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Dh lecture1 copy


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Dh lecture1 copy

  1. 1. Unit 4: The Digital Humanities
  2. 2. Today: History of Computing •Major Assignment #3 Due •Vannevar Bush, “As We May Think.” 10/31: No Class •Ignore the Video Assignment for This Day. 11/5: Digital Humanities and Literary Studies •Matt Kirschenbaum, “What’s DH and What’s It Doing in English Depts?” •Stephen Ramsay, “High Performance Computing for English Majors.” 11/7: Digital Humanities Applications •Lauren Klein, “‘A Report Has Come Here’: Social Network Analysis in Thomas Jefferson.” •Ted Underwood, “We Don’t Already Know the Broad Outlines of Literary History.” 11/12: Distant Reading or Macroanalysis •Franco Moretti, “Conjectures on World Literature.” •Matthew Jockers, “On Distant Reading and Macroanalysis.” 11/14: Voyant •My Voyant Tutorials and Play with Digital Applications!
  3. 3. The Early Years of Computation