volume 45 number 2 winter                            42nd Annual Sports Stag                            and Hall of Fame I...
DID YOU KNOW?...                                                          • Masses of Christian Burial are on the decline ...
January                                                                         19         42nd Annual Sports Stag My role...
Keep in touch       with high school friends           and stay abreast       of Roger Bacon events!      Reunion is publi...
“Bleeding      Brown, ThinkingPink” was the theme for RogerBacon’s annual SPIRIT WALK onOctober 21st. The students votedto...
Spread the word                                              by Brandon Cowans, Director of Admission Spread the word. Be ...
spartan                                                                                                                   ...
Congratulations to freshman Rebecca                                               Senior Nicholas Luken has beenDeBurger w...
Anatomy students demonstrate                                                               is past June, Roger Bacon Highs...
On November 16th, the entire student                                            Seniors in English class at RB recentlybod...
e RB CLASS OF 2015 participated in a SERVICE DAY RETREAT on October 19thand October 26th. Students, accompanied by faculty...
On Tuesday, October 4th the                                                                                FEAST OF ST. FR...
“For the past several weeks I havebeen working with Ed Dauterich’s                                                        ...
The following students attended theEight RB seniors (pictured below) attended the 14TH ANNUAL                   G/GCL LEAD...
On Tuesday, October 4th, the Feast of St Francis, RB teacher, KYLE NOBBE(pictured right) attended the OHIO CATHOLIC EDUCAT...
On Thursday, November 10th, RB                                           Saturday, October 22nd students tookhosted a VETE...
GCL Central          All-Star Football Team                                       Congratulations to two standout         ...
WHEN: Thursday Jan. 19, 2012                  HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES                             SPONSORED BYOpen Bar 6pm-...
BRANDON Mc INTOSH ’98                                                                                   Brandon is a 1998 ...
ANN (ROBERS) THOMPSON ’54 was                                            recently awarded the Realtor Emeritus            ...
CHRIS KATZ ’02 joined the U.S. Navy in                                                                                    ...
10th Annual RB Cornhole Classic               The OLA Class of 1962 will celebrate                 The RB Class of 1962 wi...
Non-Profit Org.                                                                                                           ...
Roger Bacon High School - Winter 2012 Newsletter
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Roger Bacon High School - Winter 2012 Newsletter


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Roger Bacon High School - Winter 2012 Newsletter

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Roger Bacon High School - Winter 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. volume 45 number 2 winter 42nd Annual Sports Stag and Hall of Fame Induction on January 19, 2012. See pages 16 & 17 for details.
  2. 2. DID YOU KNOW?... • Masses of Christian Burial are on the decline • Catholics are not aware of their rights and privileges as Catholics at the time of Loss • Parish Community contact, at the time of a Loss, is decreasing • Decisions are made by family members who do not know the deceased’s wishes for a Catholic Funeral and Burial • Family members do not always honor the deceased’s wishes for a Catholic Funeral and Burial • Families pay higher prices to exercise their liturgical rights when waiting until the time of a Loss PLANNING AHEAD MAKES SENSE... • Spares your loved ones from having to make these difficult decisions at the time of a Loss • Assures that all appropriate Catholic Liturgical options will be made available to your family • Provides that the services you desire will be carried outServing The Community in accordance with your wishes Since 1843 • Eliminates lingering doubts and family disagreements 3819 West Eighth & Seton Ave. • Removes the financial burden Cincinnati, OH 45205 Ph: 513-557-2306 from your family Fax: 513-557-2310 www.cccsohio.org Learn how you and your family can avoid the pitfalls of having to deal OPERATING with business decisions at a time St. Mary Cemetery of a LOSS in your family. Contact 701 East Ross Ave. the Catholic Family Security Assn. St. Bernard, OH 45217 to simplify these responsibilities for 513-242-4191 you. We have created an Emergency Record File, which guides you and St. John Cemetery 4432 Vine Street your family in difficult times. St. Bernard, OH 45217 513-242-4191 Call 513-557-2306 ext. 19 for more information and speak St. Joseph Cemetery with one of your fellow alumni, 3819 West Eighth & Seton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45205 Stephen E. Bittner ’69, 513-921-3050 Arthur “Butch” Abrams ’74. See us on Facebook & Twitter!Born to Eternal Life The following members of the Roger Bacon family have been born to eternal life. Please join us in remembering them and their families in our prayers. Joseph Schweitzer ’36 Edward Kuhlmann ’43 Barbara Manyet Lindeman ’57 Bernadette Asbach Richard Ernst ’38 Ruth Klein O’Shaughnessy ’43 William Hericks ’58 John Beischel Ruth Butz Reilly ’38 Patricia Maltaner Dean ’47 Charles Judge ’58 Irene Craig Mildred Kaveney Barth ’39 Robert Merrill ’47 Carol Theis Kelly ’58 Audrey McCurdy Anthony Bosse ’41 Edward Reifenberger ’47 Dolores Stroshiem Clements ’59 Angela Moertl Louis Burdon ‘41 JoAnn Doerger Speed ’49 Harry Gerbus ’59 Doug Vonderhaar, Sr. Kathryn Myers Zimmermann ’41 Geraldine Bowen Grueninger ’51 Donna Lachenman Farrell ’59 Walter Kearns ’42 Evelyn Wilking Haeufle ’52 Daniel Leonhardt ’59 Paul Keidel ’42 Frank Andriacco ’53 Jack Fischer ’66 Glenn Menzer ’42 John Flohr, Sr. ’54 Michael Froehle ’67 Joann Bachman ’43 Michael Tomsitz ’54 Steven Ruhe ’72 Sr. Mary Frank, OSF ’43 Mary Ficker Almon ’56 Richard Ready ’75 Vincent Hembrock ’43 Marilyn Proctor York ’56
