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Evaluation Questions

  1. 1. Evaluation Question Advance portfolio
  2. 2. Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Conventions Used in my newspaper
  4. 4. Many of todays newspaper companies use the broadsheet layout format for their newspapers hence I decided to keep up with the tradition for my own newspaper so that when compared to actual media products (newspapers) my product gives a sense of realism
  5. 5. English towne was the font which was used as I was inspired by the writing style of the heading of the daily times newspaper. This was the closest similar looking font I found. The use of this font helped me give a attractive and elegant look to my newspaper heading and also cover up the empty space which would have been there if I only used the logo on the left
  6. 6. Newsworthy is very important in any newspaper hence care has been taken to ensure the news is worthwhile reading. For instance the example I have displayed is the heading of my front page . The phrase pride of nation touches the sensitive topic of patriotism. This that this news will be prominent and will be of human interest fulfilling two of the criteria s.
  7. 7. Conventions developed in my newspaper
  8. 8. I developed in terms of my target audience . General paper today tend to focus more on politics and sports . I tried through my newspaper to target a different target market while catering to the already typical market as well so I included in my paper news regarding for example the field of photography like I included a news of the photography walk that was held in Lahore as the main headline of my second page to emphasis it importance and also the regarding a photography workshop .
  9. 9. Conventions challenged in my newspaper
  10. 10. All the newspaper had logos which were either complete text like the mail or were text with in the logo. I used a different technique in which I placed the name and slogan of my newspaper in my logo and the text “newspaper was spread across the top. This helped to give it a different look from other similar media text and also covered up the empty space on the top of my newspaper. I also tried making the logo look three dimensional so that it looks unique rather than the flat logos of most newspapers.
  11. 11. Ancillary tasks (Poster and Radio adverts)
  12. 12. Use 1) I used a cliffhanger ending giving no details of the paper and the release date so that customers are curious to know about it. This technique is used by similar poster for the same reason. 2) The poster is kept simple like majority of real poster so that the consumers are not confused by the overload of information Develop I used a symbolic sign of an under construction site to give a look that the product is not yet ready but is in the production process. Other poster usually use the coming soon phrase to illustrate the concept. Challenge I have given a paper curl effect to the side of my poster which is revealing the logo of my paper. This is a unique idea from other actual posters that I have researched on which usually had an advert of a flat surface. By giving the effect my poster has a 3d look to it.
  13. 13. Use Challenge I used a background jingle like most of the radio adverts. Many of the adverts either have fast music with fast voice over or a slow music with a slow voice over. I did the opposite by using slow paced voice over backed by a fast beat music Voice over is used like many adverts in which the product is narrated to the listeners I tried to create expressions through the speech rather then adding sound effects . The qualities of my newspaper are mentioned in the advert like mostly every product advert does _________________________________________
  14. 14. Q2.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  15. 15. As part of the coursework we were asked to produce a Newspaper front and second page as well as two ancillary tasks. The two ancillary task were created to advertise and promote the newspaper .The combination off all the three demonstrated a marketing campaign for the newspaper. This is very important for newly formed newspaper to have efficient and effective advertising to be able to compete with the existing companies. The poster is formed to grab the audiences attention persuade them to find out more about the newspaper. The poster includes a slight peek at the newspaper logo to establish a brand recognition but the whole logo is not reveled so that the customers is anxious to know more about the paper. The radio advert further persuades the listeners to buy the paper stating all the product qualities, the low price, ease of access so that the consumer is attracted towards it This means that both the ancillary task effectively combine with the newspaper and help promote it to the intended target audience
  16. 16. Q3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  17. 17. • Feed back Is a vital part of any product as it helps you to understand how your audience reacts to the products what are the flaws and what are the strong points. Feed back can help improve any errors hence giving the product a better chance of success in the market • I used Facebook as my main source of feed back from the audience. I mainly received positive reviews although some suggested to improvements that could be made for example With the suggestion I reformatted some of the text to make the final product better I made minor changes to the layout but felt that it was not really in need of a change I realized that this was an error in one of the article of my newspaper and corrected it
  18. 18. Other than the suggestions I also received complements from which I learned that people actually like my work and feel a sense of realism to it
  19. 19. Q4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  20. 20. Research and planning For my research I used Google to search for helpful sites that improved my understanding of newspaper and poster forms and conventions and how i can apply them to my paper and poster in terms of layout etc . YouTube was used to view different radio adverts of products to get an idea of how to make the advert. Also I searched for video's on steps to make a radio advert
  21. 21. Construction 1) These were all the technologies I had used in the construction stage. 2) The Nikon d800 camera was used to capture the photos for the newspaper articles 3) Adobe photo shop was used to construct the newspaper and the poster 4) The radio advert was recorded using the microphone and the camera 5) The logo for the newspaper was made using logo design studio pro 6)The radio advert was made using movie maker 7) Finally all the software's were run on the hp envy laptop running windows 8
  22. 22. Evaluation For evaluation I used the following technologies 1) Power point and word to make presentation of the evaluation question 2) Blogger to view different blogs for reference and also upload my work to 3) Slide share to upload the presentation which could then be put on blogger