Overcoming addiction challenges in recovery


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Overcoming addiction challenges in recovery

  1. 1. Overcoming Addiction Challenges in RecoveryApril 9, 2013| Last Updated on Thursday, 02 May, 2013 15:55Addiction is one of the hardest things to overcome as a young adult and it is important that if you areinvested in changing your life that you understand the challenges that you will be faced with in thefuture. Understanding challenges when it comes to overcoming your addiction will help you stand abetter chance at battling your disease.To find yourself faced with the realization that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs ishard enough in the first place. Battling your addiction doesn’t have to be a huge weight onyour shoulders.Take time to educate yourself in order to make the necessary changes required to start living a healthierand happier life.People, Places and ThingsIn order to turn your life around it’s almost always necessary to avoid the people, places and things thatare associated with your drug or alcohol use. In order to ensure that you have the best possible chanceat recovery, it’s important to realize that you can no longer surround yourself with negative influences.It’s important to examine the lifestyle choices made by you old friends in order to clearly see the errorin their ways.Instead of going to old hangouts, and acting the way that you used to act, you might need to switchlocations or even move out of the state. “Starting over” in a new place is the best way to ensure thatyou won’t fall back into bad patterns and behaviors. This can be a challenge because when people arenew in recovery they tend to feel lonely and isolated, which makes it difficult to resist calling oldfriends. This is why it’s important to develop a network of sober supports in order to ensure that youhave a solid foundation of people who care about your well-being.Feeling Overly ConfidentCompared to how a person might have felt while they were using drugs and alcohol, their physical andmental state could start to improve drastically and quickly without the use of drugs and alcohol. It’simportant that no matter what, a person keeps the memory of their life when they were using fresh intheir minds so that they don’t feel like they can go out and use again without experiencing the samenegative consequences.Once an individual starts to feel a little better it’s very possible that they can feel urges again and notunderstand or even recall the consequences of their prior drug use. For this reason it’s important forpeople to attend meetings, surround themselves with sober supports and do everything that they can inorder to remember how bad things got before they decided to turn their lives around for the better.