  3. 3. January 19 42nd Annual Sports Stag My role as president of Roger Bacon High 21-24 March for Life in Washington, D.C. School connects me to the world of fund- 30 Catholic Schools Week raising. All Catholic schools look carefully at their fundraising capacity, especially in times when the economy struggles February and families need help to 1-3 Catholic Schools Week pay mounting tuition bills. Sadly, many non-pro ts 8 RB Buffalo Wings & Rings Night Fr. Bill Farris, OFM - President have experienced over two (Finneytown) 5-8 pm years of declining donations as people re-order priorities. 10 Vendor Fair @ RB 11 Winter Bunko Night @ RB e Spartan heritage has shown itself to be more robust in resisting 18 Cornhole Tournament @ RB such declines, and for that we are very grateful. We are blessed with many graduates, including graduates of OLA, friends, and parents 27 Blood Drive @ RB of former students who recommit to our annual fund drive. I gladly endure the sore hand which comes from writing and signing so March many thank-you notes. 1-22 Pennies for Patients In the nal weeks of 2011, our advancement sta made an inventory of our scholarships, most of which form our Roger Bacon endow- April ment. We have 51 active scholarships. ese individual scholarships 15 Golden Reunion run the gamut from large to small and from new to old. e group 21 Evening for Excellence includes scholarships created by many of the classes of the 1950’s. Our recent campaign brought into being several other signi cant scholarships as well.Regardless of size, each scholarship Keep in touch with high school friends and stay abreast of Roger Bacon events!has one purpose: to change the phrase“be a Spartan” to “become a Spartan.” Hundreds of students in recent years have earned that title with the help of a scholarship funded either by our endowment or through a yearly gi . e consensus in the fundraising world is that a strong endowment gives a school like ours its best chance of success. Let me end my message by encouraging you to keep Roger Bacon’s future in mind and heart, to give generously to our annual fund, and to consider a planned gi for the next future Spartan. In His peace, Fr. Bill Farris, OFM President reunion 1
  4. 4. Keep in touch with high school friends and stay abreast of Roger Bacon events! Reunion is published by Roger Bacon High School 4320 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45217 513-641-1313 We welcome your comments. Please email Sue Huerkamp at shuerkamp@rogerbacon.org volume 45 number 2 winter PRESIDENT Fr. Bill Farris, OFM P R I N C I PA L Steve Schad EDITORS Brandon Cowans Sue Huerkamp ’72 DESIGN Jeff Fulwiler C I R C U L AT I O N Linda Hilsinger ’66 BUSINESS/ADVERTISING Sue Huerkamp ’72 SPECIAL EVENTS Chris Bissmeyer We’d like to keep you updated on current events at RB.Please send your current e-mail address to shuerkamp@rogerbacon.org
  5. 5. “Bleeding Brown, ThinkingPink” was the theme for RogerBacon’s annual SPIRIT WALK onOctober 21st. The students votedto wear pink shirts on their 5Kwalk through the streets of St.Bernard not only to show schoolspirit but also to raise awarenessfor breast cancer. A goal of$40,000 was not only met butsurpassed! The proceeds of theWalk are used to reduce the gapbetween the cost of tuition andthe actual cost of education.This year a portion of theproceeds will also go to“MAKING STRIDES AGAINSTBREAST CANCER.” reunion 3
  6. 6. Spread the word by Brandon Cowans, Director of Admission Spread the word. Be a Spartan. This phrase has been used for many years here at Roger Bacon; most recently by our students at the end of our admission video. If you haven’t seen it, check out the Future Spartans page on our website. It shows the world exactly why someone should be a Spartan. New videos will be posted periodically to the website showing life at Roger Bacon. Our latest edition features the young women of Roger Bacon. There are so many single-sex schools in Cincinnati, it has become the norm. This video shows how great a co-ed school can be and how young women can thrive in this environment. Our message is working. Don’t take my word for it; hear it directly from a current freshman. “High school is a large part of your life, a time that is meant to broaden your horizons and prepare you for the future, which is why I couldn’t have made any better choice than Roger Bacon. My rst quarter here has been amazing and was lled with many unforgettable memories. Homecoming; there’s no better way to start your high school career than this, an entire week when the halls are lled with Spartan Spirit. Every day of homecoming week is lled with laughter and good times as the student body expresses their spirit by dressing up in odd, unusual ways. At the end of the week we come together in a loud, fun- lled pep rally to prepare