Millionaire Master Plan - Sample Spectrum Report


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This is a sample Part 1 Report from the Millionaire Master Plan. When you buy the book, you take a test to discover your natural genius and your wealth level. This then gives you access to GeniusU, with learning missions to use your genius to follow your natural path to move up your level.

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Millionaire Master Plan - Sample Spectrum Report

  1. 1. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You are at Orange Level ! This is your Spectrum Report ! The Millionaire Master Plan Test ~ Part 2 Your Wealth Level
  2. 2. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The air is much clearer up here: you can see there is more than just “getting by” at Red Level. You are in positive cash flow. You feel some sense of direction. You have a deeper sense of self-worth, especially as others often acknowledge the good work you do. But you are still dependent on those “others” to get by. Maybe you have a job and haven’t yet found your own identity in the market. Perhaps you have a business, but you haven’t been able to create an identity that attracts others, so you still need to chase the money. The good news is there are simple steps to move up to independence. The Nine Wealth Levels Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Orange is the third level of nine levels in the Wealth Spectrum. Orange is someone who works for a living. Whether you are in a job or self-employed, when you are Orange you have to work hard to earn a living, and you don’t know how to multiply your income. An Orange world is about action, not attraction. Orange Level Congratulations, you are at
  3. 3. ! ! ! ! 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Orange Level “I work hard to earn a living.” Measure Positive personal cash flow controlled by others Emotions Dependence; resignation Benefit of staying here Self worth; Direction; Acknowledgement Cost of staying here Anonymity; fear; frustration Focus needed Identity and independence How did I get here? Education; mind-set; conditioning How do I stay here? Pinpoint Your Passion; Set Your Standards; Follow the Flow How do I move up? Identify Your Identity; Master Your Market; Monetize Your Moment Measure Positive personal cash flow controlled by others ! The good news is you are at the top of the Foundation Prism, where you have your personal flow in positive monthly cash flow. But your cash flow is still being controlled by others. Whether it is your company paying you a salary or your clients paying you for your services, you do not have the ability to easily increase the amount coming your way. It’s a little like the difference of a pedal bike and a motor bike. At Orange level you need to put in more effort for more reward. In the Enterprise Prism, power does not come from more effort, but by having built an engine and knowing what levers to pull. Emotions Dependence; resignation ! Our modern economy is built on a labour force of workers. Today, this is being replaced by robots and computers which means job security at Orange level isn’t what it used to be. A labour mindset we learn at school sees hard work as the key to success. The problem with this mindset is, to be more successful would mean working harder, and many of us are already working as hard as we can… The Worker
  4. 4. ! ! 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Emotions (Continued) Dependence; resignation ! This dependence on others also stops us from seeing how things work. It is like the driver in the car who is so busy driving, they never have the time to stop the car, look under the bonnet and understand how the car is put together. Many Workers at Orange level spend their entire lives in a job without any understanding of how to put a business together. ! When we have a car that doesn’t work, or that uses more fuel than we have, this leads to a feeling of resignation. The solution isn’t to just resign from your job and start a business, as you will resign from that as well. Orange workers who start their own business simply create a job for themselves where from day one they are hard at work just like they were when working for others. When it doesn’t work out, they become resigned and then give up. ! As we will see, the solution is not to create a system that still makes you resigned and dependent, but to create a life and business which is designed for you to be independent - where you can redesign the car the take you where you want to go. Benefit of staying here Self worth; Direction; Acknowledgement ! There are many people at Orange Level who want nothing more than to move out of being dependent on their job to earn a living. Few would think there is a benefit to staying here. But every level of the Wealth Spectrum has benefits. The benefits of a level are often invisible, but they are what draw us unconsciously to remain at that level – even when we consciously want to move out of the level. ! Orange level allows us to be acknowledged for our efforts. Will we be noticed and rewarded in the same way when we venture out on our own? Isn’t entrepreneurship a lonely business? There is a level of comfort we receive by being given direction and acknowledgement – it means we can’t go too far wrong. ! At this level we also get clear direction (something that we do not get as we move to the next level). At Orange level we know what we’re meant to do and the next step we’re meant to take. There’s a direct link between working hard, getting acknowledged and feeling self worth. Ironically, the constant connection to our self worth that we benefit from at Orange level boxes our worth in from ever growing to its full potential. Like a pot plant, the safety of the pot limits the size of the plant. Moving to Yellow is about trading in the pot for the garden.
