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Record amounts of students abusing adhd drugs


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Record amounts of students abusing adhd drugs

  1. 1. Record Amounts of Students Abusing ADHDDrugsWritten by Antonino BolognaMay 30, 2013| Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 June, 2013 09:48According to HealthDaily news, one in ten teens admit to abusing a prescription “study drug” in orderto get high. Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin have mood altering properties and have been proven not tohelp kids study. The drugs are commonly taken in order to feel good, rather than to improve learning.Most parents think that prescription study drugs should be kept in a secure place such as a nurse’soffice, but in many schools this is not the case, allowing students to share their drugs and leaving themwith more potential for abuse. Many parents are privy to the abusive potential that ADHD drugs have,but they are often unaware that their kids are taking the drugs, none the less abusing them. Many kidscan get a prescription without needing their parents with them, and the ones who cannot obtain aprescription can easily get the drugs from one of the many peers at school who are prescribed ADHDmedication.ADHD drugs are highly addictive and particularly dangerous when given without a prescription.People who take Adderall need to have their heart monitored every so often to make sure there are noirregularities and without a prescription there is no way to tell whether or not the drug is negativelyaffecting your body. The potential for heart irregularities while taking Adderall is very high, as well asthe potential to develop a serious drug habit. Other side effects from taking ADHD drugs includepsychosis, anxiety, stress, abnormal breathing and overdose. Over the past five years, it’s been proventhat ADHD drugs aren’t effective when it comes to helping people study more or get better grades. Thatbeing said, it’s difficult to rationalize why doctors are still prescribing these drugs.There are a number of schools across the country that are working to reduce the amount of ADHD drugabuse that goes on in their institutions. They are doing so through education programs that help raiseawareness about the dangers of addiction and withdrawal when it comes to taking study drugs. Whetheror not these programs will be effective has yet to be seen. As far as parents go, it’s important that theytake a proactive role in the lives of their children so that they know whether or not they need to seekhelp for their child if they are indeed addicted to prescription drugs. ADHD drugs have a very highpotential for abuse and can cause serious withdrawal issues especially if the affected teen doesn’t havea prescription and stops taking the pills abruptly. If you or someone you know is abusing ADHD drugs,contact us today to explore our substance abuse treatment programs and help get your life back ontrack.