for victory in Friday If you know of a student night’s homecoming football game! e Spirit Walk is another memorable part interested in Roger Bacon, of the rst quarter. Dress warm and gang up with your friends to tour St. Bernard contact Brandon Cowans and raise money for your school and raise awareness for breast cancer. is year’s theme was “Bleeding brown and thinking pink.” at 513.641.1313 or Roger Bacon is a place of challenging academics with courses for those of bcowans@rogerbacon.org all intellectual levels. Aside from academics Bacon o ers many extracurricular activities. During the rst quarter I was able to play football at all levels: Fresh- man, JV, and Varsity. We o er a variety of sports where everyone gets a chance to play and prove themselves as the next greatest. Roger Bacon is a school of challenging academics, sports, compassion, and will help you to become destined for success. e skills you learn here, the relationships you build here, and the hard work ethic that you achieve here will last you a lifetime. Roger Bacon is a place of excellence, a place of rich tradition, and most importantly the place for you to be. Roger Bacon High School has been everything I had hoped it would be and so much more. Roger Bacon is more than just a school. It’s a family, an accepting family that I’m proud to be a part of. I am proud to call myself a Spartan and look forward to my next three years here.” Spread the Word… Be a Spartan! Spencer Batdorf 4 winter 2012
  7. 7. spartan PRINCIPAL THOUGHTSBE A BE A SPARTAN. As we strive to produce future Spartans, the assistance of our alumni is vitally important. More than any other Catholic high school in Cincinnati, we rely on the generosity of our alumni to ensure the quality Franciscan education associated with the name Roger Bacon is continued. is truly is a special place and your BE A SPARTAN. As a retired Marine, I am very familiar involvement – be it through nancial support, participa- with the saying: “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” ere tion with our students, or your prayers – is essential to is an unspoken bond of shared experiences that instantly the success of our mission. erein lies the challenge and unite Marines whenever and wherever they meet. is responsibility that comes with being a Spartan. It is not bond transcends age, gender, race, social standing, and just a name conferred in a graduation ceremony and occupation. It emanates from being part of something quickly forgotten. It is a bond that unites all Spartans - special, something bigger than each individual. ere is a past, present and future. It is the shared responsibility pride associated with the name “Marine” and all it entails. to support Roger Bacon and fellow Spartans. ere is also the expectation of mutual support, shared responsibility and, when necessary, comfort. is special e challenge is simple in form but calls us all to embrace bond lives on past active duty service and unites all all that the name “Spartan” means. On behalf of all the Marines - past, present and future. students at Roger Bacon, who look to past generations of Spartans for support, guidance and inspiration, we BE A SPARTAN. at same spirit of fellowship and implore each and every alumnus to BE A SPARTAN. belonging is also associated with being a Roger Bacon Spartan. e saying is just as relevant – once a Spartan, God bless all of you and God bless Roger Bacon. always a Spartan. When alumni gather together, regardless of their graduating year, there is an immediate bond and the shared experiences jump forth in a rich tapestry of tales and stories involving activities, faculty and friends. When Spartans gather there is an instant camaraderie and Steve Schad commonality with having graduated from this storied Principal institution. Lifelong friends have been made as a result of the Roger Bacon experience. Being a Spartan means something and unites all generations of Spartans. reunion 5
  8. 8. Congratulations to freshman Rebecca Senior Nicholas Luken has beenDeBurger who was selected to receive named a COMMENDED STUDENT ina scholarship from the AUBREY ROSE the 2012 NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR-HOLLENKAMP FOUNDATION. The SHIP PROGRAM. About 34,000Aubrey Rose Hollenkamp Foundation Commended Students throughout thewas started in honor of Aubrey Rose nation were recognized for their excep-Hollenkamp who courageously lived for tional academic promise. Commendedthree great years battling multiple health Students placed among the top fiveissues before she died November 10, percent of more than 1.5 million students2000. Rebecca won the $500 award who entered the competition by takingbased on an application and essay the 2010 Preliminary SAT/National Meritwhich focused on ways she has Scholarship Qualifying Test.positively impacted others just likethe life of Aubrey Rose. “We are extremely proud of Nicholas,” said Principal Steve Schad. “This award is not only a testimony to the hard work and dedication Nicholas has shown throughout his academic career, but reflects well on the academic opportuni- ties available at RB High School.” Bacon Buddies Host a Picnic @ Vine Street Park! BACON BUDDIES hosted a September picnic for RB cafeteria after school. After decorating their their little friends from St. Francis Seraph at Vine candy bags, playing Ghost Toss, Wrapping a Street Park in St. Bernard. Then in October, Bacon Mummy, decorating cookies and face painting, Buddies also hosted a Halloween Party for students the children with their Bacon Buddy hunted the in grades K, 1, and 2 of St. Francis Seraph in the halls of RB for candy stations.6 winter 2012
