010K DOON KOTDWARA HOWRAH JN RATH MOTIHARI EXP. 7 5097/5098 AMARNATH EXP. BARAUNI JN JAMMU TAWI 37 5011/5012 LJN SRE EXP. LUCKNOW NE SAHARANPUR 8 4311/4312 ALA HAZRAT BAREILLY BHUJ 38 2229/2230 LUCKNOW LUCKNOW NEW DELHI EXP. MAIL NR 9 4321/4322 BE BHUJ EXP. BHUJ BAREILLY 39 2231/2232 LKO CDG EXP. LUCKNOW NR CHANDIGARH 10 4512A KRJ ALD BULANDSHAHR ALLAHABAD 40 4007/4008 SADBHAWNA MUZAFFARPUR DELHI LINK EXP. JN EXP. JN 11 4114 LINK EXP. DEHRADUN ALLAHABAD 41 4523/4524 MFP UMB MUZAFFARPUR AMBALA JN EXP. JN CANT JN 12 3009/3010 DOON EXP. DEHRADUN HOWRAH JN 42 5001/5002 MFP DDN EXP. MUZAFFARPUR DEHRADUN JN 13 5013/5014 RANIKHET EXP. DELHI KATHGODAM 43 2233/2234 LKO NDLS AC EXP. NEW DELHI LUCKNOW NR 14 4017/4018 SADBHAVNA DELHI MUZAFFARPUR 44 4257/4258 K V EXP. NEW DELHI VARANASI JN EXP. JN 15 5273/5274 SATYAGRAH DELHI RAXAUL JN 45 4207/4208 PADMAVAT PARTAPGARH DELHI EXP. EXP. JN 16 3307/3308 GANGASUTLEJ DHANBAD JN FIROZPUR 46 9269/9270 PBR MOTIHARI PORBANDAR BAPUDM Our Guiding Values EXP. CANT EXP. MOTIHARI 17 2435/2436 DBRT DIBRUGARH NEW DELHI 47 5715A RDP DLI LNK RADHIKAPUR DELHI RAJDHANI EXP. TOWN EXP.• Right Philosophy • Right Knowledge • Right Conduct 18 5903/5904 DBRT CDG EXP. DIBRUGARH TOWN CHANDIGARH 48 2391/2392 SHRAMJEEVI EXP. RAJGIR NEW DELHI 19 5933/5934 DBRT ASR DIBRUGARH AMRITSAR JN 49 462 RMR BSB RAMNAGAR VARANASI JN EXP. TOWN EXP. 20 4205/4206 FD DLI EXP. FAIZABAD JN DELHI 50 4015/4016 SADBHAWANA EXP. RAXAUL JN DELHI 21 2587/2588 AMAR NATH GORAKHPUR JAMMU TAWI 51 2355/2356 ARCHNA EXP. RJNDR NGR JAMMU TAWIContents EXP. JN BIHAR 22 5005/5006 GKP DDN EXP. GORAKHPUR DEHRADUN 52 2203/2204 GARIB RATH SAHARSA JN AMRITSAR JN JN EXP. 23 5609/5610 ABADH ASSAM GUWAHATI LALGARH JN 53 5279/5280 POORBIYA EXP. SAHARSA JN ADRSH NGR EXP. DELHIMessages: Colleges of Studies 28 24 5651/5652 LOHIT EXP. GUWAHATI JAMMU TAWI 54 2317/2318 AKAL TAKHT EXP. SEALDAH AMRITSAR JN • Chancellor 2 University-Industry Interface Cell 55 25 2327/2328 UPASANA EXP. HOWRAH JN DEHRADUN 55 2491/2492 MOUR DHWAJ EXP. SONPUR JN JAMMU TAWI • Group Vice Chairman 3 Our Recruiters 55 • Vice Chancellor 4 26 2331/2332 HIMGIRI EXP. HOWRAH JN JAMMU TAWI 56 4013/4014 SLN DLI EXP. SULTANPUR DELHI Programs Detail 56 • Registrar 5 27 3049/3050 AMRITSAR EXP. HOWRAH JN AMRITSAR JN 57 8103/8104 JALIANWALA B EXP. TATANAGAR JN AMRITSAR JN Fee Structure 58 Scholarships 60 28 5653/5654 AMARNATH JAMMU TAWI GUWAHATI 58 2213/2214 BSB DLI G RATH VARANASI JN DELHI EXP.The University 7 Admission Criteria 61 29 4649/4650 SARYUYAMUNA JAYNAGAR AMRITSAR 59 4265/4266 BSB DDN EXP. VARANASI JN DEHRADUNUniversity Governance 9 Admission Process 64 EXP. JNThe University Campus 11 Admission Rules & Regulations 65 30 2469/2470 CNB JAT EXP. KANPUR JAMMUHostel Accommodation 12 Disciplinary Rules & CENTRAL TAWIResearch Initiatives 22 Regulations for Students 66University Administration 23 About Moradabad 68 Moradabad is the Divisional Headquarter of Northern Railways and is well connected through rail network withHeads of Colleges 24 major cities of India. The city has decent staying facilities available in five star, three stars and other affordable guest houses. For any information relating to accommodation or Air/Road/Train transportation facility from any part of the country to the city of Moradabad, please feel free to contact: Mr. Pawan Gupta, Mobile: 09837546222 or Email:
  3. 3. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityWhyTeerthanker MahaveerUniversity...12 constituent colleges covering wide spectrum of joboriented programs at UG, PG and doctoral level.• Huge campus spread over sprawling area of 115 acres of land.• 28 lacs sq. ft. constructed area to facilitate academic and developmental activities in the campus.• Programs approved by UGC and other regulatory bodies/councils are being run.• 550-Bed multispeciality hospital equipped with modern facilities.• Separate boys and girls hostels to accommodate 2500 students.• World class gymnasium with state-of-the-art air-conditioned fitness centre.• Ultra-modern 550 seating capacity auditorium.• 200 semi-furnished residential accommodation for faculty and staff in the campus.• Subscription to 872 research journals and EBSCO data base making online access to over 20,000 research journals to facilitate quality teaching and research.• Wide and excellent network of transport to facilitate the accessibility to students from adjoining areas.• Symbolizes Pan-India culture. Presently students from 22 states are studying in different programs.• University ensures absolutely ragging free environment.• Round the clock uninterrupted power supply.• Foreign tie-ups and collaborations with prestigious international institutions like SolBridge International Business School (South Korea), University of Regina (Canada), Polytech Nantes (France), Oracle and Cisco.• Students access to best resource persons from industry and academia through V-Sat from Noida.• Modern communication lab to groom students in expressive skills.• Strong industry- university interface ensuring excellent placement and training of students.• College of Management and Computer Applications rated ‘A’ in Business India Survey 2009 and also awarded with ‘B- School with Excellent Industry Interface Award 2010’ by Dainik Bhaskar. 1
  4. 4. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Message of the ChancellorWe at Teerthanker Mahaveer University are committed to promote excellence in all spheres of education.University in a short span of time, with the cooperation of all, has been able to lay a strong foundation interms of infrastructure, curriculum, faculty and other support services to realize its vision of being theleader in higher education. I firmly believe that the enlightenment of the individual’s heart, mind and soul isnecessary for harmonious development of the society. Essentially this has become a prerequisite in today’sfast changing world where primacy is given to materialistic gains over basic human values. The university,by integrating the basic principles of Right Philosophy, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct in its policiesand programs, is developing human resources as per the requirements of industry and the society.I extend my best wishes to all the aspirants and assure that under the mentorship of the dedicated facultyof this prestigious university they will be able to take full advantage of the facilities and opportunitiesoffered to them and thus realize their dreams. Suresh Jain "Our endeavour at the university is to evolve a learning environment that inspires academic brilliance, foster professional acumen and social compatibility amongst our students"2
  5. 5. Teerthanker Mahaveer University Message of the RegistrarMessage of the Group Vice ChairmanHaving sensed need of the hour to develop professionals who have global perspectiveabout things and are true to their roots, the University has evolved itself as a symbol ofquality education, shaping the talent and aspirations of young minds from undergraduateto doctoral level.To serve these needs, all colleges of the university are in the process of developing stronginterface with the leading national and international academic institutions of repute forcontinuous improvement in curriculum and pedagogy. I am happy that the university hasentered in to academic collaborations with leading international institutions such as NantesUniversity (France), SolBridge International Business School (South Korea), ReginaUniversity (Canada), Oracle and Cisco.We take pride in what we have achieved and look forward to the future with optimism,confidence and commitment.I would like all the aspirants to visit the campus enabling them to crystallize their thoughtsin selecting the right institution for realizing their ambitions. Manish Jain “Teerthanker Mahaveer University is making all out efforts towards chiseling professionals, who are socially relevant, technically competent and professionally sound” 3
