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DTC Major


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Some reflections on why DTC is important to me.

Published in: Education
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DTC Major

  1. 1. SHOULD YOU BE 
  2. 2. WHY IS DTC IMPORTANT TO ME? ➤ My majors in undergrad were: English and Philosophy with a History minor. ➤ I had friends who were computer science majors. ➤ My friends knew how to program, maybe read science fiction, but often didn’t think about the political or cultural questions that came with these technologies.
  3. 3. WHAT IS DTC? ➤ Website: “an interdisciplinary degree program that combines the creative production and critical exploration of digital media.” ➤ Early 1990s, Tim Hunt at WSU-Vancouver, quoted from Patty Ericsson “Sustainability and Digital Technology: Program Analysis Via a ‘Three-Legged’ Framework”
 “[C]ultures experience profound reorganizations when their modes of transmitting and storing language change.” “[T]he emergence of electronic media and computing… will likely turn out to have been the most fundamental reconfiguration of our means of learning, enacting, transmitting, and storing language since the massification of print (perhaps since the emergence of writing).”
  4. 4. “Part of what we have to do a better job of, if our democracy is to function in a complicated diverse society like this, is to teach our kids enough critical thinking to be able to sort out what is true and what is false, what is contestable and what is incontestable. And we seem to have trouble with that. And our political system doesn’t help.”
  5. 5. ➤ 336: Composition and Design, Kristin Becker
 ➤ 354: Digital Storytelling, Rebecca Goodrich
 ➤ 356: Information Structures, David Squires
 ➤ 475: Digital Diversity, Anna Plemons