  9. 9. Anatomy students demonstrate is past June, Roger Bacon Highsome moves with their version School’s French Departmentof SIMON SAYS! ANATOMY sponsored a student trip to& PHYSIOLOGY students France and Spain. Seven studentsMaria Angel & Kevin Anneken and two faculty members tooktreated their classmates to a rare in the sights of Paris, travelledsight. They demonstrated various through the Loire Valley andbody movements atop the lab explored the western coasttables to their classmates, so they of France. A er visiting thecould view the movements and picturesque port town of St.practice naming them. As they had Jean de Luz, they crossed thefun doing the moves, students took Pyrenees into northern Spain,turns directing them to demonstrate visiting Pamplona and Zara-such things as “elevation” of the goza before nishing theshoulders or “circumduction” of the adventure in Barcelona.arms. Maria and Kevin were good sportswhen they were directed to do one, then Karen Adams, Frenchtwo, then three, and ultimately four Teacher, is committedmovements simultaneously. to o ering the Roger Bacon community these travel opportunities. is was the h trip she has organized at the school. In the past, students have visited Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and of course, France. What she nds the most gratifying is seeing students’ eyes open to the world. “When our students return from their experience, I am always struck by their enthusiasm for learning and their desire to continue to explore the world. at, for me, de nes the purpose of education.”In September Vic Schultz’s TECHNICAL Roger Bacon’s next trip is planned for June 2013.DRAWING CLASS, along with a few is time participants will travel to Paris, themembers of next semester’s engineering Riviera and Rome, including visits to Florence,class, participated in a live Webinar from Assisi and the Vatican. As always, it is open to allWindpower Engineering and Develop- members of the Roger Bacon community, both pastment. This webinar was set up for and present. Parents and other family membersengineers to show advanced simulations are welcome, too. If you are interested in receiv-for improving the design of wind ing more information, please contact Mrs. Adamsturbines through CAD programs. at kadams@rogerbacon.org. Reptile Day @ RB BIOLOGY @ ZOOLOGY students were treated to some visiting reptiles in October. Student teacher, Jarrod Calhoun brought in 3 snakes and 2 lizards for his science students. As the students held different reptiles, Mr. Calhoun explained several interesting facts about each of their life cycles. reunion 7
  10. 10. On November 16th, the entire student Seniors in English class at RB recentlybody gathered for a prayer service to met Mr. Roger Grein from the non-profit,begin the 24TH ANNUAL ASSIST-A- educational organization MAGNIFIEDFAMILY CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. Ms. GIVING. Mr. Grein shared his story ofVanessa Rozier, Pastoral Assistant from the importance of hard work, faith andthe Mother of Christ Church shared a giving to others as seniors at RB beginpersonal story from her childhood. their work on a Student PhilanthropySenior Tyler Swanson reflected on the Project. The students were touched byimportance of giving. A commissioning his generous spirit, and his determinationprayer was said over the Homeroom in the face of challenges. RB seniorsrepresentatives for this program and are part of a city-wide program calleda final blessing prayer for the entire Magnified Giving, which gives them thestudent body, faculty and staff responsibility of awarding grants to localconcluded the prayer service. nonprofit agencies. Family & Friends Joined RB StudentsRemembering that every few seconds in the US someone needs blood,family and friends joined RB students in the school auditorium to donatea unit of blood in November. Thirty-five years and almost six thousandpints of blood later, RB’s semi-annual blood drive event is the oldestcontinuing blood drive of any high school in the city! This year’s blooddrive was held in memory of JUSTIN STARK, a former student at RB. Hepassed away last April and his illness required a great deal of Hoxworthblood products.8 winter 2012
  11. 11. e RB CLASS OF 2015 participated in a SERVICE DAY RETREAT on October 19thand October 26th. Students, accompanied by faculty and sta members spent the dayin Over-the-Rhine participating in one of several outreach programs and workshopsat Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, Our Daily Bread, EPIC House, EmmanuelCommunity Center, Visions Daycare Center, Mercy/Franciscan at St. John’s,and Peaslee Neighborhood Center. e purpose of the Service Day Retreat is to educate freshman students on the valueof service to the materially poor in the Franciscan tradition, to give back to our localcommunity, to develop a spirit of giving and to build community among the class.Brittany Skelton from Over-the-Rhine Community Housing commented “It wasinspiring to see rst year students already engaging in service and giving back tothe community; I look forward to the many more great accomplishments thesestudents will surely have!” Brown Goes Green RB. helped reduce our landfill input by thou- Polar Bears International is an organiza- sands of pounds! tion dedicated to conservation through research, stewardship, and education. Meet Roger Bacon’s 2011 team– This group focuses on the environment “The Trashless Trio” sophomores Stephen of the polar bear and the health of that Post and