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  • Who am I? My name is Mike Bainbridge and I work at PEER1 hosting as a solutions architect.It’s my job to work with customers to design the most efficient infrastructure to meet their hosting requirements.Leveraging different technologies and strategies to deliver excellent results.Worked in the IT industry for over 15 years in various service delivery, project management and strategy roles.
  • The last thing we wanted to do was give our customers options. We should make a consultative sell and tell them what is best. After all we have 12,000 customers across out 18 worldwide DCs.Buying RAM, CPU and storage is easy, you can do that on amazon. We wanted to differentiate ourselves.
  • The ecommerce vertical team had a look at all the platforms and made a key strategic decision about who they wanted to work with.
  • The ecommerce vertical team had a look at all the platforms and made a key strategic decision about who they wanted to work with.We now host over 400 magento sites worldwide.
  • We soon found out what working with a good partner meant. From a development side, they didn’t want to worry about the infrastructure and wanted someone to tell them what a good environment would look like. I picked this photo, because when you have a good partnership people remember you as a pair.
  • There are lots of stats around performance and speed of websites.
  • Magento evolve platform… Optimized operating system. New technologies – NginX as a web server (20% performance increase) and specialist DB for performance.
  • PEER1 engaged with Screen Pages 12 months ago to work out how we could host the site in a more efficient way. They were an excellent magento partner and we wanted to host their websites.So as with all our hosting engagements we met them to understand what their customers wanted. It mainly fit in with our other magento experience. So great page loads times and performance, but they also wanted to offer enterprise level resilience at an affordable cost to the end user.
  • We’re the first to admit that things go wrong, people make mistakes.
  • We have a team of technical account managers. 24*7 support. Network operations centre – for round the clock monitoring of traffic.
  • We are a global hosting provider, our customer focus is people who rely on the Internet to drive growth in their business. We have a strategic focus on e-commerce and we’d like to be know as the go to hosting company for online retail. Growth plans in South American and Asia PAC.
  • Debenhams – international deployments. Network performance. Mobile sites as POC. Now over 60% of their £200M turnover site goes via iPad, iPhone and other mobile hardware.RBL – huge peaks (£12M per year, with 90% of traffic in October / November) – commercial advantage and making sure this high profile site stays online.Waitrose – can host it themselves (5 UK DCs with the JL partnership)
  • Currently the largest magento site in the UK. Last year had a turnover of £45M.
  • As I said before, hosting is boring. So PEER1 is trying to help retailers share common problems and find solutions.
  • E-commerce future events – hosted by PEER1 to help engage with the community. Experts from a number of fields talk about their experience and present. There are discussion panels and the chance to meet people who have overcome the key issues around security, trends, internationalization, brand loyalty, personalisationand conversion.
  • Peer1: Ecommerce Hosting

    1. 1. How to host a Magento website for fun and profit… Mike Bainbridge @PEER1_Mike
    2. 2. Solutions Architect Mike Bainbridge @PEER1_Mike
    3. 3. Hosting is BORING
    4. 4. We Customers
    5. 5. Everyone else sells hosting as a commodity
    6. 6. We developed a strategy of verticalisation
    7. 7. In ecommerce we identified Magento as key partner
    8. 8. What are the main problems that online retailers face?
    9. 9. Speed is King! Can I host a mission critical application?
    10. 10. Loads of stats back this up!
    11. 11. So… we had to design hosting solutions which:
    12. 12. Delivered on performance
    13. 13. Could handle peaks of traffic
    14. 14. Would work with any Magento site
    15. 15. But how is all this relevant to you?
    16. 16. But what if something does go wrong?
    17. 17. But what about our other customers?
    18. 18. What else are we doing?
    19. 19. Thank you