  5. 5. ! ! ! ! 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Cost of staying here Anonymity; fear; frustration ! Orange level is a state of dependence that means that you are constantly in fear. If the economy or market changes or the conditions of your company change you have little control on the change. Like a spectator at a football game, Orange level Workers are a spectator of their own wealth, with little control of the outcome. ! Also, like a spectator, you are largely anonymous with little power to make a difference to yourself or others. When a player is in need on the pitch, the whole game will stop for them and they will get the attention they need. Spectators don’t get that same level of support. ! The asset you have the least control over is your time. The time you have to build your wealth is limited, as your time is spent working hard. This dependence leads to emotional costs – the biggest ones being fear and frustration. There is fear of the unknown, and the threat of dangers, surprises and challenges you are not equipped to handle. There is the envy of those who have somehow broken free of the chains and have a lifestyle or wealth that appears out of your reach. ! Another way that envy expresses itself is in judgement. If you find yourself criticising others or regarding their situation with suspicion, or find your reaction to things beyond your comprehension is to be dismissive rather than curious, these are the costs of fear and frustration that keep you from getting the understanding you need to do things differently and move up into the Enterprise Prism. Focus Needed Identity and independence ! Identity is the first step to move from action to attraction. At Orange level you are constantly chasing the ball. At Yellow level, you learn the positions in the game, choose one, and create the opening for the ball to be passed to you. Orange level workers are rarely invited to play because they are so busy chasing flow. Yellow level players invest the time to know the game and the players, and are soon selected as a valuable addition to the game. ! Mastery is the process of understanding the rules of the game and the way to play. It’s the same mastery that makes a musician master their instrument. How does value flow through your market? What products, positioning and price points work and why? Stepping out of Orange level to the Enterprise level is about stepping over the line from the spectator seats and out onto the pitch.
  6. 6. ! 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network How did I get here? ! Education: Our current education system is entirely focused on moving us from Survivor to Worker. That means knowing how to get a job and move up the career ladder. We are not taught at school how to market ourselves, read a balance sheet, start a business, set up a portfolio and invest in property. These are all essential skills for wealth creation, so there is little surprise if you are still at this level. ! Fear of the Unknown: We are so familiar with the idea of having a job and only doing what needs to be done, moving into the enterprise prism can feel risky. As the world continues to accelerate, the opposite is true. Risk does not come from what you do, but from your curiousity and resourcefulness. At Orange level, curiosity and resourcefulness is low. Like the danger of having a car that breaks down, the risk is not in where you are driving, but on whether you know how to fix it. ! The company you keep: It is not a coincidence that those at the Enterprise level spend time with others at the Enterprise level. The same is true at teh Foundation level. From the media we read and watch, to the morning commute, to the people we see at work or on their lunch breaks, it seems like everyone is a worker. ! The same is true when you move to the Enterprise Prism. You start spending time with people living their passion and running their own businesses. To a Worker, it looks like everyone is working. To a Player, it looks like everything is a game. Keep the same company to stay at the same level, or change company and see how fast you move. How do I stay here? ! Pinpoint your passion: You may choose to stay at this level, working for others - which is absolutely fine as long as you’re doing something you truly love. You are likely to have passions in life worth fighting for, which is why you ensure you keep in positive cash flow and are investing for the future. ! This focus got you here, but will also keep you here. Staying on the bike, pedalling away, means you don’t have time to build an engine and stop pedalling. Moving to Yellow level occurs when you put the attachment to your own passions aside and become a student to the passions of others – your market, your partners and your team. Don’t lose sight of your own attachments though or you will lose your way and easily fall into Red or Infrared (as many who begin their own ventures outside of a steady job often do).