Nicole Guldner and freshman, ecosystem. PBI has awesome resources Kevin Dinh. This team will pick up where for anyone interested in becoming a part “The 3 Garbateers“ left off from last of the solution to help planet Earth. year. They will continue the all-school composting, help educate fellow One such resource is the annual students, faculty, & staff on recycling competition inviting students world-wide issues, produce public service announce- to conceive and implement a project ments, visit other schools to help them within one of the categories offered. with setting up recycling programs, and Student teams are small – typically 2 to coordinate the myriad recycling projects 3 – who are motivated to make an “envi- happening at Roger Bacon. “The Trash- ronmental difference”. Roger Bacon High less Trio” will work together to spread the School fielded a team last year (“The 3 message of becoming good stewards of Garbateers”) that implemented an our Earth and help teach everyone how all-school composting program. This team to effect change. reduced CO2 emissions at the school by over 64,000 lbs! The efforts were coordi- Teacher and Coordinator Megan nated with the Planeteers (RB’s ecology Guldner says “You are invited to view club) for paper and aluminum recycling the PBI website to learn more about this and the Chemistry Club for recycling organization and the efforts of your very electronics and batteries. In addition, own team in this competition! Please the Chemistry Club began the Terracycle check in regularly to read about our program which recycled snack bags and progress and to learn about how you zip-loc baggies. The entire RB community fit into this very important effort. became united in efforts to Recycle/ Reuse/Reduce. This RB community www.polarbearsinternational.org reunion 9
  12. 12. On Tuesday, October 4th the FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS was celebrated throughout the world. RB celebrated this day beginning with a procession of the entire student body, faculty and staff from the school onto the sidewalk of Vine Street to St. Clement Church (three blocks from RB) for Mass. French teacher Karen Adams commented, “My homeroom really got into the spirit of things and prayed all the way up the hill. I was so proud of them! The service was beautiful and the church is a stunning place to worship. Fr. Mark’s homily was inspiring and I felt that our student body’s behavior was the best I have ever seen during a school- wide Mass!” Gratitude: a Franciscan Value Recently Practiced by RB Senior Football Players. Coach KEVIN HUXEL’S 13 senior football players Teachers from left: Bill Stone, Todd Kalsey, Dan Starkey, Fred each chose a faculty member who greatly influenced Widmeyer, Mike Benjamin, Rick Sollmann, Coach Kevin Huxel, Gregg Rose, Jim Swedenburg, Karen Adams, Paul Zlatic, them over the past four years. At the Homecoming Mellen Moors-Dressing, Paul Wittekind and Megan Guldner. pep assembly on October 7, each senior presented Players from left: De’Von Thomas, Joe Newton, Dalen Wess, his teacher with a hand-written thank-you note and Griffin Mouty, James Fiorini, Josh Wilking, Jemel Ntumba, Jake Smith, his practice jersey. Those honored teachers then Connor Mouty, Ben Rose, Dariell Berry, Jake Ungerbuehler and wore the jerseys to the parade and game that night. Alex Meirose.10 winter 2012
  13. 13. “For the past several weeks I havebeen working with Ed Dauterich’s putt - putt... in Math Class?SCULPTURE CLASS. Unknown to manypeople sculpture projects consist of Professional golfer, Bobby Jones,several stages. First, the students engagedin a simple subconscious exploration of once said, “Golf is a game that isaesthetics using vine charcoal on paper. played on a ve-inch course—theThey were encouraged to sketch loosely distance between your ears.” eand then tighten the form into a morerealized vision for a three-dimensional students in Mr. Nobbe’s senior mathpiece. After a day of sketching and an analysis class took time to learn justexercise in blind clay working, the class how true this quote is as they studiedhad the opportunity to sketch in three the geometry of parabolic and ellipticaldimensions using steel wire and dowelrods. These steel sketches or armatures curves. As a culminating project, Mr.set the foundations for the final pieces. Nobbe’s students discovered that a golfTo finish the pieces, plaster and gesso ball that bounces o a parabolic bumperwere applied to add mass and texture.”“Every student took a unique approach will always de ect to the exact same point;to the lesson. The variations range from the focus point. e students put thissurrealist figures with looming giraffe discovery to the test by playing a round ofheads to intuitive abstractions withmeticulous patterns. The work produced putt-putt in class. Every student that playedhas been nothing short of inspiring” said scored a hole-in-one; not because of their skills onresident sculptor, Peter Miller (current the links, but because of the power of mathematics.student teacher at RB). An ellipse, a curve that resembles an oval, has properties that will guarantee a hole-in-one as well if the hole and the tee are both placed at focus points. As the students’ golf scores fell, their under- standing of the fundamentals of conic sections grew. Alex Mathis, a senior in Nobbe’s class, said, “It was a lot of fun to play golf in class, and it was a embodi- ment application of the concepts we have been studying.” Jake Richardson, another RB senior said, “I never realized how much of a connection graph- ing curves has to everyday life. e next time you go to a putt-putt course, you might try to use geometry to lower your score.” 1+1= Scott Schaffer Senior Scott Schaffer received the HONDA-OSU PARTNERSHIP MATH MEDAL AWARD for the Class of 2012. Scott was nominated as the best math student at RB based upon his performance through the end of his junior year. The math medal is an academic award that recognizes the best math student in more than 300 high schools in 32 Ohio counties. reunion 11
