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Overcoming co dependency in a substance abuse treatment program


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Overcoming co dependency in a substance abuse treatment program

  1. 1. Overcoming Co-Dependency in a SubstanceAbuse Treatment ProgramMay 6, 2013| Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 May, 2013 13:04Being a codependent, your whole life is affected by the moods, feelings and opinions of others. Theconstant need for approval and validation takes its toll on your life; emotionally and physically.Codependency is one of the most destructive of human behaviors and affects ninety-eight percent of thepopulation.Codependency is believed to be caused by dysfunctional family lives. Parents in these situations areunable to meet their child’s needs. This leaves the child with a sense of emptiness which no one seemsto be able to fill. The resulting low self-esteem causes the child to grow up with a constant need toplease, putting their own needs behind the needs of others. This cycle affects every aspect of life, andcan even impact a person’s professional life. Codependency may also lead to other forms of addiction;this is why it is so destructive.Since everyone is different, an individualized treatment plan is crucial for success. As a recoveringcodependent myself, I’ve found that the most effective method of treatment for me has been behavioraltherapy. Changing my own maladaptive thoughts to more realistic ways of thinking has boosted myown self-esteem and showed me how severely flawed my own thoughts were.The Key to RecoveryRecovering from codependency meant that I had to accept the fact that I had control over very little-and that I was not responsible for those things.Overcoming codependency is not an easy feat; but with treatment and support, it is possibleto manage the maladaptive feelings that contribute to your condition.The key to overcoming this ailment is repairing your damaged sense of self. Repairing years ofemotional damage doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to heal and in most cases, the healingprocess is a solitary journey. This means you’ll want to cut ties from toxic, enmeshed relationships. Youmay decide to abstain from relationships entirely while you heal.Secondly, you’ll want to become more aware of yourself and your patterns. Recognizing that you havebeen pushing your own feelings aside in favor of gaining the acceptance of others is a key step in yourrecovery.Know Your LimitsDuring your recovery process, it is important to accept yourself and your limitations. Oftentimescodependents strive for perfection so they can please everyone. You need to accept that youcan’t please everyone and be happy with what you can do. It is also important when you start to feelsad or lonely, that instead of pushing those feelings aside, you do what you can to soothe yourself,instead of being critical about your feelings.Along with these new insights must come a course of action. Your behaviors need to reflect these new
  2. 2. attitudes. Setting boundaries is a big step that people often overlook. It’s important to set boundaries soyou don’t risk losing your sense of self again. Boundaries are a good way to remind yourself that youcome first.