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Locate Cars with GPS Tracking System


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Sometimes business owners are at distress to manage their entire fleet of cars. Car tracker will allow them to have a close look on their entire fleet. GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to pinpoint a car location.For more information about GPS vehicle tracking system you can visit

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Locate Cars with GPS Tracking System

  1. 1. Locate Cars withGPS Tracking System
  2. 2. It is difficult to keeptrack of each vehicle of myhave I businessHow Do I do it?
  3. 3. Install GPS Tracking SystemGPS car tracking system is the most effective way to locatecar. A car tracking system looks like a small walkie-talkiewithout a mike or speaker. It consists of receiver antennaand a box that consists of tracking chip and batteries.
  4. 4. What is GPS Car TrackingGPS (Global Positioning System) car tracking usessatellite technology to plot a vehicle’s global position.A GPS provides navigation system for the driver tofind way and pinpoints car’s location.
  5. 5. Types of GPS Vehicle Tracking System There are two types of GPS car tracking system Passive Car Tracking System Active Car Tracking System Records – Provides -  Travel activities  Real-time data transfer  Mileage  Alerts on user’s email  Destination  Fax  Speed
  6. 6. How GPS Tracking System Works?
  7. 7. Tracker May Help You to Know • When the vehicle is in use? • Which way it is travelling ? • Where is it exactly?
  8. 8. T0 of Tracking • Reduce fuel and wage costs • Better customer service • Safer and more efficient driving • Less administration • Safer more efficient driving
  9. 9. GPS tracking system enables to keep track of my entire fleet……