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Data Center Infrastructure Management:
Driving efficiency, lowering costs, and optimizing business value.
For more information, visit www.itracs.com2
“Now I can
reduce OPEX, defer CAPEX, and improve our ROI.”
Let’s face it. Keep...
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“Now I can
do more with less. And do it right the first time.”
Efficiency is ab...
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Holistic command-and-control over the entire
portfolio. Manage all aspects of y...
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It’s easy with CPIM®
Explore your data and uncover “gems of insight”...
For more information, visit www.itracs.com6
“Now I can
get everyone working on the same page.”
To improve both the quality...
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“Now I can
drive value today without overspending
or finding myself in a dead-...
iTRACS – Global Leader in DCIM.
iTRACS, a CommScope Company, is a leading global provider of
open, enterpri...
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iTRACS overview


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iTRACS overview

  1. 1. iTRACSCPIM® Data Center Infrastructure Management: Driving efficiency, lowering costs, and optimizing business value. icon-based graphic NOW I CAN.
  2. 2. For more information, visit www.itracs.com2 “Now I can reduce OPEX, defer CAPEX, and improve our ROI.” Let’s face it. Keeping your physical infrastructure optimally aligned to serve the needs of the business has never been tougher than right now. Your infrastructure investment must create quantifiable business value for the enterprise while you simultaneously find ways to contain costs, improve margins, and defer capital expenditures. All in an era of rapid technology upheaval that can quickly turn your data center from a strategic asset into a strategic liability. The answer is Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) from iTRACS. DCIM is a unique breed of software-based enterprise infrastructure management tools that is changing the way physical infrastructure is understood and optimized. Its mission? To empower you with knowledge-based decision making that replaces guesswork, variance, and risk with insight, predictability, and ROI: • Reduce OPEX – slash energy, space, and workforce costs • Manage assets, space, power, and other resources with unique insight into where new efficiencies can be obtained • Defer CAPEX – leverage Capacity Planning so you can extend the life of the data center and expand only when it’s absolutely necessary • Optimize business output from IT – whether you measure that output financially (revenue-per-rack, transactions-per-server, etc.) or by service levels for customer service and corporate applications Information is power. And it doesn’t get more powerful than this. Welcome to iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management® – the world’s leading open, enterprise- class DCIM software suite. iTRACS CPIM® provides holistic management of the physical ecosystem – IT and Facilities – with a dynamic understanding of the complex interconnectivity between assets, systems, and workflows. Knowledge, not guesswork: CPIM® turns complex data about your infrastructure into information that’s easy to understand, use, and act upon. From the executive suite to the technician on the floor, you and your team no longer have to guess. It’s all about interconnectivity. iTRACS understands how a move, add, change, removal, or failure of a single device affects the disposition of all other interconnected devices and conditions in the ecosystem. You can manage these dynamics in a real-time visualized 3D environment that accelerates accurate decision-making – no matter how fast or often your environment changes. Everywhere you need us. CPIM® is being used today to help manage some of the world’s most complex infrastructure environments. From data centers to intelligent buildings, commercial facilities, and industrial complexes, CPIM® is the intelligent management solution of choice.
  3. 3. For more information, visit 3 “Now I can do more with less. And do it right the first time.” Efficiency is about information – you either have it or you need it. In most data centers, the problem is an absence of accurate information about where efficiency improvements can be achieved without putting the operation at risk. Point products and monitoring tools are inherently inadequate in addressing this challenge, since at best, they offer fragmented, device-level data and limited functionality. Only a comprehensive, extensible software suite like CPIM® offers the information, tools, and domain expertise to help you kick your operation into the next gear. Operations Management Eliminate surprises • Monitor and manage day-to-day operations of data center • Alarm management – manage and resolve infrastructure events Resource Management Reduce energy and other costs • Optimize the use of space, power, and cooling for maximum capacity utilization at minimum footprint and OPEX Asset and Connectivity Management Interconnectivity at your fingertips • Reduce OPEX associated with IT asset portfolio – depreciation, tech refresh, lifecycle management, etc. • Understand the end-to-end interconnectivity between