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Communication Design consulting company.

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Lokusdesign's Credentials

  1. 1. The Growth Catalysts India I Finland I USA
  2. 2. The l d iTh only design consulting company th t has been certified b a global lti that h b tifi d by l b l agency for ISO 9001 : 2008 Invests heavily in propriety processes & research Backed by some of the best brand tools in the business
  3. 3. Design ProcessGain Insights Consider And Concepts, 3D Models, Affordances,Through Analyze All Functional & Detailing, Capitalize An Idea &Research & Angles Before Visual, Visual Formal Engineering, Engineering Offer Other VariantsAnalysis, Innovation, Themes, Drawings, KLD, Or Options Mix &Implicit & Specs, Features, Silhouettes, Color Models, Match IdeasExplicit Needs Packaging Story, House-style, Prototyping, Strategy, Mechanisms
  4. 4. Leading companies seek our expert services Logo, Logotypes and Trademarks are owned by respective owners and are acknowledged
  5. 5. Why Lokusdesign?Leading companies have achieved substantial improvements in brand image and sales using our services Substantial increase in awareness, reach and revenues for a leading finance lending firm Reduction in customer escalation complaints from 64% to 27% for a technology gaint Increase in fuel sales for BPCL fuel stations Sales up from 6% to 33% for a large FMCG company, in personal care category, without any media push Drastic reduction in management time for Suzlonin tendering processes 110% sales growth for Weikfield Organic Tea without any ATL or BTL activities Category creation for Premium JK Helen Curtis (air freshener) Premium, Increased consumer brand interaction for Weikfieldfrom 10 secs to 15 mins; leading to better recallGreat insights leading to great innovation
  6. 6. Who are we?We are an integrated innovation and brand consulting company specializing in helpingcompanies get strategic, thematic, break free from the clutter and stand out.One - Stop - Shop– Innovation consulting – Experience design– Insights mapping(people, processes, – Brand identity programs tools, business, communication, etc.) – Brand management– Complexity reduction (defogging a – Communication strategy situation/ context)– Root cause identification – Corporate identity design– Scenario generation – Graphic design
  7. 7. How do we do this?We have anuncanny ability and Innovation for services, products, brand,proprietary processes to find customer experience, etc.great insights. Out of box solutions for some of the toughest questions Innovation that makes business-sense business senseRarely has a weak insight lead to agreat outcome Design & implementation of ideas
  8. 8. What do we help achieve?We ask a lot of questions, go down to basics and help you defog the situationWe innovate and break clutterWe createbreakthrough scenarios and convert unseen possibilitiesWe help break stereotypes and status quoWe help you TRANSFORM!We help you WIN!
  9. 9. What do we do it?We Increase Sales,We Increase Consumption, Services:We Reduce Costs, 1 Brand Strategy and Identity Designthrough 2 Packaging InnovationandStructure DesignCritical Questioning, 3 Graphic DesignMarket Mapping from an Outsiders 4 Innovation ConsultingPerspectiveandsome really serious Innovation y
  10. 10. For whom have we done this thiReally serious Innovation?
  11. 11. Re-created new Corporate and Brand Identity
  12. 12. Havells IndiaBrand Identity Program & Applications, Involvement: Quali Design Research, Brand Identity, Marketing Collaterals, and Label Graphics, Design Marketing Collaterals and Label Graphics DesignInnovation, Design Detailing, Prototyping, etc.
  13. 13. Dynamic l Bold l  Leader l  StabilityH ‐ form will build a strong connection with the “Havells” brand name Havells brand nameBold “H” form in a perspective view enhances Market LeadershipSymmetrical form shows stability & maturity. Red color indicate a dynamic and contemporary brandSimplicity of form for easy recall. The form aids easy application on various mediums/formats
  14. 14. Maximize  l  Logo applications  l  Stationary
  15. 15. Maximize  l  Logo applications  l  Glow sign
  16. 16. Branding for India’s one of the BiggestSEZ
  17. 17. B C Elements of logo are incorporated into the s rro nding landscape surrounding landscape.Entrance signage A
  18. 18. 650 acres SEZ, Padubidri& Coimbatore
  19. 19. Navigational signage: Traffic sign
  20. 20. Key Concerns Would we loose our our core infrastructure identity and brand sanctity while we are growing aggressively We are growing aggressively & expanding our infrastructure (at any given point of time we are executing more than 20‐25  We are growing aggressively & expanding our infrastructure (at any given point of time we are executing more than 20 25 projects involving 30‐40 architects & interior designers)  We are facing major problem in explaining & getting competitive quotes for our projects from vendors  Large amount of business time is wasted in co‐ordination and explaining the requirements  It is extremely difficult to align all the project stakeholders, save time and effort
  21. 21. Synergized communication strategy for an Engineering and Construction giant
  22. 22. Synefra Engineering & Construction Ltd(formerly know as Suzlon Infrastructure Ltd.)