  7. 7. ! ! ! ! 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network How do I stay here? (Continued) ! Set your standards: To minimise uncertainty in uncertain times, you have set certain standards to safeguard your future. From how hard you work, to how you manage your cash flow, to how you take on certain responsibilities for yourself and others, these are the standards that are keeping the cash flowing. To move up the spectrum, you need to see your standards in a new light. In the Foundation prism, your standards are like knowing how to swim – and that’s what stops you from drowning. In the Enterprise prism, you are now part of the crew on a ship. To be in the crew, you need to know how to swim so you are not a liability to the rest of the crew, but swimming will not be the way you get to your destination. ! Follow the flow: Whether you are in a job or running a business, at Orange level you have stepped into flow by following the money. Keep watching where flow goes, and you can stay at Orange. The problem is, this won’t give you the Yellow level skills to attract and redirect flow. How do you package, price and promote a product? How do you attract the investment of others? Following the flow won’t make you master flow any more than following the leader will make you the leader. ! Each of these three steps are what got you into Orange level instead of being in Red or Infrared level. These same strategies are what will keep you at Orange. They are based on running hard to earn a living. They are action strategies instead of attraction strategies, which is the paradigm shift that makes up the three steps up Yellow. How do I move up? ! Moving to Yellow is to move from Worker to Player. Like a player of a musical instrument or a player on a football field, it is about getting into the zone with harmony and rhythm every day – where you attract the right team to play with and the right audience who appreciate your performance. Here are the three steps to yellow: ! Identify your identity: Think of a station on a train network. Each is a destination worth visiting. Each is unique. To own your place within the global money plumbing system you first must define what you will be Number One in: Why others will see value in you personally now and in the future. This will define the opportunities and resources that come your way, whether you are in a job or in your own business.
  8. 8. 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network How do I move up? (Continued) ! Master your market: Defining your identity defines your market position, which means you have committed to a market that you must now master. As a leading player in your market, you will need to know the market size, the major players and the latest developments in that market. In today’s fast moving economies, this mastery is paramount in being a Player. ! Without mastery of your market, you will constantly be on the outside of the flow of opportunities. Your market is your playground, and knowing all the games to play ensures you’re always playing the one best suited to you – and with the Players that play best with you. It also ensures you’re not going through life making mistakes that others have already made. You learn from others, follow the models that are working and enhance the ones that work best for you. ! Monetize your moment: At Orange Level, you can leave the understanding of how value is leveraged to create cash flow to your boss (or your customers). You are simply a link in the value chain. At Yellow Level you need to understand the chain and know not just what part you play in that chain, but how you assemble the other parts to ensure you are creating sustainable cash flow. ! When you know how to package, price, promote and present value, you give yourself the power to turn on your own money taps. This is the first step in mastering flow – knowing how to redirect it by packaging value and exchanging it for your own new streams of income. This can be your own products or services, or a property deal or trade. It doesn’t take money to make this happen. It takes connection to existing streams of knowledge, opportunity and flow, and your own commitment to being curious and resourceful while adding value through your own unique identity. The payoff in the Enterprise Prism is that you stop working for money, and money starts working for you. Read your Chapter ! Read your Chapter within the Millionaire Master Plan to see how each Genius naturally moves through these three steps. You will also see exactly what not do to as well as what to do. ! Then, follow the Mission on GeniusU to move from this level to the next. You will find videos as well as assessments and Playbooks for each of these three steps. Focus on these steps and track your progress to achieve measurable, tangible change.