  6. 6. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Message of the Vice ChancellorOur journey towards excellence in academics started in 2001, which got further impetus with theestablishment of this university in the year 2008. Efforts are being made not only to create infrastructure parexcellence but also to develop an environment conducive for incubating thoughts and ideas necessary forinnovations. By involving leading personalities from academia and industry in decision making and learningprocesses, the university has taken a distinctive lead towards forging strong interface with the industrynecessary for global perspective. Our endeavour is to create a strong knowledge base essential forexcellence in teaching and research, the two essential components of any university.We at university strongly believe that in addition to acquisition of technical expertise equally important is toenhance moral and ethical foundation of the students to better serve the society. To sensitize the studentsof the societal challenges and sufferings, they are encouraged to do internships and projects with NGOs andsocial groups.I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all for unstinted support and confidence in ourability to make Teerthanker Mahaveer University a preferred destination for education. Prof. R.K. Mittal "University envisions empowering of youth to think beyond self by building an educational system that not only proves to be an enriching experience for its students, but also helps to cultivate values such as empathy, humility and compassion"4
  7. 7. Teerth anker Mahaveer University Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityMessage of the RegistrarIt is said that thousand miles journey begins with single step, and milestones are animportant part of the journey. They not only reflect the distance traveled but also show theroad ahead. Milestones also provide opportunities to pause and celebrate; reform andrefuel for the journey ahead. We at Teerthanker Mahaveer University, look at milestonesthat reflect value as seen by our students and the society. Year 2009-10 saw another yearof impressive performance by the University in terms of students enrolment, newprograms, addition to infrastructure, research publications and above all the global reachand enhancement in brand TMU.Achievements do not happen in vacuum, for that environment plays a critical role. Theuniversity makes all out efforts to create an enabling environment conducive for holisticdevelopment of our students so as to prepare them competent enough today to face thechallenges of tomorrow. While doing so we aim at bringing all-round development, buildand maintain leadership while continuing to invest for future in our quest for excellence.We fully understand that to be regarded as a university withdistinction, we have a proportionate responsibility to lead inareas beyond classroom teaching that are critical fordevelopment and sustenance of society. We are therefore,deeply committed to initiatives that can help nurture a humane,equitable and sustainable world.Our journey ahead is challenging and exciting. Team TMU isready and raring to go … join us. Dr. Rakesh Kr. Mudgal"Teerthanker MahaveerUniversity - redefiningMoradabad from brass city toeducation city" 5
  8. 8. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011 “Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model” - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam6
  9. 9. Teerthanker Mahaveer University The UniversityTeerthanker Mahaveer University has been established by the Teerthanker Mahaveer University, UttarPradesh Act 2008 (Act No. 30 of 2008) as a Jain minority teaching university with a mandate to create anddisseminate knowledge in areas of higher education. University’s endeavour is to impart knowledge anddevelop critical skills necessary to succeed both in professional and personal life by promoting learningsupported by world-class faculty, infrastructure, technology, curricula and also collaborative teaching andresearch with premier institutions in India and abroad.Teaching besides meeting the program specific requirements is inter-disciplinary in approach, which inaddition to class room teaching through lectures, side talks, discussions, assignments and comprehensiontests, entails numerous site visits and on the spot studies. Students are encouraged to make their ownobservation of facts to analyse and evaluate themselves so that they may learn to reckon the relevanceand application of investigative studies to the performance requirement of creative course work indifferent disciplines.In light of emerging professional requirements, University trains the students by exposing them to liveproblems, situations and circumstances. Our overall objective is to make our students socially relevant,technically competent and professionally sound.The programs offered by the University have very strong base of academic rigour and industry interaction.They are designed and reviewed in consultation with industry experts and are delivered by excellentfaculty, who are known for their dedication to teaching and research, and close ties with the national andinternational academic and business community. The programs are conducted in highly conducivelearning environment.University has the necessary approval of all the regulatory bodies governing different programs. UniversityGrants Commission (UGC) empowers the University to award degrees under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956.Teaching-Learning Approach• Classroom Learning • Panel Discussions• Case Studies • Research Projects• Business Simulations • Quizzes• Theatre Techniques • Team Work• Role Plays and Management Games • Meditation & Yoga• Assignments • Field Researches• Presentations • Excursion Tours• Industry Visits • Scenario Writing• Guest Lectures 7
  10. 10. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Under construction College of EngineeringUnder construction Indoor Sports ComplexUnder construction Under construction University Sports StadiumWorkshop Block ofCollege of Engineering8
  11. 11. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityUniversity GovernanceThe University is governed by statutory bodies to give shape and direction to the policies and programs torealize its stated objectives. The Councils are represented by eminent persons from academia and industry.UNIVERSITY COURT PLANNING BOARD EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ACADEMIC COUNCILSh. Suresh Jain, Sh. Suresh Jain, Prof. R.K. Mittal, Prof. R. K. Mittal,Chancellor (Chairperson) Chancellor (Chairperson) Vice Chancellor (Chairperson) Vice Chancellor (Chairperson)Sh. Manish Jain, Sh. Manish Jain, Sh. Manish Jain, Prof. S. K. Garg,Group Vice Chairman Group Vice Chairman & Group Vice Chairman Department of Mechanical Treasurer Engineering, DelhiProf. Johri Lal Gupta, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain, Technological UniversityMDI, Gurgaon Prof. R.K. Mittal, Scientist G, Institute of Microbial Vice Chancellor Technology, CSIR, Chandigarh Prof. Avinash Sharma,Dr. Furqan Qamar, Director, Academic Affairs,Adviser, Planning Commission Sh. Mukesh Jain, Prof. Sushil, GGSIP University, Delhi(Education), New Delhi IPS, DIG Police, Delhi Department of Management Studies, Prof. P. K. Garg,Dr. N.K. Pandey, Sh. Gurwinder Saini, IIT Delhi Department of CivilAsian Institute of Director, Hotel Broadways Inn , engineering,Medical Sciences, Faridabad New Delhi Sh. Vishal Sehgal, IIT, Roorkee Head, Corporate Relations,Sh. Viren Jain, Ar. Manoj Jain, Metro Cash & Carry India, New Prof. H. S. Shukla,Managing Director, Akasva Principal Architect, Manoj Jain & Delhi Former HOD, Surgical Oncology,Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., New Associates, ND Former Dean, Faculty ofDelhi Prof. V.K. Tewari, Medicine, Institute of Medical Er. S.L. Mittal, Professor, IIT Roorkee & FormerProf. A. K. Garg, Managing Director, Apurvakriti Science, BHU, Varanasi V.C., Uttrakhand TechnicalExe. Director, College of Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Delhi University Dr. P. K. Chakrovorty,Management & Computer Computer Centre,Applications Prof. A. K. Garg, Prof. A. K. Garg, Exe. Director, College of Banaras Hindu University, Exe. Director, College of VaranasiProf. U. K. Singh, Management & Computer Management & ComputerPrincipal, Medical