  14. 14. The following students attended theEight RB seniors (pictured below) attended the 14TH ANNUAL G/GCL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE held at Moeller High School: Zhane’ Broomfield,STUDENT SERVICE LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP on September 14 Kevin Anneken, Kellie Behrle, Erik Edwards,hosted by The Mayerson Foundation at the University of Cinicnnati. This Cara Uetrecht and Brian Richardson.all-day workshop is a high school service-learning program committed to Attending the ANTHONY MUNOZbringing together students from every corner of our region to discuss, YOUTH LEADERSHIP SEMINAR this falllearn and grow---with service at the forefront. Each student had an option were: Josh Wilking, Meghan Finke, Andreato attend any two of the thirty-two various break-out sessions offered. Loudin, Karly Oaks, Connor Mouty, DarciDiscussion groups followed for students to learn and share ideas for new Gruenwald, Tyler Swanson, Brandon Lee Hyde, Christina Rolfe, Tommy Foertemeyer,service programs at their schools. Markisha Rainey and Jemel Ntumba. Student Service Leadership WorkshopThe Roger Bacon students pictured are all members of the school’sCOMMUNITY OUTREACH BOARD. They are: (front row l to r) ColleenGerding, Jeff Schomaker, Darci Gruenwald, and Gabby Tillett. (backrow l to r) RB Community Outreach Director Dan Nolan, Sophia Wright,Paul Kraemer, Tyler Swanson and Jasmine Carter.12 winter 2012
  15. 15. On Tuesday, October 4th, the Feast of St Francis, RB teacher, KYLE NOBBE(pictured right) attended the OHIO CATHOLIC EDUCATION ASSOCIATION’Sannual conference in Columbus, OH. Nobbe was selected to share with a group of fellowCatholic educators how to incorporate Catholic values into a mathematics curriculum.Nobbe gave examples of how service could be integrated into the topics taught in amath classroom so that the hearts, as well as the minds of students could be shapedin the image of Christ. e presentation included lessons that Nobbe used to connectgeometry to respect for life, exponential equations to serving at a soup kitchen,statistics to stewardship to the earth, and graphing functions to caring for refugees.Nobbe said, “ e lessons engage students on a deeper level than just academics. elessons are designed to help the students see the connections of the content to real-lifeand to encourage them to look beyond themselves as they o er service to others.Service learning is the ful llment of my ministry as a Catholic educator.” Twelve years ago RB held its first ones served the students from a “soup Shantytown program (a homeless kitchen” in the school’s cafeteria. education program). On October 15th, Roger Bacon sponsored the 12th Annual At 6:30 a.m., two St. Bernard police Shantytown for sixty-two participat- cars drove up the front driveway of ing students willing to brave the school using floodlights and loud speak- cold night and sleep ers to wake the students in a cardboard box (pre-planned activity). home for the night Students were without blankets, “informed” by the sleeping bags or police that they were pillows. sleeping on private property and needed Before retiring to to break down their their individual boxes box homes to be at 2:30 a.m. students carried to another participated in a location. game called “Seeking Shelter” (presented by “This program is designed Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer ’04 from the to sensitize our students to the issues of Mayerson Foundation) listened to homelessness. One of the most powerful 20-year-old Cincinnati’s homeless people can definitely relate Lauren Lovette with our lack of comfort. It’s a part of their daily lives. share her experi- ences of being homeless, prayed during experiences for the students is to experi- a candlelight service for world hunger ence the loneliness of being in the box and viewed the movie “God Bless This and feeling isolated and uncomfortable” Child” (a movie about a homeless mother said Community Outreach Director and daughter). After the movie chaper- Dan Nolan. reunion 13
  16. 16. On Thursday, November 10th, RB Saturday, October 22nd students tookhosted a VETERANS’ DAY ASSEMBLY the ACT. A group of students at RBin the school’s auditorium at 8:00 a.m. prepared for the day, not by reviewing aVeterans were honored for their courage multitude of rules about comma place-and service to our country. This year the ment or working word problems aboutentire student body, faculty and staff trains coming from New York andwere invited to attend the ceremony of Chicago, but by practicing YOGA. “Yogahonor; each veteran in attendance was is one technique students can use to calmrecognized personally. Students from their test anxiety and focus their atten-the Class of 2012 served a continental tion” said teacher Julie Vehorn. Afterbreakfast and had the opportunity to their first yoga session, junior Brianhear stories and ask questions, essentially Richardson said, “It got me ready for thereceiving a “living history” lesson from day.” Fellow junior, Jessica Spaeth, said,the great veterans in attendance! “I liked the