Digital R&D 27-9-13 Learning Event Persona & Sector Change Workshop


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Digital R&D 27-9-13 Learning Event Persona & Sector Change Workshop

  1. 1. Effecting sector-wide change Workshop B, Sept 27th Learning Event
  2. 2. This document If an objective of the overall R&D Fund is to achieve a step change in how the arts engage with and experiment with new technologies, this workshop was an exploration of who the main targets should be for the learning content arising from the fund. The workshop used personas to explore the different audiences which participants helped complete and also rank as to who were the most influential when it came to overcoming current barriers to change. This document is a work in progress.
  3. 3. Role Age 44 Characteristics Passionate, popular, always looking for the next thing Most likely to... Persona Name Private Foundation Director retweet a message about a project her foundation has supported Least likely to... get back to you in reasonable time Charlotte If only my trustees could see how different cultural experience could be in the 21st century Frustrations Influencers Needs My board just don’t get digital projects enough to fund them Other foundation directors Better stories to tell Wants to fund risky work Artists To bring her
  4. 4. Role Age 27 Characteristics Always online, Apple obsessive, loves design blogs Most likely to... Persona Name Marketing Officer at Leading Regional Theatre attend a social media meet-up (especially if there’s free stuff) Least likely to... be able to influence her chief executive Eve Frustrations I love the theatre but I’m not sure how much longer I can work here given how behind the times they are Influencers The theatre’s website and IT infrastructure is out of date Digital stuff at the theatre is limited to marketing & comms Blogs like the Guardian and Ideas Tap There is no budget or interest in her ideas Her boss knows less about digital than her Her marketing friends Needs A space to test out her creative ideas
  5. 5. Role Age 31 Characteristics Ideas person, well networked, started coding at puberty Most likely to... Persona Name Director, Creative Digital Agency own an iPad mini Least likely to... not live in Bristol, Brighton or Stoke Newington Paul Frustrations Commercial projects pay well but what I really want to do is just make artvant When he approaches arts orgs he never gets to talk to the chief executive Influencers Leading digital thinkers Artists Needs More permission to be creative
  6. 6. Role Age 47 Characteristics Environmentalist, left British Council job to move back home Most likely to... Persona Name Director Arts Council East West attend a Tacita Dean private view Least likely to... comprehend the sales figures of Modern Warfare 3 Rachel Frustrations I know that digital stuff is the future. I’m just not quite sure how to get there When I talk about digital strategy I don’t really understand what I’m saying Influencers Arts leaders Colleagues Journalists Needs TO be more comfortable talking about digital
  7. 7. Role Age 40 Characteristics Respected, canny, always with a Moleskine at hand Most likely to... Persona Name Director of leading dance company want to know the bottom line on your project idea Least likely to... admit that digital stuff makes her feel old Rebecca Frustrations It’s SO exciting & full of potential... I really must find the time. Keeping ‘traditional’ work going while attempting to innovate. Not knowing who to talk to. Feeling outmoded Never having the and like the right equipment world is running - hardware & while I’m software. walking. Influencers Other dance companies - often international. Funding bodies. Emerging choreographers / dancers. Needs Better understanding of audience behaviours & expectations. Risk-free time & space to work with innovators. Digital coproducers.
  8. 8. Role Age 37 Characteristics Digital enthusiast, cross-disciplinary, more ideas than time Most likely to... Persona Name Theatre Director Host a TEDx event in his venue Least likely to... cancel your lunch appointment Tim Frustrations Come on (arts) world: catch up. Influencers Not enough coproducers to make amazing digital work with. Difficult finding assistant producers to bring in to manage projects. Innovation gurus & journalists Hard to get funding for highrisk experimental work without predefined outcomes. No room for failure - & this is all about experiment! MIT Needs Other ‘digital arts companies’ Space to try things out Higher profile / showcasing More people to work with!
  9. 9. Role Age 46 Characteristics Anti-digital, passionate, has worked here for over a decade Most likely to... Persona Name Head of Education & Outreach, major international festival roll her eyes every time the word Twitter is mentioned Least likely to... have vintage festival posters on her office wall Jackie Frustrations The main focus of my work is taking the arts into schools and communities, I’m concerned about the lack of success of digital projects. Digital will dilute her ability to do her normal job She doesn’t know any good digital project examples Influencers Festival colleagues The learning curve is a burden & digital constantly changes Educator Needs Confidence that digital projects understand the art form
  10. 10. Role Age 62 Characteristics Conservative, highly connected, financially oriented Most likely to... Persona Name Museum Board member, ex-head of KPMG play golf with the a member of the Cabinet Least likely to... have met any staff members other than those at board level Iain Frustrations We have a responsibility to maintain the quality of collections available to us. Those collections are our core business, ensuring good visitor numbers. All other projects are secondary to that. Devices in museums endanger a quality visitor experience Influencers Ex-colleagues and clients who he sees at events Needs Detailed value proposition & financial model before he can support a project
  11. 11. Role Age 29 Characteristics Connected, curious, inventive Most likely to... Persona Name In-house digital lead for large regional visual arts gallery be jealous of his university friends working in funded start-ups Least likely to... thinking setting up a Groupon deal is a good idea Simon “I know that tweeting and managing the digital estate and databases is my job but there’s so much more we could do with digital” Frustrations Constantly having digital ideas knocked back Line manager has no digital experience Influencers Developers he meets at meetups, conferences and hackdays Needs Agency and a safe space to try things out