College & Applications Applications Prof. U. K. Singh,Research Centre Principal, Medical College & Prof. U. K. Singh, Prof. U. K. Singh,Prof. C. P. Taware, Principal, Medical College & Research Centre Principal, Medical College &Principal, Dental College & Research Centre Research Centre Prof. A. K. Garg,Research Centre Exe. Director, College of Prof. C. P. Taware, Prof. C. P. Taware,Prof. K. K. Pande, Principal, Dental College & Management & Computer Principal, Dental College & ApplicationsDirector, College of Engineering Research Centre Research CentreProf. K. K. Jha, Sh. Harshit Jain, Prof. K. K. Pande, Prof. K. K. Pande, Director, College of EngineeringPrincipal, College of Pharmacy Finance Officer Director, College of EngineeringDr. Rashmi Mehrotra, Prof. R. K. Mudgal, Prof. C. P. Taware, Prof. K. K. Jha, Principal, Dental College &Principal, College of Education Registrar (Member Secretary) Principal, College of Pharmacy Research CentreProf. Pranti Barua, Prof. Naveen Mittal,Principal, College of Nursing Prof. K. K. Jha, FINANCE COMMITTEE Prof. & Head - Pedodontics, Principal, College of PharmacySh. Abhishek Kapoor, Dental College & Research CentreDirector (Admissions) Prof. R.K. Mittal, Prof. Pranti Barua, Vice Chancellor (Chairperson) Sh. M. P. Singh, Principal, College of NursingDr. Seema Awasthi, Associate Professor,Asstt. Professor, Medical Sh. Manish Jain, College of Management & Dr. Rashmi MehrotraCollege & Research Centre Group Vice Chairman & Computer Applications Principal, College of Education TreasurerProf. Naveen Mittal, Dr. Seema Awasthi, Mohd. Nasir,Head, Pedodontics, Prof. R. K. Mudgal, Assistant Professor, LibrarianDental College & Research Registrar Medical College & Research Centre Prof. R. K. Mudgal,Centre Shri Rajesh Verma, Registrar (Member Secretary)Ms. Swati Sharma, Director, Corporate Affairs Prof. R. K. Mudgal,Student Representative Registrar (Member Secretary) Shri Sandeep Vaish,Mr. Arun Pandit, Chartered AccountantStudent Representative Shri Harshit Jain,Prof. R. K. Mudgal, Finance OfficerRegistrar (Member Secretary) (Member Secretary) 9
  12. 12. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011 TMU City Campus10
  13. 13. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityThe University CampusThe beautiful campus conducive for interactive learning is spread over a sprawling area of 115 acres of landwith a constructed area of 28 lac sq. feet, houses different colleges of studies offering diverse professionalunder graduate, post graduate and research programs.The campus has been planned, designed and constructed to address broader issues that relate to resourceand energy conservation. Concepts such as rain water harvesting, sewage treatment, development of waterbodies, green parks and pathways, plantations and use of solar energy have been extensively applied.The campus boasts of air-conditioned lecture theaters, Wi-Fi connectivity, well stocked libraries withaccess to e-journals, advance computer centres, modern and well-equipped laboratories, ultra modernauditorium, contemporary seminar halls, community centres, open air theaters and rich sports andrecreation facilities. Construction of a world-class indoor and outdoor sports complex, swimming pool, postoffice, cafeteria and shopping complex etc., is in progress. The University thus is in the process of realizingthe dream of developing a world class campus to support world class education. 11
  14. 14. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Hostel AccommodationThe University is committed to help maximum number of its students to find appropriate, safe andaffordable accommodations during their studies in the campus. The University maintains four separatehostels for boys and girls to accommodate approximately 2500 students. Rooms are spacious, clean, airyand well maintained with attached bathrooms and are available on twin as well as multi-sharing basis. Eachroom is provided with beds, wardrobes, study tables and chairs. Desert coolers have also been providedfor each room. Round-the-clock power back-up facility is available. Solar heaters have been installed forproviding hot water. Water purifiers and water coolers are installed to provide potable water. Provision hasbeen made for AC equipped rooms to meet the specific requirement of the students.Each hostel has a provision for a visitor’s room, a spacious well-lit common room with a large television andcomfortable seating arrangement, recreational facilities, facilities for indoor games, newspapers &magazines, Wi-Fi connectivity and a gymnasium. Laundry facilities are available in-house. It containscommercial washing machine and tumble drier. Spacious dining rooms alongwith modern kitchen ensurethat students are served with healthy food in a good ambience.There is a dedicated team consisting of wardens and caretakers to help, guide and solve problems of theboarders. We thus, ensure that students have comfortable, exiciting and full of learning experience of livingat hostels in the University. Students are advised to read the rules and regulations of the University related tohostels.12
  15. 15. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityTeerthanker Mahaveer University 13 13
  16. 16. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011 Health Facilities Top priority is accorded to the health of the students, faculty and staff, who are required to undergo periodical health check-ups in the multi- specialty hospital attached to the Medical College & Research Centre. The check-ups are conducted under the strict supervision of highly qualified andMess Facilities experienced doctors.Besides central Mess facilities each college of the University has 550-bed multi-speciality hospitalUniversity has spacious and well maintained canteen attached to its Medical College to support bedsideproviding the students with the choicest of hygienic teaching. It is equipped with latest technologicaland delicious foods. Canteens provide Indian, infrastructure and is providing diagnostic, curativeChinese & Italian dishes. Going by the hustle and and preventive services in all the listed specialties tobustle in the canteens, one can well gauge that there the community with advance management a life beyond books. The hospital provides round the clock blood bank facility to the patients.14
  17. 17. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityFaculty AccommodationFaculty and staff’s stay in the campus enhances the overall learning and ensure their comfortable, hasslefree and enjoyable life. The University offers furnished accommodation in beautifully landscapedsurrounding with access to integrated common facilities such as sports, hospital, library, transport, powerbackup, community halls and gardens.Accommodation is provided in the guest house for the visiting faculty, academicians and other dignitariesconnected to the University. Accommodation of short duration is also given to the parents of the studentssubject to the availability and advance notice in this regard. 15
  18. 18. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011University LibrariesThe University maintains separate library for each of itsconstituent college to provide access to excellent informationservices, resources and facilities to students, faculty,researchers and the diverse community to facilitate them to beactive and lifelong learners. The libraries have more than40,000 books on diverse core and specialized subjects andhave subscription to 872 national and international journalsbesides access to host of e-journals.The university is in the process of developing Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC) facility for its libraries to provide cost and time-effective informationservices to the users. To help faculty to provide research based input to thestudents and encourage R&D in its colleges, the University has subscribed theEBSCO data base providing access to full text research articles and sectorspecific reports in different disciplines. The students of College of Engineeringand College of Management & Computer Applications are given the additionalfacility of issuing specified number of books for the entire semester atconcessional rate through book bank.16