fact that I was relaxed for the rest of the day and I wasnt stressed about anything.” The one semester ACT/SAT Prep class helps to prepare students for college entrance exams by reviewing key content, test taking strategies, and anxiety reducing techniques. Eighth Grade Students Earning High School Credit in Math. Each morning Monday through Friday 5 students from the course. Mr. Nobbe says “this course gives ST. JAMES OF THE VALLEY in Wyoming come to students a strong algebra background and RB to “get a leg up” on math. They are learning encourages them to enter a more accelerated a full year of high school Algebra I from RB math program in their 9th and 10th grade years.” Even teacher, KYLE NOBBE. Many elementary schools though these eighth graders are St. James students, have an advanced math program, however, this they are also now considered RB students. To class allows students to not only learn high school reaffirm that fact each student was given a RB t-shirt algebra, but also receive the high school credit for on the morning of their first class.14 winter 2012
  17. 17. GCL Central All-Star Football Team Congratulations to two standout Spartan student/athletes: SeniorsFirst Team Offense First Team DefenseJoe Newton - Offense Line Jemel Ntumba - Defensive Line Connor Mouty and Taylor Gruen-Jake Smith - Offensive Line De’Von Thomas - Defensive Line wald. Both were named WLWTGriffin Mouty - Running Back Connor Mouty - Linebacker Channel 5 and McDonalds HighLonnell Brown - Wide Receiver Dalen Wess - Defensive Back School Playbook Student Athletes of the Week. Their accomplish-Second Team Offense Second Team Defense ments and accolades wereAlex Meirose - Offensive Line Dariel Berry - Defensive Line featured on the Channel 5 Blitz 5James Fiorini - Offensive Line Ben Rose - Linebacker sports segment. Jake Ungerbuehler - Defensive BackGCL Central Player of the Year Jake Westerfeld - Defensive BackGriffin Mouty RB senior running back Griffin GCL Central Linebacker of the Year Mouty scored three rushing Connor Mouty touchdowns and eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark for the second straight season after finishing with season highs in carries (29) and rushing yards (218 yards). Congratulations to 2nd Team All Southwest District honorees Griffin Mouty, offense and Dalen Wess, defense. Fellow teammates Lonnell Brown, Connor Mouty, Joe Newton, and Jake Smith earned Honorable Mention accolades. The boys’ Cross Country Team is a 2011 GCL Central League Cham- pion! In a hotly contested meet Special thanks to the men in between Central League foes, the press box at every home football game Roger Bacon defeated 2nd place for their eagle eyes, expertise and announcing finisher McNicholas 35 to 38. skills—Skip Borgman, John Slone, Senior Alex Mathis won the Jeff Brehm and John Ceddia! Runner of the Year Award by finishing 1st overall in the Division. Senior Tommy Forte- meyer finished 4th, Senior Lucas Stark finished 7th, Sophomore Jose Arreago finished 11th, SophomoreFrom time to time, members of the Roger Bacon family have Logan Hendricks finished 12th,asked about coming and seeing the sport of UNDERWATER Junior Tommy Lawlor finishedHOCKEY for themselves. While any member of the Roger 14th, and Senior Nick HoffmannBacon community is more than welcome to attend any of our rounded out the scoring finishingregular Sunday afternoon practices, this year the team decided 15th. Although the Roger Bacon Girls did not field a complete teamto invite any interested faculty, administration, and staff due to illness and injuries, Seniormembers to a mini Open House at our Sunday afternoon Cara Williams and Junior Anniepractice on Sunday, November 6. The practice was held in the Spinnenweber made theafternoon at the University of Cincinnati’s Recreation Center. All-League Team with theirEveryone was welcome to bring a swim suit and towel and finishing times. Senior Tommyactually get in the pool to watch. Fortemeyer and Senior Lucas Stark joined Senior Alex Mathis on the Boys All-League team as well.Check out RBHSpartans.blogspot.com for updates on RB Athletics. reunion 15
  18. 18. WHEN: Thursday Jan. 19, 2012 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES SPONSORED BYOpen Bar 6pm-8pm (cash bar after 8) Mike Stoll ’70, Rick Bierman ’82,Dinner at 7:30pm Jim Huxel ’86, Brandon McIntosh ’98COST: $50.00 BRON BACEVICH AWARDIncludes entry to the program, Charlie FredrickLaRosa’s dinner and drinks PRESENTED BY(beer, wine and mixed drinks) TOM ROEBEL GOOD FELLOWSHIP AWARDMULTIPLE TICKET PACKAGES Butch Jones - UC Head Football Coach$250 – 5 Tickets & 1 Parking Pass$500 – 10 tickets & 2 Parking Passes RICK BIERMAN ’82 Rick started his “sports career” at St. Bartholomew gradeMICHAEL J. STOLL ‘70 school. Rick is one of eight children of Jim and JoyceWhen Mike graduated in 1970 he was a four-year letter Bierman. He and his three brothers (Jim ’70, Jeff ’74 andwinner in basketball and lettered three years on the Greg ’76) played sports at Roger Bacon. (Jim was alsobaseball team. He was named MVP in both sports and inducted in the Sports Hall of Fame in 2010.) Sisters Bev,received All-City honors while a Spartan. In addition, he Linda, Kathy and Karen were allwas a member of the baseball team that won the GCL, cheerleaders for Roger Bacon.and made the state finals. He also was a member of the Even though Rick missedbasketball team that ranked #1 in the city. the first 13 basketball games of Mike attended The College of Wooster, where he his senior year (due to an anklewas a star for the basketball team. He helped lead