Rod stewart says steroids shrunk his “manhood”


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Rod stewart says steroids shrunk his “manhood”

  1. 1. Rod Stewart Says Steroids Shrunk His“Manhood”May 16, 2013| Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 May, 2013 13:51Rock Legend Suffers From Long Term Addiction ConsequencesThis 68 year old rock legend told news sources that his long-term steroid use has caused his, well –manhood to have shrunken over time!“I let myself down on tours in the late 80s when I was addicted to steroids. In those days wedidn’t have in-ear monitors and the band kept getting louder and drunker, and I keptblowing my voice out,”~Stewart told news sources“The steroids will take down the swelling in any membrane — including your k–b– — and it’s whatyou do when you’re in a bit of a pinch and need to do a show and you can’t sing,” the 68-year-oldrocker told Mojo magazine, using a British euphemism for his microphone and amps.Up until a few years ago, Rod even says he has had little to no consequences of addiction. He says thatsteroids even helped his vocal cords during long concert tours throughout the world.“One night, on stage in Sheffield, I thought I was in the kitchen with my mum because the steroids hadeaten a hole in my stomach,” he told Mojo. “I was bleeding internally and hallucinating. What theaudience must have thought?”Rod Stewart TodayRod is now leading a much healthier life, and although he says he has toned it down admits that he“still uses it once a year, if I’m really struggling.” He is married to Penny Lancaster (a model) and hasEIGHT children that span ages from 2-50, all from various different wives and ex-girlfriends.“It gets you through the show,” he told the magazine.In recovery, it is important that we abstain from all mind and mood altering chemicals – includingsteroids.Steroids can not only shrink your genitals, but cause major long term side effects including hair loss,damage to the endocrine system, and other damage to your bodies internal organs.If you or someone you love is struggling from addiction, contact Lifescape Solutions today.