  19. 19. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityICT ResourcesThe University is fully equipped with computersystems, printers, scanners and LCD Projectors tosupport the academic and administrative activities inthe campus. The information and communicationtechnologies (ICT) have been suitably integrated in allthe academic programs of the University forenhanced learning.Each college has computer labs equipped withgeneral as well as domain specific softwares forquality teaching and research. We have installedCampus Connect, an ERP based software developedby JIL Information Technology Limited, New Delhi.The software has modules like Student InformationSystem, Student Fee Management, Examination Leveraging V-SatSystem, Financial Accounting System, StudentEnrolment, Counseling & Master Data, Training & TechnologyPlacement, Alumni Module, Human ResourceManagement, Web Kiosk for Student/Employees/ The University has taken a lead to effectivelyParents, Student Evaluation System, Question Paper, harness the V-Sat technology to impart applicationand Users Training. oriented learning to the students. This technology enables the students to interact with distantly placed experts from industry and academia on wide range of topics covering subject specificCommunication Lab knowledge to personality enhancement programs. We are pioneer in this region to use this technologyPersonality is built through effective communication for the benefit of our students and faculty.and self grooming, for realization of which theUniversity has established state-of-the-artcommunication lab with hi-tech software having basic,intermediate and business levels and a uniquelydesigned personality development cabin. 17
  20. 20. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Music & Dance ClassesMusic and dance classes in both modern andclassical forms are organized in the evening for thetotal personality development of the students.Eminent trainers are invited to teach and train thestudents on instruments and accessories to enliventhe life beyond class rooms for enhancedperformance and creativity. SportsYoga & Meditation Excellent sports facilities have been created in the campus for the all round development of the students. The University believes that sports play aYoga and meditation are effective to exercise crucial role in holistic development of students’control over mind and soul and are essential personality because it teaches an individual toprerequisite to maintain good health. Towards this imbibe sportsman spirit, to be humble in victory andend, the University has established a yoga and gracious in defeat, and a spirit of co-operation,meditation centre for the students, which is being discipline, honesty and integrity. A modern sportsrun under the guidance of astute trainers. Students complex for indoor and outdoor games is underparticipate in the yoga and meditation classes construction and will be operational soon. Variousregularly in morning and evening hours. The faculty indoor and outdoor sports facilities provided to theand staff along with their families also attend the students include; table tennis, cricket field, volleyballclasses. field, tennis, basketball and badminton court. These apart, students are also encouraged to participate in adventurous sports like trekking, rock climbing, river crossing and river rafting.18
  21. 21. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityTransport Bank Branch &A fleet of buses, cars, ambulances and other vehiclesprovide uninterrupted transport facility to the ATM in the Campusstudents, faculty, staff and visitors. The University The Punjab National Bank branch with ATM facility ispresently maintains a convoy of 51 vehicles including operational in the campus to facilitate faculty, staff24 luxurious buses, 3 mini-buses, 16 cars, 2 and the students.ambulances including one critical care ambulance,4 small trucks for carriage and 2 tractors foragriculture and plantations purpose on campus. University AuditoriumThe University extends the pick and droptransportation facility to students within a radius of The state-of-the art centrally air conditionedabout 100 km. adjoining the city of Moradabad. auditorium with a capacity of 550 seats having ultraAmbulance services round the clock are available for modern acoustics and digital projection has beenpatients in the hospital. Critical care ambulance is developed to host international, national, inter & intraalways ready for shifting patients to hospitals in Delhi college events like seminars, conferences, debates,and other places. theatres, exhibitions and cultural programs. 19
  22. 22. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Rock On –The AnnualCultural FestivalUniversity organized its first threedays (May 28-30, 2009) mega AnnualCultural Festival Rock On to provideopportunity to students to exhibittheir talent and hone up theirprofessional skills. On the first daystudents showcased cultural programconsisting of western dance, patrioticsong, inspirational skit, sufi andbhangra dance. The function wasinaugurated by the Prof. K.K.Aggarwal, the Visitor of the Universityand former Vice Chancellor of GGSIndraprastha University, Delhi. Thesecond day was marked by thethrilling performance by ‘SanobarKabir and A Band of Boys’.The third day was the most excitingday of the mega event, where SunidhiChauhan and her troupe showed theirmost excellent performances enjoyedby an audience of about 10000people. The dignitaries present on theoccasion included; Dr. K. C.Chakarabarty, Chairman & MD, PNB,Sh. Ram Surat Dubey, Commissioner,Moradabad, Sh. Amit Ghosh, DM,Moradabad, Sh. C.L. Shehkar Vice-Chairman, MDA and Sh. M.K. BashalDIG, Moradabad.20
  23. 23. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityCommunity Services Foundation DayParticipation in community development servicessuch as AIDS awareness, adult literacy, prevention of Celebrationschild abuse, women empowerment, prevention of University celebrated its first Foundation Day,use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs etc. is an integral the 14th September with great enthusiasm. A band ofcomponent of teaching learning process to sensitize boys through their mesmerizing performancestudents on social and human issues. Involvement in enthralled the audience. Meritorious students weresuch activities in the campus, adjoining villages and awarded with the medals and certificates.cities not only helps in individual growth by learningto think beyond self but also helps to contributeconstructively towards the society. The Universityenvisions building up an educational system that not Excursionsonly proves to be an enriching experience for itsstudents, but also helps to cultivate values such as The University organizes excursions from time toempathy, humility and compassion. Participation in time to help in the overall personality developmentcommunity development services help students to of the students. Recently, students from differentcome in grip with the realities of life and get a better colleges falling under the University went forinsight into the lives of the disadvantaged sections excursion trips to Goa, Kullu-Manali, Nainital, Shimlaof the society. Students from all colleges are and Corbett National Park.encouraged to take up small projects on topicsrelated to health care, conservation of naturalresources, income-generating enterprises and socialissues. The University, through these developmentalprograms, aims to infuse leadership, sensitivity andteam spirit qualities among the students. 21
