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Android app development


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ZSL's Android App Development CRM solutions enables you to instantly access mission critical data such as account cases, campaigns, opportunities and call reports, anytime, anywhere, giving you immediate wireless access to your CRM application even when you're away from the organizations.

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Android app development

  1. 1. Android App Development-quickestgrowing software technologyAndroid is the name for Google’s new Linux based mobile platform which includessoftware stack for mobile devices. Android is predicted one of the fastest growingupcoming technologies in the mobile based web world. Android sales surpassed iPhonenumbers in the third quarter of 2010, Google’s Android platform has ushered in a newgeneration of Smartphone users.ZSL Mobile will take care of everything right from Design conception, Planning, MarketResearch, Creative Design, proven Development and Marketing -- all the building blocksof a successful Android app developmentGoogle Android G1 phones, Windows Mobile and pocket PC. It enables you to accessthe mission critical information through your mobile phones and helps you to act fast attime of need. ZSLs Mobile CRM solutions for Google Android G1 phones, the first of itskind, delivers rich user experience and drives overall usage of your CRM system byenabling remote access for your sales, service and management teams.ZSL developed the custom mobile application for G1 phones using Google Android appdevelopment kit and web services, powered by SOAP and WSDL, compatible withGoogle Android mobile client, where the business process interaction are done by XMLWeb Services.Google Android G1 CRM: Provides business managers the rich user experienceand benefits of CRM by giving them access to the remotely located CRM applicationthrough their handheld Google Android G1 device
  2. 2. To be successful in today’s competitive market place, enterprises must seamlesslyinteract and extend information beyond the walls of their organization. ZSL’s end-to-endenterprise mobile solutions makes a real time possible of giving business managerssignificant advantage of remote and instant access to information from anywhere,anytime. Our CRM solution for Google Android app development (G1) delivers a richuser experience and drives overall usage of your CRM system by enabling remote accessfor your sales, service and management teams.ZSL’s Mobile CRM solutions helps the business users using CRM application to increasesales and service effectiveness at every stage of the sales cycle, say, from leads andopportunities management to fulfillment and invoicing via their Google Android G1phones. It provides your sales force with access to powerful and required informationmaking activity management less agonizing process and more serene, while enablingbusiness managers to view critical data and for perusal to resolve issues immediatelyeven on move before back to work desk.ZSL’s Mobility Solution OfferingsBlackberry CRM — provides business managers the rich user experience and benefits ofCRM by giving them access to the remotely located CRM application through handheldblackberry device.iPhone CRM — Provides business managers the rich user experience and benefits of CRMby giving them access to the remotely located CRM application through handheldiPhone device.iVARS — Mobile solution for insurance industry to help recovery agencies managerecovery operations effectively, efficiently and timely by intimating recovery operators
  3. 3. about an accident and get instant information from recovery operators on incidentdetails, recovery details and claim details—all the interactive activities and informationexchange done through the application deployed in the handheld mobile device.Work Force Automation — Mobile solution for field work force management to createand allocate job tickets to the remotely located work force, instant track on job status—all the interactive activities and information exchange done through the applicationdeployed in the handheld mobile device.Contact UsAmericasUS HeadquartersZSL85 Lincoln HighwayEdison, NJ 08820Phone: 1-877-800-0975Fax: 732-767-6644Email: info@zsl.comPlease visit us: