A website marketing plan for small and mid sized businesses


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Your Website Is More Than a Placeholder

With a little organization, your site becomes a powerful funnel continually attracting new customers to your enterprise. Make it happen faster when you implement these key, vital tactics in this free report!

This vital information will help you discover free, powerful tactics you can use right now to turn your website into an unstoppable web presence!

Stop wasting time and energy – set your website up for success — now! Whether you are just starting out, or seek to enhance your website’s earning power, this report will give you a concrete action plan that will transform your online activity into an Unstoppable Customer Magnet.

You’ll Learn:

* How Your Website Loses You Customers

* Why Your Website Matters

* Why a Website Isn’t Enough

* How to Get Found Online and in The Real World

* How to Supercharge Your Blogging into a Publishing Powerhouse

* What Social Media Tactics to Employ for Terrific Results

* A Social Media Team Plan – train staff quickly to leverage social media for your enteprise’s online success

* How to Target Your Online Market - and turn your website from a placeholder to an overflowing customer funnel

* Which Social Media Services Suit Your Marketing Goals Best

* How to Demonstrate Suitability With Customers Who Seek Answers to Their Problems

* How to Easily Maintain Ongoing Communication With Customers While Adding New Customers

* How to Demonstrate Credibility & Trustworthiness Using Digital Media

* New Ways to Create Online Marketing Opportunities

* How to Source Full Time Web Services on a Part Time Budget — Without Off-shoring!

This report will help you, whether you are new to the web, or are an experienced online entrepreneur. You'll get key factors that deliver the most results with the most efficient use of your time and energy.

You can implement this website marketing plan yourself, or easily source these activities. With a little entrepreneurial spirit, your website will reach the top of the search engine ranking pages for your niche!

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A website marketing plan for small and mid sized businesses