  24. 24. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Research InitiativesThe University believes in promotion of teaching,research and consultancy work. It encourages theteachers and students to go in for extensiveresearch work. University has subscribed theEBSCO data base providing access to around20,000 journals in different disciplines for full textresearch articles and sector specific reports.Efforts are on to regularly strengthen the existinglaboratories, acquire softwares and researchjournals to support research activities. TheUniversity has already entered into academicalliances with international institutions for teaching,research and mutual exchange of faculty andstudents.Financial incentive plan is in place to encourageboth the students and faculty to contribute towardsresearch and participate in national andinternational conferences and seminars. Its efforttowards research and consultancy has resulted inpublication of quality research papers and industry-sponsored research projects undertaken by thefaculty and students. The University has alreadystarted Ph.D. program in engineering, managementand pharmacy disciplines and the same shall beextended to others. The professionals working incorporate and government institutions are alsoencouraged to undertake research studies. TheUniversity ordinance governing the Ph.D. program isin consonance with the latest guidelines of the UGC.Academic AlliancesExposure to cultural diversity and internationalexperience gives students a way to assimilate otherways of thinking. University aims to have tie-ups andcollaborations with leading national andinternational institutions.In this direction a beginning has been made byhaving the following MOUs signed:• University of Regina - Saskatchewan, Canada• SolBridge International School of Business, Daejeon, Republic of Korea• Polytec Nantes University, France• Oracle• CISCOMs. Amelie Fouche a student from Nantes months internship in the College of Engineering ofUniversity, France was the first to get benefit under the University on the topic titled “Study and analysisthe student exchange program. She completed four of continuous casting process.”22
  25. 25. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityUniversity AdministrationDesignation Name Phone No. E-mailChancellor Shri Suresh Jain 0591-2360000 Vice-Chairman Shri Manish Jain 0591-2360888 Chancellor Prof. R. K. Mittal 0591-2360222 Prof. R. K. Mudgal 0591-2360006 (Corporate Affairs) Shri Rajesh Verma 9837848861 (Finance), Dental College Shri S. P. Jain 9837848862 (Admissions) Shri Abhishek Kapoor 9410010555 Officer Shri Harshit Jain 0591-6534111 Registrar Dr. S. Ghosh 9837016031 Director (Corporate Relations) Ms. Tannu Aneja 9560106777 Controller of Examination Dr. Pradeep K Aggarwal 0591-2360078 Registrar (Admin.) Dr. I. C. Gautam 9837935444 Registrar (Admin.) Dr. Alka Agarwal 0591-2487222 Registrar (Academic-I) Shri M. S. Mishra 0591-2360006 Registrar (Academic-II) Dr. Nidhi Saxena 0591-2360006 Registrar (Exams) Dr. Nivedita Mishra 0591-2360078 of Colleges of StudiesColleges Name Phone No. E-mailCollege of Management & Prof. A. K. Garg 9359612277 Applications (Exe. Director)Medical College & Research Centre Prof. U.K. Singh 9456156459 College & Research Centre Prof. C. P. Taware 9837174271 of Engineering Prof. K. K. Pande 9837016153 of Pharmacy Prof. K.K. Jha 9837004699 of Nursing Prof. Pranti Barua 9568526444 of Hotel & Prof. K.K. Pande 9837016153 ManagementCollege of Education Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra 9456886999 of Architecture Ar. Manoj Jain of Law & Legal Studies Prof. Harbansh Dixit (Principal Designate)College of Paramedicals Sciences Shri Debashis Goswami 9568232444 (Dy. Director)Polytechnic Er. Rakesh Vishnoi 9451308363 (Dy. Director)Hospital & Research Centre Dr. M.A. Shah 9027957932 (Medical Superintendent) Dr. Bhupendra Singh (Addl. Med. Superintendent) 9837068919 23
  26. 26. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Heads of CollegesProf. (Dr.) Ajey K. Garg Dr. C. P. Taware Dr. U. K. SinghExecutive Director, College of Principal, Dental College and Principal, Medical College andManagement and Computer Research Centre Research CentreApplicationsProf. (Dr.) Ajey K. Garg has a Dr. C. P. Taware, a well known Dr. U. K. Singh, is an eminentdistinguished professional career authority in the field of dentistry, personality in the field of medicalhaving more than 23 years of has a distinguished professional science. He did his MD (Pathologyvaried and rich experience in career of more than 32 years in and Bacteriology) in 1974 from K.leading industrial and academic different government and private G. Medical College, Lucknow. Heinstitutions. He acquired his B.E. dental colleges. He did his BDS has teaching, research and(Mechanical) (Honors) from NIT and MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial administrative experience ofKurukshetra, MBA with Gold Surgery) from Bombay in the year more than 39 years in reputedMedal from Kurukshetra 1975 and 1982 respectively. In institutions. He was awarded WHOUniversity, Kurukshetra and his long career he worked in fellowships for special training inDoctorate from GGS Indraprastha different capacities such as field of Anaerobic Bacteriology inUniversity, Delhi. He has got to his Professor & Head, Dean, Joint hospital infections, Universitycredit more than 15 research Director and Director of Medical Medical School, Edinburgh, Royalpapers published in various Education & Research, Infirmary, Glasgow and CPHLnational and international journals. Government of Maharashtra. He Colindale, London (1980), has been actively associated with Laboratory Aspects of HIV & STD,He is Accredited Management academic bodies in different Department of Health & MentalProfessor by AIMA and an capacities like member, Hygiene, State of Maryland,acclaimed corporate trainer. He is Maharashtra State Dental Council, Baltimore, USA; Immunomember of Indian Society for Member of Clinical Board, Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections,Mechanical Engineers, AIMA, University of Bombay, Member Department of Parasitology, PGI,Institute of Standards Engineers Senate MUHS, Nasik, Life Member Chandigarh (1979); Anaerobicand Advisory Committee for a of Indian Dental Association, Life Bacteriology Techniques,study on Assessment of Waste & Member of Association of Oral Department of Microbiology,Pattern of Occupational Hazards and Maxillofacial Surgeons of AIIMS, New Delhi (1983);in Plastic Industry appointed by India. Besides, he has extensively Laboratory Diagnostic Aspects ofMinistry of Science & Technology, contributed towards research by Rheumatic Fever andGovernment of India. publishing research papers in Streptococcal Diseases, journals of national and Department of Microbiology, LadyHe has visited more than 22 international repute and has also Harding Medical College, Newcountries for business written three books on Oral and Delhi (1986).development and academic Maxillofacial Surgery.assignments. In his present He has been the Joint Director,assignment, the college of Medical Education and Training,Management & Computer Uttar Pradesh and Principal, VeerApplications has been awarded Chandra Singh Garhwaliwith The best B-School with Government Medical Science &excellent industry interface Research Institute, Srinagar,award from Bhaskar Group of Garhwal. His areas of interestPublications. include Clinical Virology and Bacteriology.24
