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  • Every year I hear that something new means that email is dead. This just isn’t true.It is engrained in our social and work activities. Just imagine the chaos if your emails ever go down.
  • Not just traffic but shopping cart traffic – email drives conversions
  • Bottom two have been challenges in the last yearTop 3 are the new challenges but by integrating with other channels, such as ecommerce you can achieve the other 2.
  • 360 degrees = integrated solutionThe amount of data that has to be combined can be overwhelming, technologies exist today that make this task significantly simpler than it was just a few years ago. You can now pull together huge databasesand create 360-degree profiles of every one of your customers, whether you have ten thousand customers or ten million customers! We live in the era of big data.
  • The three main ingredients to successful email marketing
  • Segmentation[quote]
  • When we talk about segmentation we talk about dicing and slicing your customersNot all customers are alike. What appeals to one may not interest another. It's important that you connect your customers' different interests and needs to your message. It's about relevance. Relevant emails are opened, irrelevant emails are unopened or deleted, resulting in a lost connection and a lost sale.
  • Personalisation:2 types. Personalisation and Dynamic content
  • Personalisation: using data we know within the email, e.g. nameDynamic content: actually changing the content of one email depending on what we know about the person.e.g. Odeon, E Consulatncy
  • Automation:
  • Marketers dream. Minimal effort, maximum reward…. Sales!Welcome – not just 1 but 2nd and 3rd. show politeness and appreciation for signing up. Also set expectations of what they will receive. Build trust And while you have their attention, collect some more of that all important data you need to drive your automation programme. Post purchase emails, thank you, survey, re-order, re-engagementBirthday – not just on the day but 7 days before… when they are happy and have money!Abandoned cartsAbanonded Site
  • Refer back to the fact all of this can be done with dotMailer
  • Clients we have seen some huge successes withEmail can account for up to 50% revenueEconsultancy – dyanmic content.
  • One critical piece to the puzzle is taking the rich data you have collected and translating it into targeted email campaigns and irrestible email content.
  • My main plan of action for next year was to build out a series of timelines for prospects (acquisition, obviously) and customers (cross-selling, services). The customer side will use the CIM to send targeting communications based on the customers purchase history, following the same flow as that a sales person would utilise in a bricks and mortar store. Sending a generic newsletter to everyone every week (as we do now) doesn’t really make sense, because the info you need as a customer is dependent on when you entered the brand (and what your skin concerns actually are). One simple example could be: Phase 1 – no sell, services-based, build trustPurchase 1x treatment product -  data from Magento+ 1 day: How to use your new product (customer experience)+ 14 days: Helpful info on customer concern e.g. fine lines (customer experience and content)+ 30 days: How are you enjoying your new product? Hints and Tips (customer experience)+ 50 days: Time to replenish (push repeat purchase & autoship service – custom Magento field) Phase 2 – cross-selling+ 90 days: building a regime (cleanser, moisturiser cross-sell – dynamic data from Magento)+ 140 days: benefits of using a night treatment (night treatment cross-sell – dynamic data from Magento) We would then reduce the number of general newsletters we are sending to customers to only include special offers or new launches that are specific to them to keep the load down, but we can further segment the new launches to push different messaging depending on whether you already use Perricone or not. On the prospects side, it’s important to know when they have purchased so that we can move them from an acquisition timeline to the customer timeline
  • DotMailer: integrated, personalised, targeted email marketing

    1. 1. Transforming email marketing for Magento users
    2. 2. Everybody is reading email 145 billion emails sent per day Retailers single most important form of customer communication 34% of email users access their email through their mobile device @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    3. 3. Shopping Cart Traffic SEM, 4.80% Social Link, 4.30% Media, 1.70% Email Search, 10.30% Direct Direct, 17.90% Email, 56.80% Search SEM Link Social Media @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    4. 4. What are the biggest email marketing challenges you face in the next 2 years? – Forrester 57% Integrating email with other channels 50% Leveraging dynamic content Leveraging segmentation 43% Managing email frequency and cadence 38% Increasing open and click-through rates 38% @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    5. 5. 7 Ways You Can Benefit from a 360-degree view 1. Increase Upsell and Cross Sell Opportunity 2. Identify your most valuable customers 3. Higher customer retention 4. More targeted marketing content 5. Clearer targets for your marketing initiatives 6. Increased ROI on marketing campaigns 7. Detailed reporting @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    6. 6. Segmentation Personalisation Automation
    7. 7. “Email marketers estimate 30% of email revenue derives from targeting to specific segments” Intelligent Email Marketing that Drives Conversion, 2012
    8. 8. The advantages of segmenting your email lists Increase sales and engagement Relevant communications Increases open and click through rates Reduces unsubscribes Increased ROI Increased return on relationship @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    9. 9. “61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, they are also more likely to buy from that company” Forbes, 2013
    10. 10. Personalisation vs Dynamic content Changes pre-created content in a Uses values that already exist in your database, e.g. a contact’s name, hometown, or birth date recipient’s email campaign, based on database rules Uses blocks of HTML, not elements from the database Only 1 email needs to be sent, that may render in dozens of different ways Creates a customised message for each recipient of your email campaign @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    11. 11. “Triggered emails have 50% higher open rates than non- triggered emails” KISSmetrics, 2013
    12. 12. Triggered Emails You Should Be Doing Welcome email Reorder or order reminder emails Birthday or special occasion emails Abandoned cart emails Abandoned site browsing @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    13. 13. Key Tips Data is Key – Your campaign is only as good as your data Don’t treat them all the same – Segmentation is key Dynamic triggered emails – Automated, personalised and revenue generating email campaigns Design for mobile devices – When you are creating your email messages, you need to design them for mobile devices @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    14. 14. dotMailer Clients @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing
    15. 15. Demonstration: dotMailer’s integrated solution.
    16. 16. Any Questions? Jonny Dixon eCommerce Channel Manager @dotMailer @Magento #emailmarketing