The triad & your substance abuse program


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The triad & your substance abuse program

  1. 1. The Triad & Your Substance Abuse ProgramJanuary 7, 2013| Last Updated on Friday, 17 May, 2013 14:35The Triad represents the three main areas of life. The three points are: Spirituality, Focus and Belief,and Physiology. Controlling your Triad is one of the keys to maintaining sobriety and leading a healthylife. Keeping it under control is more difficult than it sounds, however. Many of us lose control of itwithout even realizing. An example from my own life is when I am driving and the person in front ofme is on the phone or not paying attention. This makes me lose control of my focus and belief andtakes me away from my spirituality.“Here at Lifescape Solutions, we teach people many things, one of the main ones however,is the Triad.”I try very hard to not let it bother me, but sometimes I just can’t help it. When I react, I am giving intomy feelings and letting them and the other person control my Triad. Does my anger affect that personin any tangible way? No, unless I run them off the road in which case it does in a very real way. I yelland scream and curse the other person, but it doesn’t affect them at all.SpiritualityMany of us lose touch with the Spirituality side of our Triad during our addiction. We focusexclusively on our substance of choice and lose our family and our faith. After all, if there is a god,how could he let me live this way? We ask ourselves that question in our addiction over and over. Westop working on the spiritual side of ourselves and lose touch with our family and friends. We takeadvantage of them and steal from them. When getting clean, we regret our actions and have troubleimagining a higher power that can forgive our actions and that makes getting our spirituality back a realchallenge. Often we need help in order to achieve balance in this area. It can come from music,meditation, being outside, going to the beach, or any number of things. Sometimes we need someoutside help because of the things we did or things that were done to us in our addiction. Abuse,deaths, thefts, situations we got ourselves in or put others in, all of these can create trauma in us. Thesetraumas strengthen our negative beliefs about ourselves and others and can make keeping your triad inorder nigh impossible.Focus and BeliefFocus and Belief refers to our goals and what we believe our purpose to be.This refers to our beliefs about ourselves, our world, and the people around us. In active addiction welose track of what our dreams were and who we are. We become the embodiment of greed, nothing isever enough. We are always left wanting more and we will do anything to get it. When we get sober,we sometimes remember the things we did and these memories can cause us to live in regret and selfpity. We need to get our focus back and put it on doing something constructive. We need to begintaking steps to put our lives back together, rather than wallowing in the mess we’ve made of things.It can be all too easy to slip into self pity and stay there, which will eventually lead back to gettinghigh. We get high because we feel bad, then we feel bad about getting high, so we get high not to feelbad. It feeds into itself and only ends with death. We need to arrest the cycle and what is taught here at
  2. 2. Lifescapes is a good way to begin. They teach you all the skills you need and coach you throughmaking those tough life changing decisions.They support you and are always willing to help. They know what it’s like and have been there. Andthey know how to get out of it, that’s the key. If you’re willing to get the help and listen to what theyteach, and actually put it into action, then you will succeed here with them. You have to be willing toget the help (Spirituality), listen to what they teach (Focus/Belief), and put it into action (Physiology).They teach you to use your triad by having you use your triad.