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Getting started guide for 99translations.com

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99translations For Developers

  1. 1. Getting Started with 99translations.com By Simon Rimmons (simon@99translations.com)
  2. 2. Project Owners (software developers) GOALS 1.  Improve project translations quality 2.  Create translations for additional languages 3.  Find translators for your project 4.  Avoid frustrating translation errors 5.  Create seamless workflow to work with your current translators 6.  Quality Control
  3. 3. Project Owners (software developers) SETUP 1.  Create an account at 99translations.com (1 min) 2.  Create your project (1 min) 3.  Define your master translation files (5 mins) 4.  Upload your current translations (5-30 mins) 5.  Integrate version control polling (optional, 5 mins) 6.  Invite translators or team members (1 min) 7.  Start using other great features RSS, AJAX editor, Plugins etc
  4. 4. Project Owners (software developers) Step 1: Signup 1 Fill out simple signup form and select payment plan. Open source projects are free. 2
  5. 5. Project Owners (software developers) Step 2: Create Project Very easy form to setup a project. Project name , ID , few description words and optional URL will do it.
  6. 6. Project Owners (software developers) Step 3: Define master translation Master translation is the translation file maintained by development team, this file is considered to be the most up to date translation file. List of master translations Add master translation
  7. 7. Project Owners (software developers) Step 3: Translation file type 1 Select appropriate file type and upload its initial version. ** Master translation format defines other translation files format 2
  8. 8. Project Owners (software developers) Step 4: Upload current translations Create empty or upload existing translations Current translation completeness report
  9. 9. Project Owners (software developers) Step 5:Version Control Integration You can setup external VCS and issue tracking system integration.
  10. 10. Project Owners (software developers) Step 6: Invite translators Easy form to invite translators or a Invited users moderator from your crew
  11. 11. Project Owners (software developers) Step 6: Invite translators • 99translation.com provides the most comprehensive translation tools at the moment • Supports variety modern i18n technologies • Provided powerful integration tools (read more at http://99translations.com/ tools and http://99translations.com/release-notes/v1_1) • Builds i18n community to find translators and discuss best practice in software i18n • Leverages power of the Internet to find translators between native speakers and professionals Discussions and questions at: http://99translations.com/forums/3/topics/8 or support@99translations.com