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Presentation for MLA15

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Circuitboard @RogerWhitson Wash State U-Pullman #mla15 #s54
  2. 2. “Digging into these layers, we often find that, depending on different contextual factors, various infrastructures have distinctive temporalities and evolutionary paths. Through ‘excavation,’ we can assess the lifespans of various urban media and ascertain when ‘old’ infrastructures ‘leak’ into new-media landscapes, when media of different epochs are layered palimpsestically, or when new urban media ‘remediate’ their predecessors.” —Shannon Mattern, “Deep Time of Media Infrastructure”
  3. 3. Michael Faraday, Faraday Disc, 1831 Hyppolite Pixii, Dynamo, 1832
  4. 4. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, Galena Detector (Semi-Conductor), 1894 Jack Kilby, Integrated Circuit, 1952 Four-Phase Systems, Microprocessor, 1969
  5. 5. Questions: 1. Black Box of Technology 2. Long Periods vs. Deep Periods 3. Recursive History, Time Criticality Thanks! @RogerWhitson #mla15 #s54