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Announcements for 10-21-12


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Announcements for 10-21-12

  1. 1. Welcome To Spring RiverAssembly of God
  2. 2. • For updates on church events • For prayer requests/praise reports • To stay better connected with your church family • For encouragement for your walk with GodJust search for “Spring River Assembly of God” and click “Like” and anystatus updates will show up in your news feed.
  3. 3. Moving our Pastors Friday October 26th Leaving: Early Friday morningIf you are available to go up Friday morning, let one of the board members know.Also help will be needed when the truck arrives back in the area. Your help will be very appreciated!!!
  4. 4. Church Work Day Saturday November 3 We would loveeveryone to help with themaintenance and clean up of ourchurch facilities
  5. 5. Nursery Workers Schedule October 21 – LeaOna/Shylee October 28 – Boone/Kerry November 4 – Cheryl/Sherry November 11 – Erin/Leeah
  6. 6. Greeters ScheduleOctober 21 - BlueOctober 28 - WhiteNovember 4 - Red
  7. 7. Women’s MinistriesThe WM’s will be sponsoring a child from Mission of Mercy.The child’s name is, Tharuni Upeksha Rukshani from Sri Lanka. She wasborn January 15, 2000 (age 12).The total cost per month is $34If you are interested in helping to sponsor Tharuni, please pick up a pledgeform in the foyer (near the ladies restroom).Please turn in your pledge forms to Pat Wall or to the church office.
  8. 8. Join us on Wednesdays at Spring River 7pm Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls Ministries Worship Service In Sanctuary