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Announcements 02.16.14


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Announcements 02.16.14

  1. 1. Welcome To Spring River Assembly of God
  2. 2. Nursery Workers Schedule Feb. 16 Feb. 23 March 2 – Boone/Kerry – Cheryl/Teresa – Genie Sherry
  3. 3. Greeters Schedule Feb. 9 Feb. 16 Feb. 23 – Red – Blue – White
  4. 4. • For updates on church events • For prayer requests/praise reports • To stay better connected with your church family • For encouragement for your walk with God Just search for “Spring River Assembly of God” and click “Like” and any status updates will show up in your news feed.
  5. 5. Check us out online
  6. 6. Join us on Wednesdays at Spring River 7pm Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls Ministries Worship Service In Sanctuary
  7. 7. “Is this your first time at Spring River?” We would love to know that you were with us today. You can do that by filling out a “Connection Card” (located on the back of each pew/chairs) After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.
  8. 8. Have you moved? Phone number changed? Would you like to receive email updates/reminders on church events, needs, prayer requests, etc.? Just fill out a Connection Card (located on the back of each pew/chairs) After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.
  9. 9. Have a prayer request? Would you like more information on: Becoming a follower of Christ, Water Baptism, Church membership, Serving at Spring River or Other information? You can let us know by filling out the back of a Connection Card (Located on the back of each pew/chair) After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.
  10. 10. Adults, join us each Sunday morning… Adult Sunday School Class “The Gift of Forgiveness” Sundays 9:45am Connie Smith, teacher Meets in Fellowship Hall
  11. 11. To help in your praying, the Assemblies of God has designed an app you can download to your smartphone. Just search “7:14 Prayer”. It is FREE!!! It also has a daily Bible reading and devotion
  12. 12. Free Bible App for smartphone users • Features numerous Bible translations • Numerous Bible reading plans and devotions If you are looking for a way to help your reading be more consistent in 2014, download this app (iPhone & Android apps available, just check your phone’s app store). You can also access online at
  13. 13. Bus Drivers Needed!!! We are looking for drivers interested in getting their Commercial Drivers License (CDL), in order to drive our bus. We are in need of drivers on Sun mornings and Wed evenings to pick kids up, also to be available for any other church trips in the future. The church will pay for the CDL. If interested, please speak with Pastor Roger
  14. 14. New Sunday Evening Schedule Beginning in February!!! 1st Sunday ……………………………….….. Worship Service 2nd Sunday …………………………….… Worship Service 3rd Sunday ………………………………….. Worship Service 4th Sunday ……………………………….…. Men/Women 5th Sunday ………………………………… Fellowship events (game night, movie night, meals, etc.)
  15. 15. Series Wednesdays 7pm
  16. 16. Men, Make plans to join us for the launch of… Sunday February 23 6pm FivestarMan exists to inspire, instruct, and empower men to live the authentic and passionate life that God intended for man. FivestarMan is not a program or a ministry. It is a movement. A movement of like-minded men ready to do an about-face, turning from a life of mediocrity to a passion-filled life of authentic manhood.
  17. 17. Spring River Ladies Present… We Are Family!! You are invited to an evening of fun, fellowship, food, and the word! Our very own Connie Smith will bring the word! Baked potato bar! (bring some toppings) Door prizes! Skits! Childcare provided! SISTER TIME!!!  NEXT SUNDAY 6PM!!!