Social Media Strategy - Social@Ogilvy Workshop at Web 3.0 Conference


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Social Media Strategy presentation at the Web 3.0 Conference in Sydney. The workshop presentation was prepared for marketing and social media executives in the B2B and B2C space.

The three-hour session covered social media tools, social media best practise (including case studies), listening and monitoring, digital eminence and risk mitigation.

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Social Media Strategy - Social@Ogilvy Workshop at Web 3.0 Conference

  1. 1. Web 3.0 ConferenceSocial Media Strategy WorkshopRoger ChristieSenior Digital Strategist, Social@Ogilvy@RogerChristie © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  2. 2. Global Team550+ Social Specialists(over 4,000 Digital Specialists)35 Countries WorldwideAwarded The 2011 GlobalSABRE for OutstandingGlobal Digital/SocialConsultancy 2 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  3. 3. Social@Ogilvy engages influencers and grassroots consumers tospread word of mouth about the brands and issues they care about.We use an integrated approach to social media marketing to scale anew form of “earned media:” word of mouth - the most trusted source forpurchase decision and opinionWe are part of a global network of social media marketing andcommunications experts. We deliver strategy, measureable programs,and enterprise change for clients who need a disciplined approach toapplying social media to their business. 3 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  4. 4. Name 1 thingYou’d like to learn aboutcreating a social mediastrategy 4 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  5. 5. Agenda Tools Great Cases Building Blocks Risk 5 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  6. 6. Why should we careabout social media?
  7. 7. The way wecommunicate haschanged… 7 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  8. 8. The Tools:A quick survey of thelandscape
  9. 9. Number of Australians That Visit 13 million Facebook Each Month11 million Number of Australians on Facebook Time Spent on Facebook Each7 hours Week SOURCE: Google Adplanner, May 2012. © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  10. 10. 1.8 million Aussies Visit Twitter Each Month2.5 million Number of Australians on TwitterSOURCE: Nielsen Australia (March 2010), comScore © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  11. 11. 362,500 Aussies visit Google Plus Each Month2.2 million Number of Australians on Google PlusSOURCE: Social Media News © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  12. 12. The amount of time the average8 hours Australian spent watching YouTube videos every month in 2011 Number of YouTube videos503 million Australians watched in 2011 SOURCE: Nielsen Australia (March 2010), comScore, PRNewsWire © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  13. 13. 2.2 million Australians Use LinkedIn Each Month (up 200,000 from 2010) 25.45 The average number of pages viewed by an Australian user every month SOURCE: Social Media News © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  14. 14. Unique Australian Visitors every1.2 million month 18-34 Majority of Users are Female College graduates , Aged 18-32 SOURCE: Quantcast © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  15. 15. 350,000 Aussies on Instagram25,000 Number of global downloads on launch dateSOURCE: Foursquare, June 2010. © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  16. 16. 560,000 Number of Australians on Pinterest160,000 Unique Australian Visitors per monthSOURCE: Social Media News, May 2012. © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  17. 17. 250,000 Accessed Web via Mobile Phone50% Visit Facebook via Mobile Phone SOURCE: Nielsen Australia (August 2010) © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  18. 18. © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  19. 19. DISCUSSION POINT:Tools 1.What tools is your organisation using? 2.What is working? 3.What have you tried that has NOT worked (no judging!) and why? 19
  20. 20. What makes great socialmedia?
  21. 21. Influence to Word ofMouth Almost every act an influencer can take online How can we spark via social media ‘word of mouth’ results in some around brands form of ‘word AND drive action? of mouth’ 21 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  22. 22. 7 Drivers of Word of Mouth01. Do we have a good story?02. Can people SHOW their involvement in a visible way?03. Do we offer something new to talk about?04. Do we let our supporters be creative?05. Do we invite people to participate?06. Do we offer them some value?07. Do we remind people to spread the word? 22 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  23. 23. Case Study:Share a Coke 23 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  24. 24. Case Study:Curators of Sweden 24 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  25. 25. Case Study:AMEX Small BusinessSaturday 25 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  26. 26. Case Study:Nike+ Fuel Band 26 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  27. 27. Case Study:Steal Banksy 27 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  28. 28. Case Study:Intel Museum of Me 28 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  29. 29. Case Study: The MostPopular Song 29 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  30. 30. Case Study:Ford Motor Company 30 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  31. 31. WORK SESSION:What Makes Great Social – choose one example 1. Work in teams 2. Discussion points: – What was the STORY – was it a good one? – Were people able to SHOW their involvement? – What was NEW about the campaign? – Was there RISK involved – if so how? – What could they have done BETTER? 3. Report back 31
