Embracing Iterative Design


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Mike Rohde, Art Director for MakaluMedia, Inc. discusses how he embraces an iterative design process in his logo and web design work. This presentation includes samples of projects from sketches through final design.


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  • Nice information and good sharing. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
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  • @rohdesign a great many agile developers talk about iterative and incremental development strategies, but very few of them talk about UX design and how that integrates with system design. I wear the designer and developer hats at my job. I would like to hear UX designers talking about how they interact with developers and system architects to make usable applications.

    Most developers are not prevented from talking about development by an NDA. I am just not sure how many of them consider part of what they do to be design. I have run into a great many people who take 'design' to mean 'interface layout'. I once called TDD 'Test Driven Design' on a mailing list. This struck a nerve with quite a few people. I think my Freudian slip was telling on many levels.

    Most agilists call TDD a design tool anyway. I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how design, systems and UX, fits into Agile (particulary Scrum): http://geekswithblogs.net/rstackhouse/archive/2008/07/09/123691.aspx
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  • @rstackhouse Thanks! I have helped in a few web applications using these techniques, yes. Not sure why more web app developers don't talk about iterative design in their work, but I'm sure it's a big part for all designers of web apps. Maybe NDAs and such limit many of them from sating anything.
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  • This is great stuff. I was wondering. Have you ever participated in the design of a web application using iterative design techniques? I see a lot of designers out there making compelling websites. Yes, web content needs to be presented in a well organized and attractive fashion, but so too do web applications. I hear very few people talking about good web application design (Luke Wroblewski is the only one that comes to mind). I would argue that good web application design is even more important than good web site design. So why do designers usually ever only give examples showing marketing and branding pages?
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  • thanks for the good quality

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Embracing Iterative Design

  1. Embracing Iterative Design Mike Rohde Art Director – MakaluMedia, Inc. Blogger – Rohdesign Weblog
  2. What is Iterative Design? A step-by-step process for solving design challenges.
  3. Why Embrace Iteration?
  4. Iteration lets you start somewhere.
  5. Iteration reduces the pressure for a “eureka.”
  6. Iteration provides time to “brew”on ideas.
  7. Design Iteration Ideas
  8. Capture good ideas everywhere.
  9. Write specs and key details before sketching.
  10. Defend your ideas – write out defense notes.
  11. Break projects into distinct phases.
  12. Save major iterations.
  13. Get feedback from designers and others
  14. Enjoy the process!
  15. Blit Logo Design www.blit.com
  16. Blit Logo: Sketches v1 Many different ideas, numbered Project details written in the margin for reference
  17. Blit Logo: Sketches v2 Winning concepts didn’t appear until round 2
  18. Blit Logo: B&W Concepts v1 Again, I show Many different ideas, numbered Along with my numbered designs I always provide “defense”notes on why I like one idea over another. I also like telling clients which are my favorite(s) and exactly why.
  19. Blit Logo: Color Concepts v1 For continuity I like to show B&W winners above with various color options I try and limit down below designs I present internally, to help with reducing to a winner, rather than creating more options.
  20. Blit Logo: Final Logo Winner
  21. UserScape Web Redesign www.userscape.com
  22. UserScape Web Redesign: Sketch v1 Detailed notes embedded in the sketches Project details written in the margin for reference
  23. UserScape Web Redesign: Concept v0.1 Pretty rough but getting into the groove Whole sections were missing... Usually I would keep early work to myself, but this client understood it was in-progress
  24. UserScape Web Redesign: Concept v1 Design is getting filled in a little bit better Blocking out areas can help
  25. UserScape Web Redesign: Concept v2 More details added in each phase Flowed in real text here so I could get a better idea for structure
  26. UserScape Web Redesign: Concept v3 Screenshots added in, text tuned up Sidebars filled in and adjusted
  27. UserScape Web Redesign: Final Concept Finalized trial text Navbars finalized Headline de-emphasized Sidebars filled in and adjusted Quotes finalized
  28. Q+A
  29. Mike Rohde MakaluMedia: www.makalumedia.com Rohdesign Weblog: www.rohdesign.com