  27. 27. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityProf. (Dr.) Bhupinder Singh Prof. K. K. Pande Prof. K. K. JhaAdditional Medical Director, Director,Superintendent, College of Engineering College of PharmacyHospital and Research Centre Prof. K. K. Pande is a result Prof. K. K. Jha graduated fromProf. (Dr.) Bhupinder Singh, has oriented professional with MIT, Muzaffarpur (Bihar) did hisa distinguished professional technical, project management post graduation from SGSITScareer having more than 33 years and business administration Indore, M.P. (Devi Ahilyaof varied and rich experience in background with 24 years of rich University) and is pursuing Ph.D.the field of health administration, and extensive experience, in in pharmaceutical chemistry fromplanning & management, project public and private sector, in U.P.T.U., Lucknow. He hasdevelopment & management, hydro power, infrastructure, professional experience of moreepidemiology & research, research & development, than 23 years and has servedmaternal & child health and academics, as also in running several prestigious institutions instrategic planning. He did his NGO in the field of health, adult different states of India beforeMBBS from Govt. Medical College, education, self employment and joining as Director, TeerthankerPatiala (1975) and MD training. Mahaveer College of Pharmacy.(Community Medicine) from Govt. As a researcher he has worked onMedical College, Srinagar (J&K) He completed B.Sc. (Civil Molecular Modeling of(1986). He has served as Engineering) from BIT Mesra, ciprofloxacin and quinolonic acidProfessor & Head, Community Ranchi and M.E. (Remote Sensing) molecules. He has carried outMedicine in Govt. Medical Gold Medalist, from University of several research projects onCollege, Jammu and Adesh Roorkee, Roorkee. He received synthesis and biologicalInstitute of Medical Sciences & his Ph.D. degree in Management evaluation of heterocyclicResearch Centre, Bhatinda, from Kumaun University, Nainital. compounds such asPunjab. He is conferred with pyridazinones, oxadiazoles andDr. H. S. Oration and Dr. Vasudava He has vast experience of imidazolines.Oration in 2003 and 2005 facilitating students to userespectively. He has 90 research/ interactive discussions andconference papers to his credit. ‘hands-on’ approaches to learn and apply concepts in theHe was the Vice-President of discipline of engineering. HeIndian Association of Preventive & possesses excellentSocial Medicine in 2001-02, communication and presentationmember national consortium of skills with demonstrated abilitiesIndian Institute of Health & Family in mentoring teams with highWelfare, New Delhi. He has been degree of motivation in achievingthe Principal Investigator of WHO, organizational goals.Government of India and ICMRsponsored projects. He has been He is also holding the additionalthe Regional Coordinator, HIV charge of the College of Hotel &Sentinel Surveillance, Govt. of Tourism Management andIndia from 2001 to 2007 and also Department of Social Work.the MCI inspector for MDCommunity Medicine in 2007. 25
  28. 28. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Prof. Pranti Barua Prof. Harbansh Dixit Prof. (Ar) Manoj JainPrincipal, (Principal Designate), Director,College of Nursing College of Law & Legal Studies College of ArchitectureProf. Pranti Barua, did her B.Sc. Prof. Dixit did his LL.M. from BHU Prof. (Ar) Manoj Jain, is a leadingin Biology and Nursing from Delhi in1984 and subsequently Ph.D. practitioner and academician inUniversity in 1975 and 1982 (Law) from MJP Rohilkhand the area of architecture and townrespectively. Subsequently, she University, Bareilly. He has to his planning in the country. He did hisdid her post-graduation in credit more than 23 years of rich B. Arch. from Government CollegeNursing from the prestigious teaching experience. He worked of Architecture, University ofRajkumari Amrit Kaur College of as Head of Law Department, KGK Lucknow in 1989 andNursing, Delhi. She also College, Moradabad, Prof. & Dean subsequently Master’s in Urbancompleted her post-graduation and Chairman of Faculty of Law, Planning from IIT, Roorkee inand M.Phil in population studies Chaudhary Devi Lal University, 1992. He is member of Council offrom Annamalai University. Sirsa (Haryana). He has Architecture and Institute of Town completed five research projects Planners of India. As a part of hisShe has a total experience of and is presently working on one professional and academic life, hemore than 25 years in the nursing more research project of national has visited several countries likefield and worked in different importance in law. He is also the USA, Dubai, UK, France, Australia,positions varying from tutor to editor of two research journals Canada, Singapore, Thailand andprofessor/principal in some of the and has published 10 research Malaysia.renowned institutions like papers in journals of repute andUniversity College of Medical has contributed 321 articles inSciences (Delhi University), Jamia national newspapers. He hasHamdard, New Delhi and delivered more than 400 lecturesHimalayan College of Nursing, on various aspects of law inDehradun etc. different universities and law academies. He has published oneShe is an active member in book and has attended/organizedacademic bodies like Executive about 50 workshops/seminars.Council in Jamia Hamdard, Delhi, He is also working in the capacitylife member of Trained Nurses of as First Class JudicialAssociation of India and Sigma Magistrate in Juvenile JusticeTheta Tau International Honor Board, Moradabad.Society of Nursing, University ofWisconsin, USA.She is pursuing Ph.D. underNational Consortium for Ph.D. inNursing run by Indian NursingCouncil in joint collaboration withRajiv Gandhi University of HealthSciences, Bangalore.26
  29. 29. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityDr. (Smt.) Rashmi Mehrotra Debashis Goswami Er. R. K. BishnoiPrincipal Dy. Director Dy. DirectorCollege of Education College of Para-Medical University Polytechnic SciencesDr. (Smt.) Rashmi Mehrotra, did Er. R. K. Bishnoi, did his B.Sc. inher M.Sc. (Botany) and Ph.D. Mr. Debashis Goswami, did his Electrical Engineering from(Education) from MJP Rohilkhand post graduation in Hospital Regional Engineering College,University, Bareilly, and also did Administration from IISWBM, Kurukshetra in 1972. Afterher M.Ed from Punjab University, Kolkata in 1996. He served at starting his career as Astt.Chandigarh. In total, she has 15 various prestigious hospitals such Engineer in UPSEB in 1972, heyears of rich experience in as Apollo (Chennai), Down Town retired from the position ofprestigious colleges of education. Hospital (Guwahati), Heritage Executive Engineer in UPPCL inShe has to her credit eight Hospital (Varanasi), and Adesh 2008. During his 36 years of stayresearch papers. Her areas of General & Cancer Hospital in service he handledinterest include; guidance and (Muktsar). He provided maintenance and constructioncounselling, measurement and consultancy to a number of works of LT and HT. Presently, heevaluation, educational corporate houses in Northern is having the additional charge ofpsychology and teaching India for the establishment of a development and maintenance ofmethodology in biology. large multi-speciality and super- uninterrupted electric supply in speciality hospitals. His teaching the university campus. interest include hospital administrations and project management. 27
  30. 30. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011Colleges of Studies TEERTHANKER MAHAVEER College of Management & Computer Applications This college is a prime constituent of the university established to meet the growing needs of education in management and computer applications in diverse functional areas of the corporate world. The college has established itself as a hub of multifaceted academic, research and consultancy activities and guides students on how to climb up the corporate ladder with total professionalism and commitment. The college offers a wide range of academic programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. All the courses are designed taking into consideration the specific needs of the market and industry. The emphasis is laid on both theoretical and practical training to provide exposure to the students in various areas of management and computer studies. For this, the dignitaries of national and international repute are invited to guide the students in addition to the inputs from the acclaimed faculty of the college. The college gives top priority to experiential and process-oriented learning. The pedagogical tools include extensive use of case studies, role plays, simulation exercises, business news and analysis, business quizzes, management games and industry-oriented projects to create awareness among the students to know about the complexities of management studies. The College recently has been ranked ‘A’ category B-School by Business India (November 01, 2009 issue). Further, in recognition of the demonstrated leadership role the College has played in Institute-Industry Linkages, the Dainik Bhaskar has awarded the College with ‘B-School with Excellent Industry Interface Award 2010’. 28
