Ecommerce Forum: Ivantage (Matt Trimmer)


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Ecommerce Forum: Ivantage (Matt Trimmer)

  1. 1. directions: best practice & strategyMatt TrimmerPrincipal Consultant & Managing Director
  2. 2. Organic search SEO in a world of Google penalties Paid search The amazing and increasing power of AdWords
  3. 3. is really hard! On-page SEO is not easy With a changing/developing website Off-page SEO - link building Now genuinely difficult Spam free You have to be interesting Have something to talk about You have to embrace social Blogging to customer servicing via Twitter/Facebook Zendesk Google Penalties
  4. 4. penalties – understanding Manual penalties by Google Staff “Manual Actions” Google policing or acting on a tip-off (spam report) Notified to you via Webmaster Tools account 100% are notified Automatic penalties (filters) by Panda, Top Heavy, Penguin, Pirate, EMD “Algorithmic Actions” No notification Use
  5. 5. result in Suppression of your organic rankings Greatly reduced organic traffic
  6. 6. actions – 0.22% domains marked for removal Source - Google – Inside Search
  7. 7. action notifications via Webmaster Tools Source - Google – Inside Search
  8. 8. actions – the reasons? On and Off-page
  9. 9. actions – the reasons? Normally on-page spam, but not always 25 Panda updates Now part of standard algorithm 4 Penguin updates April 24th, 2012 May 25th 2012 October 5th 2012 Sometime in 2013 according to Google See SEOmoz
  10. 10. good news? Actions are temporary If you take action with algorithmic actions They will correct (If you correct the problem) If you don’t take action with algorithmic updates They will expire (could be years) If you take action with manual updates You can do a reconsideration request You must do a reconsideration request If you don’t take action with manual actions They will expire (could be years)
  11. 11. what does this all mean? Don’t spam on your site! Be really careful about who’s building your links and how! Interflora Use of Advertorials
  12. 12. – link building gone wrong? History of poor quality link building Blogger outreach for free products? “Random acts of kindness” campaign Use of Advertorials?
  13. 13. Advertorials
  14. 14. Advertorials
  15. 15. Advertorials
  16. 16. Advertorials
  17. 17. comment
  18. 18., legitimate link building? Core infrastructure and vertical directories But don’t waste time on others Press releases News worthy, syndicated Blogger outreach Content for bloggers to post about you theme Manual outreach Identifying sites that would link Link bait Something so worthy, people link back Blendtec
  19. 19. building and link acquisition We think of link building as a series of steps each step increasing in difficulty, resources and engagement with an appropriate return in ranking reward the 9 point link building plan
  20. 20. 9 point link building strategy Harness your internal link structure Harness your political link structure Connect to the core Develop your profile Connect to your theme Make your news Interact with your theme Make the news Develop thought leadership
  21. 21. Search - AdWords Fundamentals 103 changes in the last year A larger number are planned for this year! Google is awesome at integrating products!
  22. 22. can target your audience in many ways Keywords Relevant to product/service Geographically You can target by countries, cities/states, metro areas(e.g. Chelsea), or a radius around a location Through the wording of your adverts If you are high end quality or bargain basement, say soin your ad to attract the right type of visitor
  23. 23. features I don’t want to tell you about Enhanced campaigns Context of device, time and location Migration by July Offer extensions 10% off this weekend Seller ratings Call extensions Product listings
  24. 24. Display Network (GDN) Selecting relevant sites where your ads can appear Display your ad using keywords and topics Choose where you want you ads to appear the travel section of
  25. 25. Remarketing (haunting) Display ads to a visitor has previously visited site Remarketing lists Visitors who abandoned the checkout process Visitors who viewed a specific product category but didnot purchase You can combine groups of people you target by timeframe Target visitors to your site in the last 12 month Exclude visitors to your site in the last 11 months Highlights an audience of people whose annualhealth insurance is likely to be coming up for annualrenewal
  26. 26. Remarketing with Google Analytics Visitors who spent more than X seconds on the site Shows a certain level of interest Visitors who viewed more than X pages on the site Shows a certain level of interest Visitors who purchased product X, up-sell product Y If they purchase a dining table, up sell the matchingsideboard Visitors who purchased 3 months supply of product X Target them 10 weeks later to remind them to re-order, forexample 3 months supply of Wellman
  27. 27. - Dynamic Remarketing Ads dynamically created to include images, descriptionsand prices of the actual products previously viewed by the visitor This is Google’s response to Criteo Currently only available to whitelisted clients
  28. 28. Remarketing in search Remarket to searchers on Google Bid higher when customers search existing keywords Target broader more expensive keywords, only to visitorswho are on one of you remarketing lists Currently only available to whitelisted clients
  29. 29. – the business case How much of your revenue is from new vs. returningvisitors? What’s your E-commerce conversion rate for New andReturning visitors? Returning visitors Will drive a % of sales Convert at higher conversion rate Have a higher AoV Dashboard
  30. 30. E-commerce dashboard
  31. 31. AdWords is very powerful Explore enhanced campaigns Explore remarketing Get sophisticated with remarketing SEO Get in control of your links Build a long term SEO strategy