  1. 1. WEBSITE MARKETING PLAN Rogue Star Studio Roguestarstudio.com contact@roguestarstudio.com
  2. 2. Welcome to Rogue Star Studio’s Website Marketing Plan! Your website is more than a placeholder – with a little organization, it can become a powerful funnel that attracts new customers to your enterprise – every minute of the day! You can gain significant results when you implement the ideas in this report. If up to now you have not developed your website, get ready to find a simple, powerful plan that will transform your online results. If your website is already functioning well, the ideas here may inform your online marketing in results-driven ways you had not considered. This report will give you vital guidelines to apply to your website to increase its web presence, effectiveness and attraction power. Enough said, let’s get started! Frank Allen Creative Director Rogue Star Studio Web Design | Online Marketing Roguestarstudio.com
  3. 3. Introduction If you watched the video that accompanies this report, you know why it’s important to leverage your website marketing. A well- developed web presence establishes your brand, enhances your social networking and referrals, and increases your bottom line. Now it’s time to give you simple steps that you can take to turn your website into more than a business card – but a revenue funnel! I’ll show you how to fix your design, your content, and your online marketing. Do it yourself, or get in touch with me and I’ll do it for you. The tips in this report are just a starting point; you can find many new strategies and marketing channels to develop as you progress! You’ll see that your web presence is not only a vital channel for your success – it is also easily fixed and not as costly as you might have thought! And now, the Marketing Plan!
  4. 4. Finding Your Business Are you marketing to a service zone, a local community or a region? Many people will search local businesses using their mobile phones. Geographical Location: ♦ Put your business on Google Places for Business. ♦ Put a pin detailing your address, phone and website on Google Maps. ♦ Add a business page on Facebook with your location information – preferably with street view pictures ♦ For walk-in traffic, list in services like Foursquare ♦ Check Yelp; listen & respond to customers’ concerns! ♦ If you advertise with brochures or door hangers, add a QR code to lead people to your website.
  5. 5. Search Engine Location: ♦ Use Search Engine Optimization onsite and offsite ♦ Get your site ranked for common keyword searches ♦ Use Google Adwords to discover popular search phrases; enter them into Google to view the competition. Visit their sites to determine the extent of their competitiveness for ranking; if they are well-established, you will have to rank for alternate phrases, or out-perform them with a superior SEO strategy. ♦ Make sure you embed Google Analytics to track your results! Onsite SEO: n Make a list of 50 keyword phrases n Use priority keyword phrases in page headers, page meta information, page content (about 1/ 100 words), link anchor text, and footer n Blog Article Content – one blog post weekly containing a keyword phrase. Posts can be about 250-500 words long. Offsite SEO: n Use social media to create backlinks leading to your content (more on this later) n Publish blog content to article directories, blog networks n Create alternate media formats of your blog post: text, PowerPoint Slides, PDF reports, Audio and Video. n Example sites: u Text à Article Directories (Goarticles.com) u Slides à Slideshare.com u PDF Reports à Scribd.com u Audio à Podomatic.com u Video à Youtube, Tubemogul distribution
  6. 6. Social Media Location: ♦ Sign up for accounts at: n Facebook n Twitter n Google Plus ♦ Optional: n Stumbleupon n Digg n Delicious n LinkedIn n Pinterest n Tumblr ♦ It’s a good idea to carry over the same banner/header in all of these sites. This creates design consistency and recognition value. Also, use the same user name as much as possible. ♦ To get the most out of social media, see the Social Media Team Plan on the Rogue Star Studio website at: http://roguestarstudio.com/category/social-media-team-plan/ ♦ This will orient you and your team to unified activity. Use the simple daily or weekly plan outlined in the post “Quick Social Media Steps for Your Team.” These steps are just a beginning. Numerous other websites and services all enhance your search engine findability and social media relevance. An organized approach will deliver concrete traffic. More traffic means more customers and a growing referral network for your future success!
  7. 7. Demonstrating Your Suitability Prospective customers visit your website to make a decision that will solve their problems. To that end, they seek information to base that decision on. If your website doesn’t provide that information directly, or offer the promise of a solution with further inquiry, the customer may find those answers from your competitors. List your services clearly! You may list your pricing, or not – this is not always essential. The customer needs to know that a) you have the service they seek, and b) it falls within their budget. If you don’t list your prices, your site design should illustrate the market you service: n Economy – prices based on competitiveness n Value – medium service for medium prices n Premium – high quality service for exclusive prices
  8. 8. Evaluate your target market tier. Your customers will seek signs that your business suits them. Here, the design of your site sends certain messages – so it’s vital to get this right. If you are not certain, seek the help of an experienced designer. In all of these cases, a cookie-cutter free website sends one message very clearly: you are not serious about business, let alone the satisfaction of the customer. To greatly enhance your chances here, you’ll need: n A dedicated, Top-Level domain (.com) n A well-organized website with: • Clear content • Complete information • Clean layout and navigation • No unnecessary information (like meta-links and branded attribution links that come with free sites) • Interactive elements like forms, maps and social media updates