  31. 31. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityACADEMIC PROGRAMSThrust & Career OptionsProgram Objective/Thrust Areas Career OptionsMBA – General The program intends to develop sound Business manager in diverse kinds understanding of the key functions in of companies engaged in management and their relationship, wide range of manufacturing/media/FMCG/ management skills and techniques for creative insurance/banking/event thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, management/finance/telecom/IT/ international perspective on business and hospitality/others. management activities and experience in interpersonal skills through group work and team building activities.MBA – Finance Sound understanding of the theories and Stock market & investment application of financial management, money and consultants, financial analysts, capital markets, forex markets, international controllers/advisors in banks, finance, project management, mergers and financial institutions, investment acquisitions. firms, public and private sector companies.MBA – Sufficient exposure to students on cross- cultural Managerial positions in diverseInternational issues, management of international business business organization like MNCs,Business operations, strategy, international marketing, export-import houses, consultancy international business finance, current firms, international financial international business markets and trends, export- institutions or managing a self import procedures and documentation. business.MBA –Marketing Aims to develop basic understanding of the core Marketing manager, market concepts of marketing and sales, customer research analysts, manager brand/ support services, CRM, brand management, advertising/corporate marketing research, feasibility studies and communications. decision making in strategic areas of marketing. 29
  32. 32. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011ACADEMIC PROGRAMSThrust & Career Options Program Objective/Thrust Areas Career Options MBA – HR Objective is to enable students to acquire sufficient Human Resources, training and labour breadth of knowledge, insights and understanding of relations managers and HR specialist in the interdisciplinary areas of managing human diverse business, government and non- resources productively in an organisation. The program government organizations. helps the students in attaining the conceptual and practical understanding of the various human resource management techniques, practices, motivation and skills for managing and developing people as productive assets in the organization. MBA – Retail Focus is on to provide students high level of Huge job opportunities in diverse Management knowledge and understanding of the concepts and business organisations related with processes involved in retailing, and to equip them with supply chains, shopping complexes, practical, research and analytical skills necessary for a malls, and multiplexes, departmental professional career in retail trade or an allied sector. stores, export houses, banking, finance, insurance and IT & ITES Companies. MBA- Advertising To produce trained and qualified professionals who Brand managers, advertising and Event understand the nuances of the fast growing managers, media strategist, event Management advertising, event and entertainment industry. managers, event coordinators, public Students will be exposed to different facets of relations practitioner and consultants advertising and event management particularly in corporate world, national and advertising campaign planning and management, international level event management copywriting, media planning & management along companies, ad agencies, marketing with equipping them with the approaches and tactics agencies, TV channels, hotels and in planning events, budgets, coordination and airlines and also huge potential for marketing of events, managing event risks, business establishing own enterprises in above conferences, trade exhibitions, fund raising events, areas. celebrity management and sports events. MCA The program aims to develop high level of MCA pass outs have variety of options understanding of concepts and applications in software in software development, IT development and networking. consultancy, software testing quality assurance, system analysis, BPO services, MIS, networking, software programer, application architecture. BCA The program focus is to develop basic understanding of Jobs as member technical support team computer languages, software and their applications. in banking, BPO, KPO and ITES. BBA Enable students to understand the dynamics of Prepare graduates to work in the business world and basics of diverse subjects such as diverse business organizations marketing, finance, HRM, general principles of operating in financial, accounting, management, economics, business laws, hospitality, retailing, wholesaling and fundamentals of computer and honing of manufacturing including the operation communication and inter-personal skills for better and management of self businesses. It business decisions. also prepares students to take up higher studies in management in India and abroad.30
  33. 33. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityACADEMIC PROGRAMS:Thrust & Career OptionsProgram Objective/Thrust Areas Career OptionsB.Com. (Hons.) The course aims to provide knowledge and skills in Students can join as operatives in almost all areas of business to equip the students accounting, tax assessment and planning, to take up entry level jobs in different sectors of audit and book keeping. Prepares students commerce, trade and industry. to go into specialized professional areas like chartered accountancy, company secretary, cost & works accountancy, law and management.B.Sc. (Home Importance of the discipline of home science has Home science graduates can becomeScience) increased with the growing concern of the society dieticians in hospitals, diet consultants/ towards life style, health and nutrition. The program counselors in lifestyle clinics, freelance is interdisciplinary in nature, which apart from dieticians, food demonstrators, project leaders English language and communication skills focuses in developmental projects, consultants for on three core areas viz. human development, food child development programs, program officers and dietetics and resource management. The for child welfare schemes, production program contributes immensely not only in fulfilling managers in apparel industries, quality control the personal ambitions of the students but also in inspectors, CAD professionals, interior betterment of family and community living in a designers and colour consultants. The diverse country like India. In changing socio- program also prepares students for self- economic conditions in India, the program is employment and higher studies. relevant and useful both for men and women and offer ample job opportunities.M. Sc. Home Sc. Program prepares specialists who are technically Variety of opportunities as scientists in• Food & Nutrition sound in domain knowledge and are good in research institutions dieticians in hospitals,• Clothing & understanding and addressing the contemporary diet consultants/counselors in lifestyle clinics, Textile needs of the individuals and society. project leaders in developmental projects, nutrition experts, consultants for child development programs, program officers for child welfare schemes, production managers in apparel industries, quality control managers, CAD professionals, interior designers and colour consultants. The program also prepares students for self- employment and research.Diploma in Office The program trains manpower with knowledge and Variety of career options including assistantManagement skills for handling general responsibilities of an to executives/managers, office manager, office for the effective management and administrative assistant, supervisory level administration of staff and resources such as positions, and/or small business owner. maintenance of data, files & records, payrolls administration, space management, office communication, office facility management for day to day functioning, coordinating meetings etc. This program provides essential management knowledge required by those who will ultimately assume positions as office managers.Diploma in The objective of the program is to familiarize the Variety of job opportunities available, likeComputer based students with basics of accounting, finance, accounting assistants, assistants to charteredAccounting banking transactions and taxation. Students, accountants, accountants in small and specifically shall be trained on integration these medium firms, self practice in areas of functions with computers including learning of maintenance of books and accounts including Telly software, MS office and basics of ERP. documentation of taxation matters.Post Graduate The program focuses to train the students to This program will be beneficial to personsDiploma in leverage the computing technology to assist in wishing to make EDP (Electronic DataComputer addressing diverse business operations and Processing) as their career and also forApplications requirements of growing organizations. The others who are required to use a computer in students shall be exposed to MS- office, DBMS, the course of their professional work. data processing, internet fundamentals 31
