Apple casestudypownership


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Apple casestudypownership

  2. 2. APPLEApple belongs to the ICT media sector, it produces hard ware and soft ware.Apple was originally just based it company it also it has moved into the company but has moved into the media sector because of the iTunes section that has been created.
  3. 3. WHO OWNS APPLEThe shareholders owned Apple when Jobs was alive and continue to own Apple after his death. The pictures shows who owns apple as you can see it is mainly share holders as after the death of Steve jobs no one owns the business .
  4. 4. APPLE IS VERTICALLY ORGANIZED It is vertically organized as its all apple its not any other companies or business its just apple for example iPod ,I pad and I phones and iMacs are all produced by Apple then theres the apps such as I tunes and the app store all owned and produced by Apple then there is the hardware and software again because it is all vertically it is owned by Apple.
  5. 5. COMPETITORS The competitors of apple are other software such as Dell , Sony, windows, Google, Hp If we are looking at the competitors of apple I phone then there competitors would be Blackberry Nokia Samsung Apple has recently just release there latest phone the I hone 5 this technology is amazing with the latest software installed and features that are allot more advanced than there previous I phone 4s this means that the phone of the year the I phone 5 will obviously have competitors which will try and compete with apple. For example Nokia have just release there best and latest phone yet the nokia lumia 920 and black berry have released a latest phone that is light and most importantly affordable at a reasonable price below are the phones. Nokia lumia 920 Blackberry 9320 IPhone 5
  6. 6. CUSTOMERS The customers for apple are shown by the graph underneath it shows that apple products are getting more popular throughout the years as you can see in 2009 14 million I phones were sold I n the uk bearing in mind the population is 62,641,000 that’s 62 million so that’s just less than a quarter of the uk’s population with I phones alone this increased in the next year by a huge 2 million ending up with 16 million people with I phones that means that over a quarter of the population with I phones an extra 2 million from the year previously. And from 2009 to 2012 a huge difference of 6 million I phones were sold in those years.2009 I phone 3 2010 I phone 4 2011 I phone 4s 2009: 14 million iPhones, 4 million iPads, 9 million iPods 2010: 16 million iPhones, 7 million iPads, 19 million iPods 2011: 19 million iPhones, 5 million iPads, 9 million iPods 2012: 20 million iPhones, 9 million iPads, 7 million iPods The graph here shows 2012 iPhone 5 that the majority of both male and females, males have a higher percentage with 57 % to 43% of buying an iPhone in the years 2011 to 1012.the graph shows that more men buy I phones rather than women
  7. 7. THE DEATH OF STEVE JOBSThe death of Steve jobs had changes the world and changed Apple forever the owner of apple Steve jobs not only was he the chair holder of Apple but the co founder of it as well, even though it was sad that Steve jobs died it left a huge impact on the others for example who will be the chair holder and the co owner of the biggest successful technology organization around the world He died of respiratory arrest related to his metastatic tumor on October 5, 2011.
  8. 8. STEVE JOBS INVENTIONSSteve jobs was responsible for the releases of the ipad 1, 2, and of course he latest apple before the death of him was the latest ipad 3.he was also responsible for the releases of the I phone 1, 2, 3, 4, 4s, and of course the latest iPhone the iPhone 5.the IPhone 4 was the most best selling IPhone out of the 6 apple IPhones. I pod are also stave released all of the IPods 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th and 2012 releases ofIpad 5 th generation. the IPhone MacBook air 2
  9. 9. BIBLIOGRAPHYI pad 3 www .google t his is t he link htt p://www .goo =ipad&num=10& hl=en&saf e=active &tb o=d&b iw=1600&b ih=1019&t bm =isch&tbnid=qM6hjhMNp de-mM:&imgrefurl=http :/ NE W IMac this is the link http ://www.ap m/uk/imac / Nokia lumia 960 this is the link Steve Jobs holding iPhone 4
  10. 10. BIBLIOGRAPHYI pad 3 www .google t his is t he link htt p://www .goo =ipad&num=10& hl=en&saf e=active &tb o=d&b iw=1600&b ih=1019&t bm =isch&tbnid=qM6hjhMNp de-mM:&imgrefurl=http :/ NE W IMac this is the link http ://www.ap m/uk/imac / Nokia lumia 960 this is the link Steve Jobs holding iPhone 4