  32. 32. Building blocks of a strategy:Listening & Eminence
  33. 33. Why listen? 1. Social media platforms facilitate real time dialogue between real people. 2. Smart businesses around the world are employing “active listening” as a way to keep their finger on the pulse of this conversation, and harness consumer insights. 3. Listening to social media discussions is the first step to any social media campaign – it can inform everything from communications strategies, to product development. 33
  34. 34. The ‘Hump Day’Phenomenon – Coke Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday 34
  35. 35. Social listening can… Provide marcom insight Identify influencers and key stakeholders Product and service insight Rapid response Assist with digital crisis management Track campaign success Identify new business opportunities Optimise paid media / search 35
  36. 36. Integrated SocialPlanning FrameworkListen Plan Activate Amplify Manage Engagement Advertising Influencer Social & Management Search Insight Content Content Activation Social Experience Syndication Measurement Performance Benchmarks Community Measurement Management Digital Media Relations Optimization 36 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  37. 37. Part of the PlanningProcess 1 1 1 2 1 1 5 0 1 3 4 5 1 1 1 1 Social 1 1 Objectives Listen Plan Amplify Manage Experience Business Ambition Primary Research Insights Tactics Integration Measurement The client’s business Primary research is Insights combine our research with our social The Social Social media Conversation Impact ambition is the conducted through a media experience and our understanding of Experience is your programs are most is 360 DI’s reason we have the Listening Post or the client to produce a new or previously big, creative, tactical successful when they measurement brief. It’s the manual research. unknown idea. idea. are integrated with approach. overarching business other campaign challenge that the It provides an An insight is NOT a research finding! A Synthesize your initiatives like A measurement plan desired campaign unfiltered look at research finding is “what it is” and an insight is objectives, research, advertising, digital is mandatory for will fulfill. raw conversation “what it means” to our client and the brief. insights and strategy and PR. every program and happening in social You can’t Google an insight, or find it in into a DO Brief should be done in In Fusion, this is the media. Radian6. before your Scale collaboration with center of the brainstorm to kick clients, tying back to Business Ambition Our insights can feed into a Fusion off creativity Social programs the Business Star Secondary Communications Blue Print don’t “go viral” – ambition and Research The Social they need an Communication Experience must amplification plan to Goals Communication Secondary research deliver explicitly add scale. For Client Goals is analyzed data against the example, Facebook Client Checkpoint organized into a Communication Goal. media buys, events Checkpoint The communication report by a or CRM tie ins. goal is the renowned third party Strategy Client Client measurable like Forrester or Checkpoint Checkpoint assignment given to eMarketer. A strategy is not WHAT you’re going to do—it’s Optimization social media or HOW you’re going to do it. A well developed communications. When examined strategy is a filter for all tactical ideas. Determining a specifically for an regular reporting This is the key audience or trend it Strategies are borne from research and cycle with the client objective against provides an insights—the dots should connect. helps to demonstrate which our program actionable insight efficacy of our work must deliver. based on social A social strategy should explicitly leverage and create an behavior and cultural influencers, social grassroots communities opportunity to trends. and/or content. present strategic improvements to the campaign. Client Checkpoint 37
  38. 38. Step 1: Listening Brief 38
  39. 39. Step 2: Determine Conversation CriteriaConcept Conversation CriteriaNestlé Infant Nutrition Nestlé +infant oatmeal Gerber + cereal Nestlé baby Gerber + graduates Gerber + yogurt Nestlé + infant cereal Gerber + formula Nestlé newborn Gerber + newborn Gerber Good Start Nestlé infant Gerber + infant Nestlé + infant nutrition Nestlé + Good Start Gerber + oatmeal Gerber + baby food Gerber + 1st foods Gerber + 2nd foods Gerber goodstart Gerber + baby Nestlé goodstart Nestlé + baby formula Nestlé + baby food Gerber + jarred food Nestlé formula Gerber + jars Gerber + cereals Nestlé + infant formula NOT weekly ad NOT weekly adsSimilac Similac NOT weekly adEnfamil Enfamil NOT weekly adEarth’s Best Earth’s Best + cereals Earths Best + teething Earth’s Best + jarred foods Earths Best + baby food Earth’s Best + 1st foods Earths Best + oatmeal Earth’s Best + teething Earths Best + formula Earth’s Best + baby food Earths Best + 2nd foods Earth’s Best + oatmeal Earths Best + 3rd foods Earth’s Best + formula Earths Best + jars Earth’s Best + 2nd foods NOT sesame street Earth’s Best + 3rd foods NOT mommy bars Earth’s Best + jars NOT frozen Earths Best + cereals NOT weekly ad Earths Best + jarred foods NOT best tots Earths Best + 1st foods 39
  40. 40. Step 3: ChooseTechnologyListening “Powered By”…•Radian6: This is our fastest , keyword-driven platform that collects social Webmentions across multiple global markets. Ideal for benchmarking measurement,informing strategy and rapid response to consumer generated media•Crimson Hexagon: Our CH-based platform is great for following and reportingsentiment and opinion. It is one of the few platforms on the market that canprovide superior automated opinion reporting. Ideal for benchmarkingmeasurement and informing strategy•Visible Technologies: A more comprehensive solution to enterprise-level cgmmonitoring and response, our VT-based solution is great for operationalizinglarge organizations to engage with bloggers on a daily basis. Ideal for informingstrategy and rapid response to consumer generated media at a large scale 40
