Cold war


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7th Grade Research Project

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Cold war

  1. 1. The Cold War has continued for at lest 50 years. Itbegan in 1953 and appeared to end in1962. But, soonafter that, the Cold War rose again from 1985 to 1991.During that time thought nuclear weapons werebeing constantly made, but neither of the countrieswould fire unless fired at.
  2. 2. The Cold War had many beginnings to where ithappened, including Europe SouthAmerica, Chile, Argentina Nicaragua, Italy, Germanyand Southeast Asia. In all honesty, it truly happened allacross the globe.
  3. 3. Cold War is the conflict between the Communist nations led by theSoviet Union and the democratic nations led by the United States.Also there were vey large differences between the two states thatwere very deep rooted. They also had suspicions of one anotherafter the second World War had ended.
  4. 4. The people who played a part inthe Cold War were very important.If it wasn’t for them, the war mighthave turned in to an actual fightwith guns and could still behappening today. Some people who played a partin the war were… John F Kennedy,Allen Dulles, Nikita Khrushchev, ItoChin Minh, and many others.
  5. 5.  Over the time of the Cold War many things occurred the World War 2, Greek Civil War, Apollo 11 lands on moon, Berlin Wall falls, and so much more!
  6. 6. The Cold War ended over time by a treaty ofthe Soviet Union with the Gorbachev. AlsoThe Cold War ended due to relaxed tensionbetween the United States and the SovietUnion, which means that the war endedbecause both sides were tired of fighting. Even thought the cold war was a war withalmost no fighting but over 300,000 lifes werelost due to the ‘Little boy’ and ‘Fat man,’ thetwo atomic bombs which were dropped inWorld War 2.
  7. 7.  Both the United States of America and the Soviet Union built up huge amounts of atomic weapons and ballistic missiles. The Soviet Union collapsed due to economic weaknesses. America became the sole super power of the world.
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