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ICEMM - company introduction 2011


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ICEMM - company introduction 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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ICEMM - company introduction 2011

  1. 1. icemmexperience and capability
  2. 2. Contents  Company Co pa y  Products and Services  Areas of Activity  Accreditations & Quality Certification  Technology Skills  Activities E Experience i  Innovation  Conclusionsicemmadvanced engineering solutions 2 /20
  3. 3. Company HISTORY  ICEMM is an engineering services company founded in 2005 by a group of professionals with a huge experience coming from Engineering and Technology Management M t AREA OF EXPERTISE  ICEMM i f is focused i the analysis of mechanical & structural engineering problems, d in h l i f h i l l i i bl particularly those involving dynamics & structural calculations which require a high level of precision & reliability VISION  ICEMM maintains a high degree of specialisation in order to be able to optimise the solution to the projects & problems demanded by our clientsicemmadvanced engineering solutions 3 /20
  4. 4. Products & Services Design & Structural Analysis Static analysis: Design & structural modelling stress stability modelling, stress, Dynamic analysis: Modal response, transient, random & impact analysis Non-linear analysis: Large deformation, plasticity & contact problems Experimental Dynamic Analysis Experimental modal analysis: Natural frequencies, mode shapes & damping estimation Adjust to experimental vibration tests of theoretical dynamic models Structural Optimization Shape design optimization Volume/weight/cost reduction Multi-objective optimization Training Courses a g Cou ses Mechanical component design Structural calculations based on finite element methodsicemmadvanced engineering solutions 4 /20
  5. 5. Areas of Activity •A Aeronautical i l • Industrial Engineering Engineering • Renewal • Civil Energies Engineeringicemmadvanced engineering solutions 5 /20
  6. 6. Accreditations OFFICIAL SUPPLIER  Airbus Military  Compañía Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos - CESA  Industria de Turbo Propulsores – ITP  CT Ingenieros  IN Sistemas COLLABORATION AGREEMENT  Parque Tecnológico de Leganés. Universidad Carlos III-Madrid q g g  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)  Durham University (United Kingdom)icemmadvanced engineering solutions 6 /20
  7. 7. Quality Certification UNE EN UNE-EN 9001:2000icemmadvanced engineering solutions 7 /20
  8. 8. Technologies FEM SOFTWARE: static dynamic impact aeroelasticity thermal & optimization static, dynamic, impact, aeroelasticity,  ABAQUS  NASTRAN – PATRAN  ANSYS  PAM – CRASH DESIGN SOFTWARE  CATIA V5 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE  FORTRAN, UNIX SHELL, MATLAB, LABVIEW & C++icemmadvanced engineering solutions 8 /20
  9. 9. IT Support & Capabilities ICEMM is provided with the necessary hardware and applications to match our i t internal necessities and adapted t our client requirements. l iti d d t d to li t i t HARDWARE  Windows Data Server with back up system back-up  HP Z800 WS for analysis purpose  HP XW4400 WS’s for engineering works SOFTWARE  Windows Server & XP  ABAQUS 6.10 Standard / Explicit / CAE  CYPECAD / Metal3D COMMUNICATIONS  RedIRIS Network (advanced network - 2x10GE – for academic and R+D centres and ( access to scientific and technical information: ESDU, NTIS, etc.) and VPN service  Dedicate FTP Servericemmadvanced engineering solutions 9 /20
  10. 10. Our Strengths  What make us different? Innovation: ICEMM’s strategic development is ICEMM s based on the generation of forward-looking options that are necessary for a sustainable world  Diversification: Through the development of new products and services into markets, clients and geographical areas  Differentiation: Through enhancement and adaptation of current p g p products and services  Improvement in processes, strengthening its capabilitiesicemmadvanced engineering solutions 10 /20
  11. 11. Aeronautical ActivitiesStructural Dynamic, Impacts Design & Analysis of& Aeroelasticity Stress & Fatigue Calculations Mechanical and Hydraulic Systemsicemm advanced engineering solutions 11 /20