  41. 41. Example – Radian6 41
  42. 42. Free alternativesBLOG & MICROBLOGGING SEARCH ENGINESTool URLTECHNORATI Search http://s.technorati.comTECHNORATI Advanced BLOGS MENTION http://www.whostalkin.comTWEET CLOUD GRADER PULSE http://www.blogpulse.comICEROCKET http://www.blogscope.netBUZZ CHARTINGTool URLBLOGPULSE TRENDS CHARTS SEARCHTool URLYOUTUBE http://www.metacafe.comFLICKR VIDEO CHART http://www.viralvideochart.comTRUVEO http://www.truveo.comBLINKX http://www.blinkx.comPICSEARCH http://www.picsearch.comVTAP 42
  43. 43. Free alternativesFORUMS & MESSAGE BOARDSTool URLBOARD READER http://www.boardreader.comBOARD TRACKER http://www.boardtracker.comOMGILI http://www.omgili.comGOOGLE GROUPS! GROUPS LINKSTool URLTECHNORATI http://www.technorati.comGOOGLE ADVANCED METER http://www.socialmeter.comWEB SITE TRAFFICTool URLCOMPETE http://www.compete.comQUANTCAST http://www.quantcast.comALEXA http://www.alexa.comBLOGFLUX PAGE RANK DATATool URLGOOGLE TRENDS http://freekeywords.wordtracker.comYAHOO KEYWORD TOOL http://inventory.overture.comFACEBOOK LEXICON KEYWD TOOL 43
  44. 44. How to cut throughthe noise• Research – Online – Across the business – With your agency/ies• Test• Monitor• Refine• Ensure you determine the outcomes you want to achieve through listening 44
  45. 45. WORK SESSION:How to identify insights 1. Look at the following examples 2. When reviewing, determine whether these statements are insights which will help drive future strategy and action 3. Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ 4. Discuss results 45
  46. 46. Insight Quiz There is little online conversation about specialized General Aviation services such as Medivac rescue, and aerial fire fighting when compared with private and corporate jet travel. There exists an opportunity to spotlight these vital parts of communities and the industry as working for the “greater good.” 46 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  47. 47. Insight Quiz SAP software is seen as a leader in conversations surrounding business software and human capital, as bloggers often talk about the brand in a positive light. 47 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  48. 48. Insight Quiz While there is a high degree of interest in finding credible information and support online among caregivers, there is little awareness of Medicare within message boards – the #1 area online for discussion about caregiving. 48 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  49. 49. What is eminence? 49 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  50. 50. Digital eminence – howpeople source information• Building a profile for both you and your business online• Importance of search in today’s consumer journey• ‘Third-party’ endorsement – credibility• If you’re not online, your customers and competitors are = missed opportunity• Be part of the conversation 50 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  51. 51. Have you evergoogled yourself?• Customers…• Referrers…• Journalists…• Partners…• Detractors…• Search is the new homepage 51
  52. 52. How eminence works1. Conduct listening activities to determine opportunities2. Plan initial steps into social media: 1. Platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging) 2. Individuals (senior executives, ‘SMEs’) 3. Support / Management3. Look for opportunities to integrate with existing comms activities 1. PR 2. Events 3. Stakeholder engagement 4. Advertising campaigns4. Educate and build profile 52 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  53. 53. Five key questions1. Which parts of your business are most suited for social media?2. Where are the opportunities? 1. Gaps in market 2. Competitor activity3. Who in your organisation would be suitable for eminence training?4. What resources do you have available to support the program?5. How will eminence tie in with other marketing activities? 53 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  54. 54. Risk management
  55. 55. Preparing for a crisis “Some of the shareholders had picked up from social media that it was being reported that a Qantas aircraft had crashed in Indonesia.” – Alan Joyce, CEO 55
  56. 56. Crises move fastonline Hour 18 Hour 24 Hour 12 Hour 6 Editorial Sharing Micromedia 0 Hour CRISIS Mainstream HITS Search Blogs 56
  57. 57. Risk mitigation –prevention vs cure• Businesses are concerned with risk implications of being active online• Important to do due diligence: – Regular training and education for staff – Guidelines and parameters for use – Issues response plan and responsibilities – Ongoing listening to track potential issues• Having your head in the sand won’t avoid a crisis – ask five key questions 57 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  58. 58. Do you have adigital crisis plan? 58
  59. 59. Are you training yourstaff? 59
  60. 60. What happens when yougoogle the C-suite? 60
  61. 61. Are you listening? 61
  62. 62. Do you have a socialmedia policy? 62
  63. 63. Example – LG recall 26,000 Fridges & DVDs Recalled 63
  64. 64. Example – LG recall 64
  65. 65. Social Media Policy –SENSIS 65 © Roger Christie | Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy | @RogerChristie
  66. 66. WORK SESSION:Developing a social media policy 1. Consider the SENSIS example and previous materials 2. List five key things you would include in your social media policy and detail why 3. Discuss results with the group 66
  67. 67. Thank YouRoger ChristieSenior Digital Strategist – 2 8437 5337