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Number of children poisoned by prescription drugs rises by one third


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Number of children poisoned by prescription drugs rises by one third

  1. 1. Number of Children Poisoned by PrescriptionDrugs Rises by One ThirdWritten by Antonino BolognaJune 4, 2013| Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 June, 2013 09:42The number of children ages 5 and younger that are being poisoned by their parents’ prescription drugshas risen by a third over the past decade. The most severe cases are those of children who have takentheir parents opiates, as these drugs usually result in fatalities. On the other hand, a large number ofchildren have been poisoned from taking high blood pressure and diabetes pills as well. The fact of thematter is that for children who are under the age of five, the amount of chemical in any type ofprescription drug that is meant for adults can be lethal to their tiny digestive systems.The fact that children are able to access the prescription medication of their parents is a sign that allmedication needs to be kept in a safe place that is unreachable to anyone besides the person taking themedication and/or other responsible adults. Children should have no access whatsoever to any type ofprescription medication. Opiate dependence can start at any age, and if a child is lucky enough tosurvive ingesting an opiate drug, the chances that they will become addicted later on in life becomeeven higher. Either way, it’s imperative that stricter measures be taken to ensure that children cannotaccess adult medication.A two year old who accidentally ingests mom’s opiate prescription needs to have much differentprecautions than the 14 year old who intentionally steals the drug. In Florida and other states, they aremaking it nearly impossible to obtain a prescription for opiate medication unless you are literally dyingof cancer. While this may be one form of a solution, the majority of the country still writes out deadlyprescriptions readily. In order to safeguard children, there has to be stricter criminal charges for theparents of children who somehow get into their stashes. It’s not enough to say that accidents happen.There is a level of social responsibility that comes with having a prescription to a lethal drug, especiallyopiates. Prescription drug abuse in the United States is at an all-time high and it isn’t a newphenomenon that now the children of addicts are being affected. Opiate addiction is a major problem inthe U.S and abroad and if you or someone you know if suffering from the disease of addiction there aresolutions. Depending on the progression of the disease, the addicted individual may need detox or longterm treatment. In order to determine what type of care is needed, it’s important that you call aprofessional at a substance abuse treatment program who can assess the situation and make the bestjudgment calls based on the information provided as well as the mental state that the person is in. Nomatter what type of addiction you are suffering from, there are a number of different solutions that canput on the road to recovery in order to live a better life.