  12. 12. Industrial ActivitiesDesign and Structural Design & Structural Analysis ofJustification of Mechanical Soil Mechanics Simulation Supports & PipelinesSystems Design and Calculations of the Mechanical Systems for Solar Trackersicemm advanced engineering solutions 12 /20
  13. 13. Industrial ActivitiesBuilding Projects Design & Structural Analysis of Design & Analysis of Joints and Metallic Structures Interface Elementsicemm advanced engineering solutions 13 /20
  14. 14. Activities - Summary Dynamic & Aeroelasticity  Dynamic Finite Element modeling  Linear transient analysis: Dynamic landing & Blade loss failure loads  Non-Linear transient analysis: Release loads  Aeroelasticity: Continuous turbulence (random response) & discrete gust loads  Fatigue dynamic loads  High velocity impacts – Explicit codes Static  Finite Element modeling  Ad Advanced N Li d Non-Linear S Structural A l i contact, material, l l Analysis: i l large strain, f il i failure and d post-buckling  Structural analysis and justification of metallic and composite components and joints Systems  Design and Analysis of Mechanical and Hydraulic Systemsicemmadvanced engineering solutions 14 /20
  15. 15. Aeronautical Experience A350 XWB Aircraft  Development Engineering for A350 XWB MLG Actuators  Structural Analysis and Justification of VTP Spars: buckling, damage tolerance, unfolding and joints calculations  Structural Analysis and Justification of VTP Rearward Main Fitting  VTP Global Finite Element Modeling and Load Postprocessing  Structural Analysis and Finite Element Modeling at Wingbox Lower Cover C295 Aircraft  Dynamic Loads Calculations of CH02 with Underwing Torpedoes  Dynamic Loads Calculations of PG02 with left Underwing Spotlight  Fatigue Dynamic Loads of CH01 & CH02  Fatigue Dynamic Loads of C295–PG02 with left Underwing Spotlight  Dynamic Loads Calculations of C295-PG01 with Underwing Pods  Preliminary Dynamic Loads Calculations of C295-PG01 with Underwing Podsicemmadvanced engineering solutions 15 /20
  16. 16. Aeronautical Experience Boeing 787 g  Structural Analysis at Center Wingbox Spars A330 – MRTT Aircraft  Structural Analysis and Justification Associated to the Integration of an Advanced Refueling Boom System (ARBS) in an A-330 MRTT Aircraft A310 – MRTT Test Aircraft  Documentation of Structural Justification of A-310 MRTT Test Aircraft Technologies g  Stress Concentration of Screw Thread Connections  Vulnerability: Impacts on Fluid Filled Boxes. Numerical Simulations and Experimental Correlationicemmadvanced engineering solutions 16 /20
  17. 17. Industrial Experience Automotive Experience p  Structural modification in vehicles for persons with reduced mobility - PRM Industrial Experience  Design & Structural Analysis of Supports & Pipelines  Design and Structural Justification of Mechanical Systems Civil Experience  Study of Transition Wedges Associated to Underground Structures for High Velocity Railways  Study of Covering Reinforcement of the Puig Cabrer, Lilla & Camp Magré Tunnels y g g , p g  Building Projects Renewal Energies Experience  Design and Calculations of the Mechanical Systems for Solar Trackers  Design and Calculations of Solar Panel Support Structureicemmadvanced engineering solutions 17 /20
  18. 18. Innovation STRUCTURAL OPTIMIZATION  Structural optimization of components. Benchmarking  Material & cost reduction  Multi-objective optimization V/V0=1 V/V0=0.85 V/V0=0.64100 mm 00 10 N 50 mm 160 mm V/V0=0.53 V/V0=0.51 V/V0=0.42 Volume optimization - Von Mises stress contour plot icemm advanced engineering solutions 18 /20
  19. 19. Conclusions  ICEMM offers engineering services and consultancy for a very specific g g y y p market such as the analysis and the calculation of structures. These services are highly qualified and developed by experienced professionals  In order to diversify clients, ICEMM includes different sectors from engineering as Aeronautics, Renewable energies, Civil Engineering, Automotive Industry, etc.icemmadvanced engineering solutions 19 /20
  20. 20. Contact PARQUE CIENTÍFICO DE LA UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRID AVDA. GREGORIO PECES-BARBA,1 28918 – LEGANÉS (MADRID) – ESPAÑA É Tel.(+ Tel ( 34) 916 24 40 42 ····· www.icemm.esicemmadvanced engineering solutions 20 /20