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café restaurant & bar(ARSENAL)


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café restaurant & bar(ARSENAL)

  1. 1. Restaurant Owner- Rohan Singhi Marketing manager- Sam Restaurant manger- Manmohan Chief Accountant- YangQi ARSENAL Café restaurant & bar
  2. 2. Introduction  Arsenal has the 5th largest fan base in the world with 113 million fans globally  Starts in Financial capital of India Mumbai  1.75 million football fans in Mumbai  First ever Arsenal café restaurant & bar
  3. 3. Marketing Mix  Our major Target market is college going students and young professionals  Product: High Quality service and screens to watch the match  Price: Average drink(mocktails& cocktail) would be priced between SGD 4 and average food dish would be SGD 5  Place: Central Mumbai, Bandra Carter road. Happening location, young crowd  Promotion: Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. Other sales promo like T.V, magazine, newspaper, billboards
  4. 4. Management Restaurant Owner Chief Accountant Restaurant ManagerMarketing Manager Two Supervisors 3 Bar Tenders 2 Chefs10 Waiters 4 Assistant Chefs
  5. 5. Finance
  6. 6. Exit Strategy  The business will be given for auction to the highest bidder  The money from the auction will be divided among the investors and sole proprietor.  Investors would receive all their investment money back and the remaining will be given to the sole properiotr and employees.
  7. 7. Refrences  picture/2011-10-13/worlds-most-popular-football- club-revealed-man-united-liverpool-arsenal- barca-real-or-chelsea