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eBay Store


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The presentation gives an idea about how to venture into an eBay store. Will an eBay store work? Or why should a person venture into an eBay store!

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eBay Store

  1. 1. eBay Store  Why an eBay Store?   eBay is an American multinational consumer to consumer selling website. With its wide reach in the international market it is the number one online selling portal in the world. eBay users worldwide sell a gross of $2500 every second.
  2. 2. Why sell on eBay?
  3. 3. Process? 5. Receive Once the product is sold, payment get confirmation of the and ship the product payment and ship the product to the buyer through courier, cargo, etc. 4. Track your listing from your account Once the product has been listed, keep track of the potential customers, bids, etc. 1. Register yourself on eBay Create a Sellers Account eBay shops vary in cost depending upon your budget and the type of product you want to sell. 2. Purchase a shop from eBay Seller Central 3. Prepare your item for listing and list it in appropriate The product has to be uploaded in the stop : category Pictures, Details, etc, also the type of sell has to be decided : Auction Selling, Buy it Now selling
  4. 4. Cost of opening an eBay store? Your costs may include all of the following:  Cost of the eBay shop  Basic (Rs 499) – Premium (Rs 3999) per month  Cost of the item that you are selling  Cost of shipping the item to the buyer (this may include insurance)  Cost of Packaging your items  eBay Fees - - Insertion Fees – This is a fee for making your items available for sale and is levied regardless of whether your item sells or not. Insertion fees vary depending on the starting price of your item (and in some cases the category in which they are listed). - - Feature Fees – These are optional fees which are levied for listing upgrades. You may choose to use these listing upgrades to market your items to buyers on the eBay platform. If you choose to take features, these fees are levied regardless of whether your item gets sold or not. - - Final Value Fees – This fee is levied if your item gets sold successfully.  PayPal Fees  While shipping, insurance and packaging costs can be recovered directly from the buyer, the item price needs to cover the remaining costs as well as provide a profit.
  5. 5. Promoting the shop    eBay enjoys a wide reach worldwide. The key to selling on eBay is selecting the right products. The most successful items sold are :          Computer & Mobile Accessories Jewellery Consumer Durables Collectibles (Coins, Notes, Stamps, Autographs) Books eBay provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for its users to enable customers to direct them towards their products. Plus there are various VAS, such as advertising on front page, Adwords, etc. Promoting on eBay is easy, and is very cost effective than promoting either wise. U can merchandise your shop :  Create listings, Gallery pages, Send mailers to customers, Advertise on the front page, Create a custom headers, etc
  6. 6. Overall Analysis?      Internet is the medium to enjoy a wide reach. A lot of business’ are going the tech way. Having a web presence helps a lot. eBay Inc, helps sellers enjoy a wide reach globally as well as buyers to purchase products that are unavailable locally. eBay store is a very economical way to start a business. Consumer to Consumer selling and develop into a global shop. The off side of this business is that a lot of shops are already existing, it will be difficult to position the products that we want to sell in a better way then the others. On the optimistic side, the reach and the variably low costs eBay offers to its clients is enough for users to venture into such a business option.