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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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  1. 2. Our spirits soar on wings of happiness when we think of a dearest friend.
  2. 3. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain. Don’t cry for the past – smile for the future.
  3. 4. Those who dance are considered crazy by those who cannot hear the music. Friends teach you to hear the melody.
  4. 5. Give friends the  freedom to be themselves.
  5. 9. Friendship – the fragrant rose in life’s garden.
  6. 12. The whisper of a friend can have more impact than the roar of a tiger.
  7. 13. Sunshine, water, flowers and faithful friends are gifts from god.
  8. 15. True friends are angels, both precious and rare.
  9. 16. Friends are a must in our changing world.  Friends travel and grow together.   Share the growing and share the knowing and friends you'll be forever.   Travel life’s path in the spirit of love, share the light and the heavy load.   Good luck and joy will follow you as you move along life's road. Power Point Show. By Diane.