assets, power, and network down to the port level Change Management Deliver services faster • Select best locations for moves, adds, and changes based on current and future resource availability • Make the right change the first time, every time, for faster time-to-service Predictive Availability Management Because you can’t afford downtime • Manage service levels by identifying, diagnosing, and resolving issues before they become problems • Predictively find and mitigate sources of risk – single points of failure, etc. Predictive Capacity Planning and Demand Management Save millions on your next build-out • Delay, reduce, and/or eliminate CAPEX by doing more with less • Measure actual vs. projected growth rates and align CAPEX to them so you’re building neither too early nor too late – just right for the business iTRACS CPIM® encompasses 6 functional areas a DCIM platform must contain to be a true suite:
  4. 4. For more information, visit Holistic command-and-control over the entire portfolio. Manage all aspects of your infrastructure. Whether you’re responsible for two data centers or 20. Point. Click. Manage. Optimize. 4 It’s DCIM the way you’ve always wanted it. With the myDCIM™ role-based user experience, each individual – manager, operations, technician, business owner – gets his or her own customized portal into the iTRACS CPIM® environment. Consider it your own personalized landing page. Your favorite reports, searches, locations, tasks, and dashboards are always at your fingertips. Decisions are faster. Collaboration is easier. The infrastructure runs smoother. Workflow management that works. Integrate CPIM® workflows with your existing service management applications, CMDBs, and other enterprise processes without disruption. Configure each workflow for maximum speed and efficiency. Replace manual steps with automated ones. Eliminate human error. Speed time-to-value and meet the deadlines no one else dares to tackle. Assets at a glance. Track and manage all IT assets, their spatial relationships, and their network interdependencies in a single crystal-clear portfolio. Proactively manage each asset down to its component level with unparalleled efficiency - memory, CPU, NIC and other cards, power supply, fan, and more. Compliance and IT audits are a breeze. Lease management, tech refresh, and other asset lifecycle activities are simpler than ever. Compare CPU workloads with power usage to better understand which servers provide the greatest output at the lowest energy costs. Improve energy efficiency. With the iTRACS PowerEye™ strategy, you can see, understand, and manage the entire power chain from the utility on the street down to every CPU on every rack. Reduce your energy costs by identifying, decommissioning, and consolidating ghost servers. Identify “stranded power” (available power at the rack which is not being consumed) and use it to support more servers, rather than wasting it. We make the complex simple.
  5. 5. For more information, visit It’s easy with CPIM® Analytics. Explore your data and uncover “gems of insight” about your infrastructure that can unleash new opportunities to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve service delivery. Gain unparalleled visibility into all six functional activities under your command – Operations, Resources, Assets and Connectivity, Change, Availability, and Capacity Planning. As a core capability inside the CPIM® platform, our analytics engine demystifies your infrastructure and gives you the insight you need to be proactive, not reactive. 5 Measure. Explore. Analyze. Unleash. PREDICTANDMANAGE Manage growth. Predict and manage infrastructure growth based on forecasts from your LOBs and projected available capacity within the data center. Use automated reservations to “hold” these resources for planned changes. Predict and support this growth without jeopardizing your existing SLAs. Smart space. Make sure every square foot is utilized for maximum cost efficiency and business impact. Optimize rack densities without jeopardizing power or cooling. Predictive capacity planning. Predict your overall future capacity in power, space, and cooling either enterprise-wide or by Line of Business – what happens if your data center continues on its current growth rate? What happens when that rate changes? Identify future points when new investments will be required. Then use “what-if” scenarios to validate and compare your expansion/consolidation strategies within the safety of CPIM® . Stay cool. Track power consumption and operating temperatures to identify and resolve thermal hot spots and other potential environmental issues. When it comes to root cause analysis, intelligent commis- sioning, and other critical tasks, iTRACS’ combination of 2D and Interactive 3D Visualization lets you see, under- stand, and execute with a granularity other vendors can only dream of. Do you have a power or network issue? Drill-down to any individual port on any device and then trace circuits, both power and network, to decipher the complex interdependencies. Need to “see” your power chain with 25 more racks? Run what-if scenarios to visual- ize redundancy and availability issues, instantly confirming single sources of failure. Seeing is believing. Ask for a CPIM® demo today. Knowledge that goes as deep as you need.