  9. 9. 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network We are all in the Spectrum. ALL economic conditions – from being in debt to being a millionaire to controlling a country’s taxes to being a global philanthropist – exist in the 9 levels of the Spectrum. A wealth gap makes us powerless. A wealth ladder allows us to start climbing. Before we go into the details of what your results mean, here are the five Spectrum Principles to keep in mind: The Spectrum is always here. Every level of the spectrum plays an economic role which keeps money flowing, so all nine levels exist. Complaining about your (or any other) level won’t make it disappear - or improve your own situation. The Spectrum is the map to your wealth. We change levels through our life. Understanding the nine levels and where you are empowers you to ensure your path to your success is deliberate and not accidental. Your level determines your reality. Every level has a level of flow and a level of consciousness. When we move levels, our flow changes and so does our awareness. The problems and opportunities you see in life will depend on the level you are at. When you change level, what appeared to be big issues often simply disappear. Your wealth is your choice. When you know your level, you can choose to stay at that level, move down or up. Each has costs and benefits. Knowing your level gives you the power to direct your focus on the next steps to take. Your wealth is your choice. When you understand the nine levels, and why we get stuck at each level, you can use your Genius to follow your natural path from one level to the next. The Five Spectrum Principles !
  10. 10. 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network The Three Wealth Prisms ! Your level is one of nine, divided into the 3 Wealth Prisms. These link all wealth flow from personal to commercial to universal – This covers the entire world of wealth we live in. Each Prism includes three levels, which together make up the nine levels of the Wealth Lighthouse. You are always only at one level at any one time, and seeing all levels will give you a full picture of where you want to – and don’t want to – be playing. The Foundation Prism ! This is mastery of the wealth flowing through our life: Our ability to create an abundant flow of value and money through our life regardless of market conditions. The Enterprise Prism ! This is mastery of the wealth flowing through our markets: Our ability to manage investments and enterprises effectively to flow value and money through our teams and markets. The Alchemy Prism ! This is mastery of the wealth flowing through our societies: This is the prism in which money itself is made and the rules of our markets are created. Why is it so important to move through these three prisms in this order? Many of us have a desire to have an impact in the world, but the only way to have that impact is to master flow at a community level. We can do that after mastering market flow, and that requires first mastering our own personal flow. Like a captain who wants to set sail to distant shores, the journey begins with being on the crew of oher ships - and the only way to get on a crew is first learning how to swim. ! That’s the distinction between the three prisms - From mastering your personal flow, to mastering market flow, to mastering global flow. At every step, you are ‘earning the right’ to move to the next level. Like gears in a car, once you understand each level you can move smoothly from one to the next, and change pace with the seasons - in your team, your company and your industry.
  11. 11. ! Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network The Nine Wealth Levels The nine wealth levels measure your level of mastery in creating value and leveraging it profitably. Here is an overview of the nine levels. Read them in context of where you currently are, and where you plan to be: The Foundation Prism Infrared Level: Victim ! Infrared falls deeper in debt month after month. Infrared comes from separation, and the steps out come from discipline and duty. You need to fix the plumbing before filling the pipe, and setting up the habit of paying yourself first. Red Level: Survivor ! Red makes just enough money to have nothing. You may even have a successful business, but if you are just surviving personally, every business problem becomes a personal problem, which means you are your business’ greatest liability. Orange Level: Worker ! Orange is someone who works for a living. Whether you are in a job or self-employed, when you are Orange you have to work hard to earn a living, and you don’t know how to multiply your income. An Orange world is about action, not attraction. The Enterprise Prism Yellow Level: Player ! Yellow is empowered to forge your own journey. You know how to create value, leverage it and make money in your niche. You have created a level of freedom, but your earnings are limited as you and your enterprises still rely on you more than others to keep things flowing.
  12. 12. ! ! Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Green Level: Performer ! Green enables enterprises: Leading a team profitably is entirely different from self-employment, but the rewards are exponential. While Yellow works from outside in, Green works from inside out, leading to high performance teams and enterprises. The Alchemy Prism Blue Level: Conductor ! Blue frees you entirely from having your hands full. Blue level has multiple investments and has mastered both cash and capital. Blue speaks an entirely different language, focus and set of measures, with multiple teams of income. Indigo Level: Trustee ! Indigo is the playground of the billionaire. When you have mastered the enterprise prism, trust becomes your greatest asset and one that you can monetize in magical ways. Understand this level, and you will see the world’s wealthy through a new lens. Violet Level: Composer ! Violet prints our currencies, sets our taxes and scripts the tunes we dance to. Until recently the domain of nations, more entrepreneurs, leaders and communities are now stepping into the role of composer and rewriting the rules by which the rest of us play. Ultra-violet Level: Legend ! Those at ultraviolet are the symbols to live by, like legends on a map. Their names become synonymous with their composition, and are left as a legacy. This level has a frequency that lasts over generations, and the rise and fall of nations.
