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Copper metabolism and its clinical significance


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A presentation on copper metabolism and its clinical significance for MBBS ,BDS ,B.Tech and B.Pharma students for self -study .

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Copper metabolism and its clinical significance

  1. 1. Metabolism of Copper and its clinical significance Dr. RohiniC Sane
  2. 2. Copper Metabolism • Total body copper content : 1oomg • Daily dietary requirement : 1.5-3.0 mg/day • Occurrence : muscles ,bones, brain, heart ,hair, kidney • Dietary sources: cereals, meat , liver, nuts, green vegetables • Enzyme containing Copper : Ceruloplasmin ,Tyrosinase ,Cytochrome oxidase ,ALA synthtase ,Super oxide dismutase, Phenol oxidase • Enzymes containing protein : Copper containg pigment Tissue Cerebrocupreine Brain Hepatocupreine Liver Hemocupreine RBC Erythrocupreine Bone marrow Hemocyanine Oxygen carrying blue pigment in crustacean
  3. 3. Copper Metabolism
  4. 4. Copper Metabolism •
  5. 5. Functions of Copper qFunctions of Copper : 1. iron absorption 2. Incorporation of iron into Hb 3. Cofactor : hydroxylation of vitamin C 4. Protects heart by increased LDL 5. Ferroxidase ( Ceruloplasmin) Fe²⁺ Fe³⁺ ( reduced ) ( oxidized )
  6. 6. Functions of Copper
  7. 7. Copper Metabolism • Absorption : duodenum • Excretion : bile ( under normal condition urine dose not contain copper . BLOOD 100microgram /dl 5% Plasma Ceruloplasmin ( blue color glycoprotein )95% RBC
  8. 8. Copper Metabolism
  10. 10. Copper as an antioxidant Copper functions as a cofactor for anti oxidant enzyme super oxide dismutase
  11. 11. Copper ATP ases
  12. 12. Symptoms of Copper Toxicity Causes of copper toxicity: a) Hemolysis b) Haemoglobinuria c) Proteinuria d) Renal failure
  13. 13. Management of Copper Toxicity
  14. 14. Copper Metabolism-Wilson’s Disease
  15. 15. Copper Metabolism-Wilson’s Disease
  16. 16. Menke’s Disease and Copper Metabolism
  17. 17. Copper Metabolism-Menke’s Disease
  18. 18. Genetic mutation associated with Menke’s Disease
  19. 19. Symptoms of Menkes syndrome of Copper Metabolism qSymptoms of Menkes syndrome are: 1. Bone spurs 2. Brittle, kinky hair 3. Feeding difficulties 4. Irritability 5. Lack of muscle tone, floppiness 6. Low body temperature 7. Mental deterioration 8. Pudgy, rosy cheeks 9. Seizures 10. Skeletal changes
  20. 20. Diagnostic Tests and treatment for Menke’s Disease qDiagnostic Tests for Menke’s Disease include: 1. Serum ceruloplasmin (molecule that transports copper in the blood) 2. Serum copper level 3. Skin cell culture 4. X-ray of the skeleton or x-ray of the skull 5. Genetic testing may show a change (mutation) in the ATP7A gene. qManagement of Menke’s disease • Treatment usually only helps when started very early in the course of the disease. Injections of copper into a vein or under the skin have been used with mixed results.
  21. 21. Comparison of Wilson’s Disease and Menke’s Disease
  22. 22. Wilson’s and Menke’s Disease are Hereditary are associated with Copper Metabolism
  23. 23. Comparison of Wilson’s and Menke’s Disease of Copper Metabolism
  24. 24. Role of Cholesterol Apo A ,Apo E in Copper Metabolism