Rapper “gunplay” opens up about his obsession with cocaine


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Rapper “gunplay” opens up about his obsession with cocaine

  1. 1. Rapper “Gunplay” Opens Up About hisObsession with CocaineWritten by Antonino BolognaJune 10, 2013| Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 June, 2013 16:09Rapper Richard Morales Jr., better known as “Gunplay” recently opened up about his addiction tococaine, among other drugs, and how it became important to him to leave drugs as a part of his past.Morales admitted to using cocaine for nearly 12 years and has said that at a certain point in his life itbecame imperative that the rapper stop using substances because he was sick and tired of being sickand tired. Morales states “I was on the beach, I was goin’ hard and I took my last blast (of cocaine) andsaid man, I’m really tired of my nose hurtin’ tired of lookin all drawed up”. That’s when he decided toquit “cold turkey” as he has said to have done with cigarettes and with marijuana. Morales was signedto Maybach Music Group and his debut album is expected to be released this year.Unlike Morales, not everyone can leave their addictions behind them without the help of experiencedprofessionals and a strong support system. Many times, people who use drugs and/or alcohol want tostop but it takes more than just the simple will and/or desire to want to quit. That being said, a lot ofpeople struggle with asking for help, even when they know that they no longer want to use. These arethe toughest cases, because a lot of people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol don’t want help anddon’t see that they have a problem to begin with. When someone actually has the desire to quit, andcan’t, it can be a heartbreaking situation. If you know someone who is addicted to drugs and/or alcoholand who wants to get help, it’s important that they have a strong, encouraging support system. Having agroup of people to encourage and support someone when they decide to seek treatment for drug and/oralcohol abuse can be the decided factor as to whether or not they succeed in recovery.Many people who struggle with addiction don’t go to treatment and leave “cured”. Relapse is a majorpart of recovery and it’s a rarity for someone like Morales to have the ability to put down the drugwithout needing a support system or any sort of medical drug treatment. It’s important that in recovery,addicted individuals attend meetings or find a spiritual group that they can lean on in times of needrather than turning to a drink or a drug to try and solve their problems. Addiction is also somethingthat’s chemically wired into your brain in a way that leaves the affected individual with very littlechoice when it comes to certain decision making processes. Understanding how to overcome thisaffliction is something that is taught in a substance abuse treatment program and therefore helps peoplegreatly when they attempt to re-acclimate to the world around them without the use of substances.