  23. 23. Critically infusing the finance industry with creativity and service innovation
  24. 24. Key concernsHow do we expand the current portfolio from low ticket consumer durable finance to high ticket portfolio of productsHow do we become a key player in these segmentsHow do we build service experience for high class clientele 
  25. 25. Revamped a technology giant in the after sales service market
  26. 26. Direct mailers
  27. 27. Revitalized India’s R it li d I di ’ most successful men’s b d t f l ’ brand From 6% to 33% rise in sales.Won “PFFCA STAR 2009 in the category of Structural and Graphic Design for Improved Aesthetics PFFCA 2009”
  28. 28. Scope: Brand Identity design, house style development, packaging graphics, name coining and color story
  29. 29. Key concerns Involvement:1.How does one modernize the existing brand which has very strong brand & Brand identity, visual language, House styling, packaging graphics,visual equity? i l i ? name coining, C l i i Colour story, Prototyping, etc. t P t t i t2.Would this change negatively affect the brand?3.Would it improve sales?
  30. 30. f SEntice and Elevate: Perfume SprayBrand Identity design, house styledevelopment, packaging graphics, namecoining and color story
  31. 31. Innovation in creating delightful experience in receiving gifts
  32. 32. Nestlé SelectionsBrand, product & market research- Theme –mood board- visual language- packagingstructure- packaging graphics- prototyping- postdesign support, etc.
  33. 33. Added shine to India’s most trusted brand
  34. 34. Research, design innovation, engineering,prototyping, testing and post design support
  35. 35. …and successfully launched mega brands
  36. 36. Essenza Di Wills, ITC LtdResearch, design innovation, engineering, prototyping, testing and post design support
  37. 37. Fiama Di Wills, ITC LtdResearch, design innovation, engineering, prototyping, testing and post design support
  38. 38. Fiama Di Wills, ITC LtdResearch, design innovation, engineering, prototyping, testing and post design support
  39. 39. Vivel Di Wills, ITC LtdPremium Soap DesignQuali Design Research, Usability Analysis, Design Innovation,Design Detailing, Engineering, Prototyping
  40. 40. Superia: ITC LtdPersonal Care ProductsQuali Design Research, UsabilityAnalysis, Design Innovation,Design Detailing Engineering Detailing, Engineering,Prototyping
  41. 41. Refreshed worlds favorite vodka brand with retail strategy & innovation
  42. 42. 10X sales in first month and overall 32% rise in salesScope: Research, Strategy- Brand Launch and Retail, Design Innovation and Validation
  43. 43. Spray and flavor cardA product presenter at a liquor shop, would spray the flavored liquid on presenter, shopa flavor card for the consumer to smell, thereby inducing him to buy.Innovation currently under Global IPR protection process process. Card front – spray side Card back
  44. 44. Poster
  45. 45. Banner
  46. 46. Re positionRe-position a product in an over crowded market
  47. 47. Brand Identity, Packaging Graphicsand Packaging Structure:Part carton + FlexiblesPartial carton Large BrandingBranding/ Graphics doesn’t get surface withdistorted due to Part Cartonized Part Cartonproduct: High shelf ImpactCarton pack will generate quick Flexibletrigger for buying decision gg y g pouch insideCarton Product will be perceived Open Sidesas premiumPart Carton will be low cost ascompared to a full carton
  48. 48. Ranbaxy LaboratoriesBrand Identity Design, P k i D iB d Id tit D i Packaging DesignInnovation, Label Graphics, DesignDetailing, Engineering, Prototyping
  49. 49. Shaw Wallace Distilleries Ltd. Lokusdesign & DMA Royal Challenge 750ml BottleQR/LDPL/MKTG/01-03
  50. 50. Created a market in a over crowded market
  51. 51. Brand Identity design, House style development, packaging graphics, name coining and color story
  52. 52. Createdpackaging design that would p g g gstop a monstrous 41% counterfeit drugs market
  53. 53. Anti- counterff eit Detectio n CounterfeitTrack & Drug Detection Trace Integrity System Real Time Monitori ng
  54. 54. DesignedUnit Dosing tablet dispensersunique dosage pattern
  55. 55. Bilcare LtdBil Ltd.Unit Dosing TabletDispenser
  56. 56. Press to open tray Press once to dispense three Press second time to dispense tablets two tablets
  57. 57. Created aspirational positioning in a highly competitive and over crowded two wheelers market
  58. 58. Lokusdesign helped to break theperception of “Brand Mahindra”as a commercial vehicleMahindra brandScope: Brand research- brand identity- design- post design support
  59. 59. Scope:Brand research- brand identity- research identitydesign- post design support
  60. 60. We are LOVED by our clients andcontinue to share a strong bond with us
  61. 61. “ ”The Growth Catalysts
  62. 62. The Growth Catalysts India I Finland I USA Tel: +91 20 2545 1578Email: Info@lokusdesign.com www.lokusdesign.com