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Is Your Website Ready for Business?


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Is your website ready for business?

Published in: Marketing
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Is Your Website Ready for Business?

  1. 1. Is Your Website Ready for Business?
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda A checklist to make sure your website is ready for business…
  3. 3. Is Your Site Mobile-friendly?
  4. 4. Is Your Site Mobile- friendly? In our survey of visitor- facing business websites in Mendocino County, 46 percent are not mobile- friendly
  5. 5. Why is Mobile-friendly Important? • Approx. 40 percent of online DTC wine sales are made with mobile devices** • Over 40 percent of typical hotel website traffic is coming from mobile devices** • Over 30 percent of hotel bookings are made with mobile devices * • 80 percent of last-minute hotel bookings are made using a mobile devices * • OTA mobile hotel bookings are growing faster than direct bookings * * Source: Travel Flash report by Criteo ** Source: Brandhound client data 40% 60% PERCENTAGE Mobile wine sales Desktop wine sales
  6. 6. SEO Benefits of a Mobile Site • In 2018, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches for the first time
  7. 7. Google Rewards Mobile Sites • Starting in March 2018, Google is officially indexing mobile sites first • Since 2015, non-mobile sites are seeing as much as a 50 percent reduction in potential search traffic* • 70% of the websites displayed in the first page of a Google search are mobile-friendly* * Source: Blue Corona
  8. 8. Google Has a Mobile-friendly Test
  9. 9. Is Your Site “Secure”?
  10. 10. Make Sure Your Site is “Secure” If the URL on your website doesn’t say https:// incoming traffic may not be properly attributed (and your search traffic will suffer)
  11. 11. Critical for User Experience
  12. 12. Google Gives HTTPS Sites an SEO Ranking Advantage
  13. 13. HTTPS Means Incoming Traffic Will Be Tracked More Accurately • Traffic from a secure site to an non-secure site will not always be properly attributed in Google Analytics
  14. 14. Does Your Site Load Quickly?
  15. 15. Does Your Site Load Quickly? Google penalizes slow sites in search results, and users hate it… you will lose business if your site is slow.
  16. 16. Test Your Speed Here
  17. 17. Do You Have E-commerce Integration Set Up in Analytics?
  18. 18. Setting Up E-commerce Tracking With e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics, you are able to connect the specific dollar value of each booking or transaction to your analytics. See where converting traffic is coming from, and use the revenue information to find out what ads and channels are working.
  19. 19. Why E-commerce Tracking? See which channels, sites and ads are generating revenue
  20. 20. Are You Tagging Your Incoming Links?
  21. 21. Are You Tagging Your Incoming Links? If you are running ads, or have listings in sites like tourism or Chamber sites, you should add a UTM tag to every incoming link
  22. 22. What is a UTM? A UTM code is what you will often see after a link, with information about where the traffic came from. _medium=display&utm_campaign=spring_specials&u tm_content=wine
  23. 23. How Do I Create a UTM? Create and organize your own UTMs, and keep track of them on a spreadsheet. Share them with ad vendors and publishers. Google provides a handy tool to build UTMs. Adwords campaigns create their own UTMs automatically
  24. 24. Fill in the Form
  25. 25. UTMs - Copy the Link
  26. 26. See the Data on Your Site
  27. 27. What Makes Your Property or Business Unique?
  28. 28. What Makes Your Property or Business Unique? History? Price? Location? Amenities? Service? Architecture? Tell your story…
  29. 29. Is Your Site Simple and Beautiful? Use big, beautiful images to create a sense of place
  30. 30. Is Your Site Simple and Beautiful?
  31. 31. Is Your Site Simple and Beautiful?
  32. 32. Is Your Site Simple and Beautiful?
  33. 33. Make it Easy For The Customer to Book or Buy
  34. 34. Minimize Clutter. Avoid “Busy” There’s just way too much going on here.
  35. 35. Avoid out-of-date technology
  36. 36. Don’t Make Visitors Jump Through Hoops!
  37. 37. Don’t Make Visitors Jump Through Hoops! Post contact info and hours prominently • Phone • Email • Address • Hours Keep forms short and sweet
  38. 38. Don’t Make Visitors Jump Through Hoops! Reconsider that annoying age gate…
  39. 39. Reconsider that Annoying Age Gate "There is no law or regulation per se that requires age verification," Marvin Cable, who teaches internet law and policy for the University of Massachusetts and is a policy expert in the field of drug and alcohol law. Additionally, forcing someone to disclose their age or birthday to use a site opens another can of worms: the potential for computer fraud. -Huffington Post
  40. 40. Do You Have Fresh Local Content?
  41. 41. Do You Have Fresh Local Content? Original local content is is one of the most important things you can do to improve search rankings and customer engagement • Local events • Winery guides • Things to do • Tell your story with a blog • Photos
  42. 42. Include lots of local information about events and attractions
  43. 43. Fresh local content
  44. 44. Thank You! Questions?
  45. 45. Brandhound Roger Coryell (707) 892-3953 Find this deck at:
  46. 46. Roger Coryell, CTA • Managing Partner and digital lead for Brandhound, a Northern California marketing agency. • VP/Marketing and Operations for California travel site Roger is Google Analytics and AdWords certified. He and his team have won seven HSMAI Adrian Awards for hospitality marketing campaigns. Brandhound works with winery trade organizations, DMOs and visitor-facing businesses to attract visitors to our region. We build mobile-friendly, search-engine optimized websites, plan and execute ad campaigns and email campaigns, and produce beautiful and effective print collateral. Member, Mendocino Winegrowers, Russian River Winegrowers