  34. 34. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-201132
  35. 35. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityTEERTHANKER MAHAVEERDental College& ResearchCentreTeerthanker Mahaveer Dental College and Research The focus is on the development of dentalCentre is one of the leading college in the country professionals who are technically sound, believe inengaged in quality teaching, research and extension moral and ethical values and possess goodin oral health care. College is fully equipped with communication skills to understand and treat theultra-modern equipments in the dental clinics, pre- patients. Prominent dentists from the profession areclinical and research labs to create congenial invited to discuss and interact with the students andenvironment for teaching, learning and patient care. faculty on the issues confronting the profession ofThe curriculum followed in the 5-year BDS program dentistry. The college encourages both the facultyis contemporary, comprehensive and duly approved and the students to participate in national as well asby the Dental Council of India. international seminars, conferences and workshops to get a knowhow of the latest advances in the field of dental science. 33
  36. 36. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-201134
  37. 37. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityACADEMIC PROGRAMSThrust & Career OptionsProgram Objective/Thrust Areas Career OptionsBDS (Bachelor of Dental To develop competencies necessary to manage Private practice, jobs in governmentSurgery) and treat oral and dental diseases. The focus is and private dental institutions, on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of attachment with hospitals, polyclinics, oral diseases. multi-speciality clinics, defense services, healthcare panels of different companies.MDS (Master of DentalSurgery)(i) Conservative Focus is to develop functional and practically Private practice, jobs in government Dentistry and trained personnel for prevention and treatment and private dental institutions, Endodontics of the disease and injuries of the hard tissues attachment with hospitals, polyclinics, and the pulp of the tooth and associated multi-specialty clinics, defense services, periapical lesions. healthcare panels of different companies.(ii) Oral and Aim of the course is to develop skilled Maxillofacial Surgery professionals in diagnosis, surgical and adjunctive treatment of disease, injuries, defects of the human jaws and associated oral & facial structures.(iii) Oral Medicine and Program aims to train the students ardently to Radiology use basic diagnostic procedures and techniques useful in recognizing the disease of the oral and paraoral tissues of local and constitutional origin and their medical management. 35
  38. 38. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011TEERTHANKER MAHAVEERMedical College &Research CentreTeerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Centre has beenestablished to impart quality medical education and provide modernhealthcare services to the patients at subsidized cost. The Ministry of Health,Government of India, and the Medical Council of India, permitted the MedicalCollege to offer MBBS program in July 2008 with an annual intake of 100students. The faculty of the College is drawn from reputed institutions of Indiahaving sufficient exposure in medical education. The college is supported by ahospital having 550 beds with round the clock emergency medical careservices. The hospital is equipped with laboratory and radiologicalinvestigation facilities required for patient care. Hospital has fully equippedOperation Theaters for General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, ENTSurgery and OBG services besides spare emergency Operation Theater.36
  39. 39. Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityACADEMIC PROGRAMSThrust & Career Options Program Objective/Thrust Areas Career Options MBBS Emphasis is placed on training the students to achieve After successful completion of sufficient knowledge and competence in practice of MBBS program there are holistic medicine having preventive, curative and various options for the rehabilitating aspects of common disease. Students graduates viz. joining the should also be able to understand the national policies on state/national health services, health and develop scientific attitude towards improving or self employment as health their current basic knowledge with the help of available care provider in the resources. After graduation students are supposed to community. The graduates can maintain the social and professional obligation including pursue higher studies leading medical ethics in relation to the patients. Further, to specialization (MD/MS) and emphasis is given on matters relating to family welfare super specialization (DM/ and maternal & child health, sanitation and water supply, M.Ch.) in various subjects. immunization and health education, all of which empower them in becoming important nodal persons in preventing and controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases. The students are further guided to become able and leading partners in healthcare teams which require proficiency in communication skills. M.Sc. (Medical) These programs have been developed to train After successful completion of • Medical Anatomy candidates already holding graduate degree in these courses the degree • Medical Physiology biological science and/or first medical degree holder can be employed as • Medical Biochemistry for teaching positions and also conducting tutor in the respective subjects • Medical Microbiology research work. in the Medical Colleges. • Medical Pharmacology However, they can be promoted to Assistant Professor after 3 years of experience in teaching and for further promotion as Associate Professor they have to complete Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the respective subjects and acquire sufficient teaching experience. 37
  40. 40. ADMISSION BROCHURE 2010-2011TEERTHANKER MAHAVEERCollege of EngineeringThe Indian economy is projected to grow at around 8% to 9% annually for next few years. To realize thisgrowth rate, massive investment in infrastructure, industry and other sectors of the economy will berequired. It among other things requires trained and multi-skilled engineers. To serve this end, the College ofEngineering was created in 2008, to impart knowledge in major disciplines of engineering. It aims to groomwell qualified and quality engineers who can work in tune with the fast changes brought about by theprocess of globalization.Apart from imparting domain specific knowledge of engineering, efforts are to give knowledge and skills ofsubjects such as, project management, economics, law, entrepreneurship, finance & accounts, humanresource development, industrial psychology, infrastructure related aspects, teamwork and leadership,business management, written and spoken communication and contemporary industrial culture.38