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Asia Australia Top 10 Trends 2015


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Top 10 Future Trends in Asia and Australia in 2015, from the Fast Forward your Business Tour, Australia 2015.

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Asia Australia Top 10 Trends 2015

  1. 1. Fast Forward your Business Brisbane, Australia 2015 Top 10 Trends Asia & Australia 2015
  2. 2. These slides are from the Fast Forward your Business Australia, March 2015 with Roger James Hamilton
  3. 3. Where were you 20 years ago?
  4. 4. 1995 AOL offers Internet access Windows 95 Launches eBay opens for business
  5. 5. Internet Population 1995 18 million Internet Population 2015 3,000 million
  6. 6. What would you do if you knew the change coming in the next 5 years will be greater than the last 20 years?
  7. 7. Internet Population 1995 18 million Internet Population 2015 3 billion Internet Population 2020 7.5 billion Graph: Peter Diamandis, Abundance 360
  8. 8. Where do you want to be 5 years from now?
  9. 9. Everyone, Everywhere
  10. 10. Through crowd sourcing and crowd funding we now have instant access to all the talent, financing and resources we need to succeed.
  11. 11. Silicon Smart
  12. 12. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning we have moved the competitive advantage to the third ‘smart’: From book smart to street smart to silicon smart
  13. 13. Consumer Behaviour Analyst Personal Shopper Sales Assistant Customer Support Rep Travel Agent Veterinary Assistant Medical School Tutor Image Analysis Facial Recognition Medical Diagnostician Alchemy API Fluid XPS Red Ant / Sell Smart USAA WayBlazer LifeLearn / Sofie App Watson Discovery Advisor IBM Visual Recognition Face Detection API Cancer Diagnosis
  14. 14. Stage 1 - Tabulating Stage 2 - Programming Stage 3 - Cognitive The 3rd stage of computing:
  15. 15. Promotion Flow All promotions flow through 7 measurable steps Invitation > Email > Ad > Pop up > Event invite > Message > Notification > Website Registration > Entry Form > Order Form > Email Reply > Payment Confirmation > Email > Web page > Login > Congratulations > Gift page > Video > Upgrades Preparation > On boarding > Trust building > Email sequence > Set of videos > Assessments > Prep forms > Cash collection > Upgrades > Q&A Support Delivery Feedback Thank You > Product delivery > Event delivery > Set expectations > Timetable > Menu > Before & After > VIP experiences > Upgrades > Exceptions > Questionnaire > Surveys > Check ins > Notifications > Referrals > Shares > Next steps > Upgrades > Surprise > Added Value > Incentives > New Promotion EI Customer EI Customer EI Customer EI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Invites / Visits Registrations Registration Rate Registrations Customers Conversion Rate Revenue Completion Delivery Rating Referrals Customers Customers Customer Max Rating Customers Customers & Revenue Engagement Rate Delivery Rate Satisfaction Rate Conversion Rate Rev Per Lead Cost Per Lead Rev Per Customer Rev Per Customer Referrals Per Customer Upgrades Per Customer Upgrades Per Customer
  16. 16. Through assessments and algorithms, we deliver an increasingly personalized journey for each customer
  17. 17. One Global Village
  18. 18. Through simultaneous translation on google, skype and soon on all platforms, we can connect in real-time with everyone, everywhere
  19. 19. 6.5 billion non-English speakers G’Day Bonjour Hola Ni Hao Sawubona Hello
  20. 20. Products and Programs Foundation Enterprise Emerald In a job, trying to get started. Little disposable income. Foundation Level. In a start-up: $100k to $500k. Needs a team. Budget to learn. Yellow Level. Has established business: $500k to $5m. Looking to 10x. Green / Blue level. Team Free Entry Low Mid Customer Suraj, Shamin Online team Genius Partners Penny, Simone, Lina Resort team Events Partners Sandra, Kim Mentor team Investment Partners Genius Test Online Content Experiences Mentoring Genius Guides Genius Missions MMP MMP Missions Entrepreneur TV WD Test FFYB / Mastermind iLab Enterprise Circle Templates WD Academy WD Masters Emerald Circle Alchemy Circle Partners Want to work with EI to earn and learn. Qualified and aligned to our promise. Michelle, Donna, Leah Partner team Marketing Partners Communities Affiliates Flow Consultants Performance C’s Global Partners InvestorsHigh
  21. 21. Partner Programme
  22. 22. Partner Programme
  23. 23. Every Thing Connected
  24. 24. Within five years, wearable technology, sensors and displays on multiple surfaces will make our personal computers redundant and most of us will no longer carry mobile phones
  25. 25. Just Press Print
  26. 26. The growth of 3D printing will increasingly turn manufacturing from large factories to individual artisanship
  27. 27. Everything in Flow
  28. 28. The growth in data flow is leading to the growth of virtual worlds and a 3D internet that we will inhabit and experience
  29. 29. To surf the coming waves means to master our surfboard: Who we are and our natural path
  30. 30. Infrared - Victim Red - Survivor Orange - Worker Yellow - Player Personal Flow Market Flow Indigo - Trustee Violet - Composer Ultraviolet - Legend Global Flow Green - Performer Blue - Conductor Wealth Lighthouse
  31. 31. Ivan Glasenberg $4.7 Billion John Gandel $3.6 Billion James Packer $4.9 Billion Harry Triguboff $5.1 Billion Frank Lowy $4.8 Billion Anthony Pratt $3.6 Billion Gina Rinehart $11.6 Billion DYNAMO Wood - What? TEMPO Earth - When? Sensory Intuitive Extrovert Introvert BLAZE STEEL Fire-Who? Metal-How? Kerr Neilson $2.9 Billion
  32. 32. Rise of the Machines
  33. 33. Artificial intelligence and robotics is merging to create new artificial species
  34. 34. The Merger
  35. 35. DNA science, biotechnology, 3D bioprinting and the growth of artificial intelligence is leading to a merger between man and machine
  36. 36. The New Free World
  37. 37. The new age of exploration in sea and space is opening up new frontiers and new worlds
  38. 38. World Wide Wealth
  39. 39. Technology is transforming our ability to solve our greatest global challenges
  40. 40. “Humanity is taking its final exam. We have come to an extraordinary moment when it doesn’t have to be you or me anymore. There is enough for all.” ~ Buckminster Fuller
  41. 41. Ten Waves 1. Everyone, Everywhere - The power of the crowd 2. Silicon Smart - Cognitive computing 3. One Global Village - Instant translation 4. Every Thing Connected - The internet of things 5. Just Press Print - 3D printing 6. Everything in Flow - Virtual worlds 7. Rise of the Machines - Drones & Robot Species 8. The Merger - Biotechnology & DNA 9. The New Free World - Space & Virtual Nations 10. World Wide Wealth - Global Solutions
  42. 42. Watch all the videos from this presentation on the Fast Forward playlist at:
  43. 43. Twitter: #FFYB2015 Facebook: rogerjameshamilton
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