  9. 9. Additionally, your site can include a sign-up form to receive a weekly newsletter. This activity is known in marketing circles as “List-Building” – and represents one of the more popular results- driven activities with marketers. List building can: n Continue to educate your prospective clients n Reinforce brand awareness in old and new clients n Increase your referral network n Generate repeat business nTake some pressure from depending on new customers only n Provide an ongoing channel to market new products and services with self-selected prospects To obtain these advantages, you’ll need: n A working sign-up form n A list-building /email service n An email series • These consist of about 10 posts of 250 words each • Send out a weekly post • The content can be informative and a bit more personal or promotional than a regular blog post • Include location and map information • Enhance content with an HTML template for a nice design; if you include images, remind readers to click to allow images in their email menu • As with blog posts, include a Call To Action at the end; these may include: o Promotional action steps o Buy Now Buttons o Read More o Visit your website or social media page to interact with a poll or contest o Refer a friend o Other – get creative!
  10. 10. Creating a sign-up form on your website can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Popular services include: n Listwire (free & unlimited) n Mailchimp (free to a limit) n Aweber (paid) You can write your email series yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. For an economic option, consider using PLR. Private Label Rights content is bulk writing under a shared license. Other people may use this content as well; but since it’s going into an email series, and not search engine indexing, then duplication doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you get content written by a professional. PLR tends to go for about $1 per article and is often sold in packs of 5-15 articles. Avoid packs of 100-1000, since these are probably not of good quality. Your email series should reinforce your credibility. It might also create a running benefit for your readers to gain knowledge in step- by-step form.
  11. 11. Establish Your Trustworthiness Now you’ve provided your readers with the information they seek, and you’ve done it with a great website design and online marketing plan. All of these elements work together to establish your credibility and trust in the customers’ eyes. Your website can increase its ranking in search engine inquiries. Your content gets shared through social media. Your customers interact with your website and get their unknowns turned into knowns. Your profitability compounds value with each new customer you win!
  12. 12. A good website demonstrates your enterprise’s trustworthiness by showing: Maintenance and Care – your website is up to date and contemporary elements in design, social activity and usability Recency – you maintain an active participation online and care about your website, your business, and your communications Activity – Customers find out about you using their favorite online channels: be it a Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Maps or more. Your website has become much more than a placeholder! It has become a vital channel driving business to your doorstep.
  13. 13. Now make it your own! To get you started developing your website to its potential, consider these marketing channels: • Blogging → Content Marketing • Social Media → Social Marketing • Lead Nurturing → Email Marketing • Lead Conversion → Direct marketing • Closed Loop Analysis → Test marketing • Search Engine Optimization → Search Engine Marketing • Ads & Pay Per Click (PPC) → Paid Marketing
  14. 14. Let Rogue Star Studio Help You! We’ve created a Web Presence Plan that covers all your needs. The best part is, you can get a dedicated web team at only a part time cost. Wouldn’t you love to know that your enterprise’s web concerns are all being taken care of? We create a hands-free web solution for you. Every day, we maintain your website and online marketing activities. These include: Get a Web Team That Handles It All: COMMUNICATION Reach out to us whenever you want to communicate your needs. We also have a handy Maintenance form you can fill out weekly or monthly to update your website however you want. Get help whenever you need it! PLATFORM We handle your website’s backend stuff: whether your site runs on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other popular platforms. Want a mobile website that makes smartphone surfing a breeze? We do that too. We’ll host your website and maintain your technical needs so you don’t have to worry about it! We’ve got you covered!
  15. 15. DESIGN Get a contemporary design that puts your enterprise in a great light. We’ll target your market using design as a weapon in your arsenal. Your site design will be your own. Even better – we can change it whenever you want to whatever you want! CONTENT We’ll add professional page content, blog content and an email series that will keep your website active and relevant for search and social media optimization. Your customers will enjoy your email newsletter, and you’ll enjoy your growing list of subscribers! SOCIAL MEDIA Need key social media accounts? Already have social sites, but need to unify their design? Get responsive social media channels. We’ll post your blog content regularly to key social media services.
  16. 16. Rogue Star Studio will do all of this for you, every day. The best part are the budget-friendly prices! Additional services are available as well. This terrific package puts your Web presence in the power zone! The best part is, you’ll have your very own dedicated web team to handle all your online needs whenever you need them. Compare this to hiring your own staff!
  17. 17. To inquire with no obligation, fill out the form on this page: http://roguestarstudio.com/order We’ll get started as soon as possible! We’ll email you an invoice with a payment button. You can make a secure payment using credit card or bank transfer. We’ll start immediately upon receiving your deposit. With Rogue Star Studio, you can be as active or passive with your website as you wish. We’ll handle it all! Get in touch now. I look forward to hearing from you. Best of luck in your online success, Frank Allen Creative Director Rogue Star Studio Web Design | Online Marketing Roguestarstudio.com For more valuable free information about succeeding online, visit Rogue Star Studio regularly!