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Announcements 09.01.13


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Published in: Spiritual
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Announcements 09.01.13

  1. 1. Welcome To Spring River Assembly of God
  2. 2. Nursery Workers Schedule Sept. 1 – Sherry Sept. 8 – LeaOna/Shylee Sept. 15. – Boone/Kerry
  3. 3. Greeters Schedule Sept. 1 – Blue Sept. 8 – Red Sept. 15 – White
  4. 4. • For updates on church events • For prayer requests/praise reports • To stay better connected with your church family • For encouragement for your walk with God Just search for “Spring River Assembly of God” and click “Like” and any status updates will show up in your news feed.
  5. 5. Check us out online
  6. 6. Join us on Wednesdays at Spring River 7pm Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls Ministries Worship Service In Sanctuary
  7. 7. “Thin Through Him” Saturday’s at 9:30am For those looking for support in losing weight or in maintaining a healthy weight There are currently 10-15 who are attending. Make plans to join them next Saturday! For more information, please speak with: Debbie Elbrader or Boone Blair
  8. 8. “Is this your first time at Spring River?” We would love to know that you were with us today. You can do that by filling out a “Connection Card” (located on the back of each pew/chairs) After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.
  9. 9. We are looking for 4-5 people who would be willing to get their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to pick up kids in the Baxter/Riverton/Galena area. We are willing to invest in your ministry in this area by paying for your CDL. If you are interested in being part of this ministry, either speak with Pastor Roger or fill out a Connection Card (located on back of seats/pews) and on the back write “Interested in CDL and bus ministry” or something like that.
  10. 10. Have you moved? Phone number changed? Would you like to receive email updates/reminders on church events, needs, prayer requests, etc.? Just fill out a Connection Card (located on the back of each pew/chairs) After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.
  11. 11. Have a prayer request? Would you like more information on: Becoming a follower of Christ, Water Baptism, Church membership, Serving at Spring River or Other information? You can let us know by filling out the back of a Connection Card (Located on the back of each pew/chair) After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.
  12. 12. Volunteers needed in the following areas: Nursery Bus (van) Royal Rangers Mpact Girls Ministry Sunday School If interested in more info, please speak to: Nursery – Boone Blair Bus – Brad Price or Debbie Elbrader Royal Rangers – Kevin Wilson Mpact Girls Ministry – LeaOna Essley Sunday School – Jeff Smith
  13. 13. Nursery workers needed!!! We currently have openings for: 1st Sunday of the month 5th Sundays If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please speak with our nursery coordinator, Boone Blair.
  14. 14. Faith Promise for Missions The use of “Faith Promise” cards enables us to budget our missions giving for the next 12 months. Would you consider investing into those who have been called to take the Gospel around the world?
  15. 15. Faith Promise for Missions 1. Fill out your name/contact info. 2. Check whether you plan to give weekly/monthly 3. Write in the dollar amount you plan to give. 4. Tear off, AND KEEP, the small portion. 5. Put the large card in the offering plate. 6. Begin giving that amount each week/month in the offering and mark the offering envelope “missions”. Faith Promise Cards Are located In main entrance and foyer
  16. 16. Faith Promise for Missions Faith Promise Cards Are located In main entrance and foyer For every $50 given each month, we are able to support one missionary. That could be one person giving $50 or 10 people giving $5, it all adds up and goes to support missions!
  17. 17. Kidz Krusade Sept. 22-25 Bob & Jan Teel, Children’s Evangelists
  18. 18. Ladies Bible Study… “Joy Robbers” Taught by Connie Smith Beginning Sept. 10 6:30pm – 7:30pm Location 618 E. 36th St. Baxter Springs, KS
  19. 19. Upcoming Dates Sept. 15 Mark & Vicki Alexander missionaries to Togo, Africa in PM service Sept. 22 – 25 Kidz Krusade w/ Bob & Jan Teel Sept. 29 Church Picnic Kiwanis Park (Baxter Springs) 4pm
  20. 20. 3rd Annual Tennessee Prairie Women’s Retreat September 6-7 With special guests: Kathy Goodman Mary Fitzer Please RSVP by Sept. 2 856-5494
  21. 21. Landscaping We are in the beginning steps of updating the landscaping around the outside of our building, as well as the driveway into the parking lot. The board received an estimate of $6500 for removing existing plants/trees, woodchips, etc., and bringing in new plants, flowers, shrubbery, etc., and river rock (instead of woodchips). If you would like to give to this project, please mark “LANDSCAPING” on your offering envelope.
  22. 22. Would you like a stronger marriage? We are offering a new Sunday School Class for you beginning Sun. Sept. 15 10:45am Class will be taught by Connie Smith Location: Classroom inside the Fellowship Hall (opposite the kitchen, formerly the middle school classroom)