  13. 13. ! ! Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network The 9 Levels! ! The following is an extract from the Millionaire Master Plan, giving you more details on how the nine Wealth levels connect with each other and to your flow: Why we get stuck at each level! Have you ever met someone stuck in a job, dreaming of being their own boss but never making the move? Or have you met someone who made the move only to find the formula that made them a great employee is now making them a terrible entrepreneur? Have you ever met someone who grew a small business to earn their freedom only to find they can’t even afford to take a holiday? ! Do you have friends who have been in these situations, but later had a breakthrough and found that the invisible ceiling they were bumping against year after year magically disappeared? They can always pinpoint afterward the shift in mind-set and actions they went through. They will always tell you they needed to let go of something and adopt a whole new set of rules, which led to a whole new set of actions. ! As we progress along our entrepreneurial and business paths, every one of us reaches a moment when, no matter how hard we try, we cannot move ahead with the same strategy that got us there. Think of the gears in a car: Putting our foot on the accelerator while still in a lower level is no longer the answer to moving faster into the next level. Shifting from one level to the next means letting go of our winning formula and learning an entirely new one. In other words, going faster in this “car” means taking your foot off the accelerator in order to change gears. You need to disengage the clutch, let the car freewheel (even if only for a few seconds), and reengage with an entirely new gear—a gear that until that point was not even being used. ! There is a good chance that as you look at the people around you who are at different levels than you, and you read even these short descriptions of the levels and how we get stuck, you will nod knowingly and say, “I’ve been trying to tell them that for so long, but they just won’t listen.” Why is it that it can seem so obvious to us what others could do to move out of their level, but it still feels so difficult for us to move ourselves? ! The reason is, we enjoy a freedom at our current level that unconsciously we do not want to let go of.
  14. 14. ! ! Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Freedom of Choice vs Movement! ! In the Foundation Prism, as an Infrared Victim I could see that (in theory) with more discipline and application I could move to Red Level. But I didn’t want to give up my freedom of choice to spend my time and money the way I wanted to. ! When I got to Red Survivor by giving up my freedom of choice with a more disciplined routine that made me the money I needed to survive, I gained freedom of movement. I was less stressed and more able to make use of my Dynamo Genius. But to move to Orange Worker meant being even more accountable to serving others and fitting in to their schedule. That meant losing the one thing I had fought for at Red Level: my freedom of movement. ! When I got to Orange Worker, what I gained was a new level of freedom of choice. Many opportunities came my way that weren’t there before. But then to move up to Yellow Level meant focusing on a niche, which meant giving up this freedom of choice I had just fought for! I would need to say no to many of the opportunities coming my way. ! It gets even harder when we move into the Enterprise Prism. As a Yellow Player I gained a freedom of movement to do what I wanted and go where I wanted—the kind of freedom that Tim Ferriss talks about in The 4-Hour Workweek. To move to Green Level meant building a team, a schedule, and accountability. I would need to give up the freedom of movement I was enjoying. ! When I committed to creating the rhythm and model necessary to attract a team, as a Green Performer I gained a new freedom of choice that comes from a sustainable businesses that does not depend on any one person—the kind of choice that Jim Collins talks about in From Good to Great. ! Higher-level opportunities came our way. But to move to Blue Level meant giving up that freedom of choice to select my team and decide how the business would work. I would need to leave that to others who would run my businesses for me. ! In becoming a Blue Conductor and having others lead my businesses for me, I could no longer choose what I could change in my businesses; instead I empowered others to make those decisions for me. But with multiple streams of income, I gained an even higher level of freedom of movement. ! At this level, the higher calling to be an Indigo Trustee for your industry or cause inevitably arrives. At this point, you need to ask if you are willing to give up that freedom of movement you have earned to live up to the higher public expectations of being a role model for or leader of your industry or cause. ! Notice a pattern? In the nine steps up the Wealth Lighthouse, we move in a zigzag from freedom of choice to freedom of movement. !
