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  1. 1. Chiang Mai 2011 Grade Eight Trip
  2. 2. Overview All grade eight students and teachers will take a trip to Chiang Mai from Feb 7th until the 11th. We ride the train, spend a day and night together at the Thraidhos Center, and then break up off for a two- day activity away from the school. •
  3. 3. Overview Monday Normal day of school Take buses from school to the train station after school. Ride the train overnight to Chiangmai
  4. 4. Overview Tuesday • Go to Thaidhos by bus • Spend the day at there doing a series of activities • Have a Kantok dinner by the pool in the evening • Finish with a cultural presentation and launching lanterns
  5. 5. Overview Wednesday • Head out of for a two-day activity • Spend the night out away from Traidhos –in tents, in bungalows, in village homes, or even with a family as part of a homestay.
  6. 6. Overview Friday • Arrive back in Bangkok early in the morning. • Most will disembark at Don Muang and take buses back to ISB • Some will stay on the train and return to Hualampong station
  7. 7. Overview No School On the Friday !!!!!!
  8. 8. Cultural Kalaidescope (24) Students will experience different aspects of northern Thai culture. They will start by spending a day and night at the Makampom living theatre where you will participate in your own living theatre as well as visit a nearby hilltribe village and the school there. http://www.makhampom-english.blogspot.com/
  9. 9. Cultural Kalaidescope (24) On the second day, they will return to the Triadhos Center to learn Thai cooking and then travel to Doi Suthep in the afternoon to visit one of Chiangmai’s most important sites.
  10. 10. Mountain Biking Mania (16) Students will travel to Chiang Dao, where they will learn basic bike maintenance, visit the Chiang Dao caves, ride back from the caves to the camp on Wednesday, and then ride the trails around the camp on Thursday.
  11. 11. Paddle and Pedal (20) On this trip students will visit Sri Lanna National Park. On the way, they will go bike riding in the countryside, and have a chance to observe a northern Thai village.
  12. 12. Paddle and Pedal (20) Students will learn basic kayaking skills and paddle out to the houseboat.
  13. 13. Paddle and Pedal (20) At the house boat, they can kayak and explore the lake, swim and participate in games and activities.
  14. 14. Green Day Tour (20) Students on this activity will participate in two different activities: 1. Visit the Pun Pun organic farm 2. Visit the elephant sanctuary
  15. 15. Green Day Tour (20) At Pun Pun farm they will learn about seed saving, sustainable agriculture, building from natural materials. Look at this website for more info: http://www.punpunthailand.org/
  16. 16. Green Day Tour (20) At the elephant sanctuary, they will interact with and care for the elephants.
  17. 17. Monkey Magic (40) This activity includes rock climbing, caving, hiking and zip wiring through the tree tops. http://www.thailandclimbing.com/isbrockclimbing/index.html
  18. 18. Monkey Magic (40)
  19. 19. Monkey Magic (40)
  20. 20. Monkey Magic (40)
  21. 21. Monkey Magic (40)
  22. 22. Valley Adventure (32) Students will go to the Mae Daeng valley where they will be first instructed on how to paddle a white water raft. Once they’ve been trained, they will hit the white water.
  23. 23. Valley Adventure (32) After white water rafting, they will have lunch near the river and then hike through an Ahka village on their way to the Lisu village where they will stay. They’ll have a chance to observe village life and compare the characteristics of a Lisu village and an Akha village.
  24. 24. Tribal Trek (20) For this activity, students will trek approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) along ridges, across villages and through valleys deep into the Mae Daeng valley to a Karen village.
  25. 25. Tribal Trek (20)
  26. 26. Tribal Trek (20)
  27. 27. Tribal Trek (20)
  28. 28. Tribal Trek (20)
  29. 29. Tribal Trek (20) In the village, they will have a chance to swim in the river, observe village life and visit an elementary boarding school where kids come from around the area.
  30. 30. Tribal Trek (20)
  31. 31. Tribal Trek (20) On Thursday, they will hike down stream and then pilot and ride on bamboo rafts down the river to a location where they can be transported out of the valley and back to Chiangmai.
  32. 32. The Compass