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Charity module for donating change on orders.

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  • Cancer Research UK’s Innovation team has been exploring a round-up mechanic for over three years.Give Change is a new donation scheme run by charities for charitiesIt enables consumers easily & conveniently to support the causes they care about by simply rounding -up their spend to donate the change straight to charities they know and trustWe have created a consortium of charities to take the Give Change Make Change scheme to marketWe have a dedicated team based at Cancer Research UK with support from each of the collaborating charities and their associated networks.The charities were selected to cover the main causes people care about: kids, people in crisis, environment & health. Participating merchants are also free to add in their own causes.Average awareness of the four charities is 94% and trust and affinity is high: for example British Red Cross was recently voted as the eighth most desirable brand beating huge brands like Coca Cola. Give Change launched to the payments and retail industry late 2010Give Change went live with a small online retailer Feb 2010
  • Initial focus on online retail, where opt in is a simple tick-boxone click element that automatically calculates round up with no sign up or further information requestedOffline – model proven in the USThere are two methods to allow spontaneous round-up in-storeUS supermarket Kroger has been running an in-store round-up scheme for around 15 years. Their approach is to make the round-up at the till either through a bar-coded item in basket or a ‘cash back’ style askThe alternative is to include the option in the chip & pin processKroger project lead now working with Give ChangeThe tech bit:Back-end solution built to manage data and financial processing required to deliver money from retailers to the charitiesSame process whatever the channel, handles scaleable number of participating retailers and charities
  • Track customers who Give Change and thank them personally by email mention you are a Give Change supporter on your forum/ facebook/ twitter – ask what do people think of it get your customers to review and rate what they think of Give Change One-stop solution to which charity to support Match the first months donations on launch
  • Give change, make change

    1. 1. 1<br />give change make change<br />Denise Bailey, New Business & Partnerships Manager, Innovation, Cancer Research UK<br />1<br />
    2. 2. introducing give change make change – the virtual collection tin for multi-channel retail<br />give change make change <br />turn small change into BIG change for people and the environment<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />how it works<br />A brand<br />ONLINE: FREE module available<br />EXAMPLE ONLY<br />Want to donate your change to charity?<br />OFFLINE:<br />round-up in-store via<br /><ul><li>EPoS or
    4. 4. Chip & Pin</li></ul>TOTAL<br />EXAMPLE ONLY<br />the control& convenienceof a spontaneous donation with the bonus of a karma off-set for retailers and your customers<br />3<br />3<br />3<br />
    5. 5. our research shows consumers love the scheme<br />69% agree it is a good way to give to charity<br />48% would feel more positively about a retailer who offered Give Change<br />28% would bemore likely to shop at a retailer that offers Give Change <br />16% wouldspend more money with that retailer<br />I'd like to give more to charities than I do now, and this seems a hassle free way of doing it, without really noticing<br />Consumers describe the scheme as:<br /><ul><li>Convenient (59%)
    6. 6. Straightforward (50%)
    7. 7. Innovative (43%)</li></ul>Quote from Brain Juicer concept testing Dec 2008<br />Stats from GfK NOP survey looking at online proposition, February 2010, n=1002, quotes from Brain Juicer concept testing December 2008<br />
    8. 8. why give change is good for retailers<br />Customer engagement and brand enhancement mechanism<br />differentiate yourself from your competitors<br />a new reason to talk to your customers and get them to come back to your site<br />offer an exclusive to customers who give change for repeat business <br />Make your customers fall in love with you again by demonstrating your charitable side<br />report back how much your customers have raised and tell them the change they have made to people and the environment<br />Be part of our PR and Marketing campaign to our 12m* supporters<br />together we have 94% recognition rate (CRUK is 16th best loved UK brand) 13 online newsletters<br />10 offline newsletters<br />7 Facebook groups<br />5 Twitter feeds<br />Feature<br />5<br />* Total audience size per annum throughout the year<br />
    9. 9. 6<br />do something wonderful for these great causes...<br />- sign up to give change make change<br />£10 buys 40 seedlings to help replant the forests of Tanzania<br />£36 buys food parcels to feed 120 people caught up in a natural disaster<br />£600 funds a bed for a parent to stay beside their child in hospital<br /><br />t: 020 3469 8721<br />m: 07721 580604<br /><br />6<br />6<br />