  15. 15. 
 Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Driver vs Designer ! WEALTH = VALUE x LEVERAGE We progress through personal value and personal leverage to social value and social leverage. At each step we move from the driver (who knows how to drive the vehicle but not how to build it) to the designer (who knows how to design the vehicle). ! The driver has freedom of choice - but needs to show up to the timetable of others, and so loses freedom of movement. The designer has freedom of movement - but is no longer automatically connected to an intersection of opportunities, so loses freedom of choice. ! In giving up freedom of movement or freedom of choice, we are sacrificing the reason we fought so hard to get to that level. But we need to let go to move up - sacrifice is key. ! But remember this: At every level, we may have to give up on choice or movement, but we never give up freedom itself—the freedom we have earned in order to earn the right to move to the next level and how great it feels to do it in our natural genius state. It feels, well, freeing!
  16. 16. Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network The Power of Zero ! Think about what feels like a lot to you now. When I was twenty-two and my mentor challenged me to make an extra $100 each month, I thought that was easy. When he said I could make an extra $100,000 each month, I thought he was crazy. So what feels like a lot of money to you in terms of those zeroes? Is it $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000, or more? ! What is the amount of money you would really notice if it disappeared from your bank account tomorrow? ! When I was seven, I received pocket money of 50 cents each week. I thought, If I save up my pocket money, I can buy a bicycle like my friend Paul got for his birthday. I didn’t take the time to work out how many months or years I would need to save. I just remember saving, and after one month I had two dollars. Five months later, I had ten dollars. ! Then we moved to a new house and in the move I lost my piggy bank. I literally lost all the money in my piggy bank! It was heartbreaking. Ten dollars was like a million dollars to me then. More than a decade later, when I was in Cambridge and ran my first little business as a student, I was at Red Level; $10 was no longer a lot to me. But $100 was. By the time I got to Orange, I wouldn’t miss $100 because there was more money flowing, but $1,000 became a risk. By the time I moved through Yellow Level, $10,000 was not so much (I was used to seeing that move rapidly in the day-to-day of the team), but $100,000 was a stretch to risk or lose. ! Simply put, I earned the right to play with more zeroes at the next level by achieving the level below naturally and automatically. Adding a zero to what I was willing to comfortably lose (and a zero to what I was able to make) unlocked a new code—a new language—which we all need in order to listen with clarity and speak fluently at the level above. ! By focusing at the right size and speed of your promotions, as you rise up the levels one step at a time, you can turn what felt like a lot to something that you know is much easier to make. While promotions in the Foundation Prism are largely based around using your time and genius to connect to the flow of others, Yellow Level promotions are larger because you are now engineering new sources of flow—launching a new product, starting a new partnership, or entering a new market. ! The difference between $1 and $1,000,000 is just six zeros. Think of each level up the Wealth Lighthouse as adding a zero to what feels natural to make, to lose, to get and to give. That’s the power of zero. !
  17. 17. Visit! ! Visit GeniusU, our online university, to take GeniusU Learning Missions at each level of the Wealth Lighthouse and to grow your Genius network Your Next Steps Read the Millionaire Master Plan ! Step One is to continue reading the Millionaire Master Plan to see how the different geniuses follow their natural path from one level to the next. ! Take your first mission on GeniusU ! Take your first learning mission on GeniusU to learn more about your Genius and your Wealth Level, and take the first steps to progressing up the Wealth Lighthouse. This leads to further assessments and learning missions at every level of the Millionaire Master Plan. ! Connect with our online community ! Connect with us online. You can connect with everything related to: The book at Roger at and Entrepreneurs Institute at ! !