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Announcements 04.21.13


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Announcements 04.21.13

  1. 1. WelcomeToSpring RiverAssembly of God
  2. 2. April 21 – Boone/KerryApril 28 – Cheryl/LeeahMay 5 –Nursery Workers Schedule
  3. 3. Greeters ScheduleApril 21 – RedApril 28 – BlueMay 5 – White
  4. 4. • For updates on church events• For prayer requests/praise reports• To stay better connected with your church family• For encouragement for your walk with GodJust search for “Spring River Assembly of God” and click “Like” and anystatus updates will show up in your news feed.
  5. 5. Join us on Wednesdays at Spring River7pmRoyal Rangers and Mpact Girls MinistriesWorship ServiceIn Sanctuary
  6. 6. Bible Reading PlansHave you ever planned to read your Bible moreeach year but just never got around to it?One of the best ways to keep you on track is touse a “Bible Reading Plan”. These plans helpkeep you on the right track much like a map orGPS keeps you on track if you are on a trip.Start the new year off with a reading plan. Youcan find several plans located in the foyer.
  7. 7. Bible Reading PlansIf you have a smart phone, there is a FREE appyou can download to your phone called:YouVersionNot only can you access your Bible whereveryou are, YouVersion also has numerous Biblereading plans you can read right from yourphone (iPhone/Droid) or tablet (iPad, Kindle,etc.)If you have any questions about YouVersion,talk to Pastor Roger.
  8. 8. “Thin Through Him”Saturday’sat9:30amFor those looking for support in losing weight or inmaintaining a healthy weightThere are currently 10-15 who are attending. Make plans tojoin them next Saturday!For more information, please speak with:Debbie Elbrader or Boone Blair
  9. 9. District Men’s ConferenceGuest speakers:Tom GreeneJohn BevereBethel Life Center(Wichita, KS)Golf/Skeet ShootingAll you can eat steak dinnerMen,Make plans to join us forThis exciting event!!!
  10. 10. Costs:Registration ……………………..$40Hotel…………$35-$40 per personMeals…………………………..…..$40Total……………$115Plus…If you play golf/shoot skeetGolf………………………..$50Skeetbring own gun/shells…………$15rent gun+shells………………….$39
  11. 11. If you have any questions,please speak with Pastor Roger.Sign-up sheet is in the foyernext to the men’s room door.
  12. 12. If you are interested in becominga member ofSpring River Assembly of God,You can get a membership application cardby:1. Let one of the board members know2. Let Gretta Day know3. Fill out a Connection Card (locatedon the back of chairs/pews) and checkthe appropriate box on the back andplace in offering plate and we will geta card to you
  13. 13. “Is this your first time at Spring River?”We would love to know that you were with us today.You can do that by filling out a“Connection Card”(located on the back of each pew/chairs)After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as itcomes by you later in the service.
  14. 14. Have you moved? Phone number changed?Would you like to receive email updates/reminders onchurch events, needs, prayer requests, etc.?Just fill out aConnection Card(located on the back of each pew/chairs)After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as itcomes by you later in the service.
  15. 15. Have a prayer request?Would you like more information on:Becoming a follower of Christ, Water Baptism,Church membership, Serving at Spring River orOther information?You can let us know by filling out the back of aConnection Card(Located on the back of each pew/chair)After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as itcomes by you later in the service.
  16. 16. “Men’s Blitz”Monday April 296:30pm1st Assembly of God (Baxter Springs)“Wild Game Feed”Every month that has 5 Mondays in it, the area churches haveAn event for men called a “Men’s Blitz”. It is just an opportunityFor you to get together with some other guys from the area toHang out with guys from other area churches. Make plans to join us!