  6. 6. For more information, visit www.itracs.com6 “Now I can get everyone working on the same page.” To improve both the quality and speed of decision-making in infrastructure management, you need a collaborative DCIM environment that tears down the silos between IT, Facilities, Business, Finance, and even Real Estate. Miscommunication about the infrastructure is eliminated since you, your colleagues, and your clients (both internal and external) are all working on the same page. In the end, it’s about everyone collaborating to optimize the efficiency, agility, and availability of the physical ecosystem: • Meet your SLAs while working faster and more cost-efficiently • Execute tech refreshes and other Changes faster – both planned and unplanned • Diagnose and resolve events faster – power issues, connectivity issues, thermal hot spots, etc. • Free up your IT staff to spend less time on routine maintenance and more time delivering strategic value to the enterprise • Eliminate human error with clear workflows and work orders The information you need to succeed. Everyone has a different purpose in using CPIM® , so we offer multiple ways to interface with it. Our reports, dashboards, and analytics can be accessed via three friendly, intuitive interfaces – Browser, iPad and Windows Workstation. We call this Anytime, Anywhere DCIM. You’ll call it just plain smart. So you have 10 days to add 200 servers? No sweat. Our model of the infrastructure lets you instantly drill down to find the right space with the power and network services you need. With Intelligent Commissioning, the software creates one instance of the new server deployment and then mirrors it automatically. You run what-if scenarios to confirm the install within the safety of our software before sending work orders to your technicians. You send reports to upper management confirming the upgrade is doable and spelling out exact infrastructure costs. Using CPIM® Mobile on their iPads, your people hit the floor to install the servers at record speed – no human error. Infrastructure team. Infrastructure client. Corporate. Finance. Real estate. Whomever you are, we’ll simplify your entire DCIM experience. CPIM® Browser CPIM® Mobile CPIM® Workstation
  7. 7. For more information, visit 7 “Now I can drive value today without overspending or finding myself in a dead-end tomorrow.” The CPIM® software suite offers an open, extensible approach to DCIM, allowing you to begin your DCIM journey wherever it best meets your operational challenges, and then stretch into other functional areas as your needs – and your comfort level with CPIM® – expand. You can start as slow or fast as you’d like and then add CPIM® capabilities at a pace that meets your needs and your budget. Business value that accumulates. No matter where you start within the CPIM® family, the key is to keep your eyes on the big picture – where you eventually want DCIM to take you. The cumulative value delivered across the entire CPIM® suite can create efficiencies, cost savings, and competitive advantage for your organization where none existed before. Start your DCIM journey where you want. Take it wherever you need to go. Open is the natural evolutionary direction of DCIM. And iTRACS has built the open, enterprise-class DCIM platform by which all others are judged. Open means the unconstrained bi-directional exchange of information between iTRACS and the world’s leading data center players – Intel, VMware, RF Code, HP, and everyone else. Open means leveraging real-time power, environmental, and other operational data from those vendors to make insightful decisions about where efficiencies can be gained and costs cut. Open means data-to-data, system-to-system, workflow-to-workflow integrations for new opportunities to work smarter. Learn about a key component of our open strategy, the DCIM Open Exchange Framework™ , at DCIM Open Exchange Framework™ CPIM® IT CPIM® FACILITIES CPIM® THE SUITE IT Assets and Connectivity Facilities and Power The Suite Start here when your first priority is to manage IT assets and network connectivity. Start here when your first priority is to manage the power chain and facilities. Start here when you want to unleash the full value of CPIM® from day one. +
  8. 8. iTRACS – Global Leader in DCIM. iTRACS, a CommScope Company, is a leading global provider of open, enterprise-class Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions that drive efficiency, performance, cost savings, and strategic value in data centers and other enterprise infrastructure. The iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management® (CPIM® ) software suite is transforming how organizations are managing and optimizing their physical infrastructure. At the heart of the CPIM® solution is Interactive 3D Visualization – The Efficiency Engine™ , the world’s first and only holistic view of the data center using an interactive 3D model that give you command-and-control over the entire physical ecosystem – IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems. Today, iTRACS CPIM® is being globally deployed in some of the world’s most complex data centers and infrastructure environments. More than one-third of all CPIM® customers are in the Global 500/Fortune 500. We are managing more than 1.6 million square feet of space for one customer alone. Visit our website or contact your local iTRACS representative for more information. © 2013 iTRACS, LLC. All rights reserved. iTRACS, the iTRACS logo, iTRACS CPIM, Converged Physical Infrastructure Management, myDCIM, Interactive 3D Visualization-The Efficiency Engine, DCIM Open Exchange Framework, and DCIM Book of Wisdom are trademarks or registered trademarks of iTRACS, LLC. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners. This document is for planning purposes only and is not intended to modify or supplement any specifications or warranties relating to iTRACS products or services. BR-107267-EN CommScope – A Trusted Advisor. Here at CommScope, we embrace our role as a trusted resource, partner and facilitator. We create the infrastructure that connects the world and evolves with every advance in technology. By investing all of our capabilities, resources, relationships and products into your toughest challenges, we continue our long history of solving problems together— paving the way for new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. DCIM Book of Wisdom™ with Gartner Research. Download your complimentary copy today. What to look for in a DCIM vendor – and why.