the injury in the first game of theFighting Scots to two Ohio Athletic Conference champion- season) he still lettered all fourships and participated in the NCAA Tournament his junior years in basketball and 2 yearsyear, was Captain and MVP and won All Ohio Athletic in golf. He had a season high 24Conference recognition his senior year. He graduated points in a “must-win” gamewith a B.A. in Economics from Wooster in 1974. against St. X. Rick was a starter Mike has been employed by The Kroger Company in all tournament games and was one of five seniors tofor 36 years. From 2000-2010, Mike was VP of Corporate win the 1982 State AAA Basketball Championship. HeBenefits for Kroger. In 2010, he was promoted to Chief scored 14 points and “dished out” six assists whileExecutive Officer of The Little Clinic, a wholly owned finishing the game with two free throws with threesubsidiary of Kroger. seconds left in overtime to defeat the Barberton Magics. Among notable career accomplishments, in 2006, Rick has been employed with Heidelberg Distribut-Mr. Stoll represented Kroger at an Employer Committee ing for 22 years as a District Manager. He and his wife,meeting on Health Savings Dana, have been married for 18 years and have twoAccounts and Consumer daughters, Andrea and Macey and two grandchildren,Directed Health Care at the Kaitlyn and Conner.White House with PresidentGeorge W. Bush. Mr. Stoll is married toElizabeth Stoll, an O.L.A.graduate. He has two sons,both living in Cincinnati. Sports journalist and Cincinnati native TONY MEALE is “I have always had quite currently writing a book on the 2002 Division II state championa family and friend connec- Roger Bacon basketball team. A 2003 St. Xavier High Schooltion to Roger Bacon. My 5 graduate, Meale, who has written for numerous outlets, including MLB.com and the Cincinnati Enquirer, will weave together thebrothers all went to RB along with a number of nieces recollections of former players and coaches, among others, to telland nephews. My best friend in college and fraternity the tale of the only Ohio team to ever beat LeBron James andbrother, Rick Sollmann, not only attended RB, but became Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary. Included in this account is the storyPrincipal! I feel so honored and privileged to receive this of Bill Brewer and the struggles and triumphs that central guresaward, that it is hard to put my feelings in words.” in this story endured before, during and a er that magical season. e book, entitled e Chosen Ones: e Team at Beat LeBron, is expected to be out in March. Meale will be on hand at the16 winter 2012 Bacon Stag on January 19, 2012, to help honor this team.
  19. 19. BRANDON Mc INTOSH ’98 Brandon is a 1998 graduate of RB. Most remember him as an outstanding, talented basketball player but he also played two years of football during high school as well. As a basketball player Brandon remembers playing 98 games JIM HUXEL ’86 in a Spartan jersey! He was a GCL Jim is the youngest of 7 children born to Richard and North Co-Player of the year with Marilyn Huxel. He followed his father and 3 older teammate Eugene Land and in brothers to Roger Bacon where he actively participated in 1998 he was the second all-time the Student Senate and a number of sports. During all 4 leading scorer in RB history. years he played football, basketball and track. In addition he was one of the During his senior year he played both offense, team’s leaders in rebounding. defense and special teams. Jim was selected to the first For the first time in 23 years (in team all GCL offense in addition to be awarded offensive 1998) the Boys’ Varsity Basketball guard and defensive lineman of the year. He was also Team claimed the GCL title and awarded all Southwest honors and invited to play in the continued on to become City Champs, Sectional Champs, East / West all-star game. Jim went on to play college District Champs and Regional Runners-Up. football at Indiana State University. He continued his basketball success at Xavier Univer- Jim played forward for the Spartan basketball team sity as a player on Skip Prosser’s basketball team and all 4 years. While a junior, he was awarded defensive graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal player of the year. Justice. In the 2000-01 basketball season he was voted Most For track, he threw shot-put and discus. He won GCL Improved Student Athlete. in both his freshman and sophomore years. During his In 2009 Brandon was the recipient of the 2009 Spartan junior year he went to Award given at the annual RB Alumni Awards Dinner. A districts for shot-put. A foot family member spoke of him and said, “Brandon was born injury kept him from playing with a passion for people and a keen sense of sensitivity to his senior year. others, driven to raise the level of making a difference in Jim has been a football the lives of others. He is a coach with a shepherd’s heart, coach at RB, Ross, LaSalle and whose playing field is beyond sports but includes life and currently at Moeller High the struggles and joys it brings.” School. He is also dedicated Brandon currently is working for the national Youth to building strength and Advocate Program which addresses needs for at-risk youth. stamina for Moeller’s For the last three years he has been a member of the football and lacrosse teams Fellowship of Christian Athletes and serves as a team in the weight room. chaplain for the Columbus area high schools for football Jim has been married for 19 years to Teresa (Chaulk) and basketball. “I am extremely awed at the opportunity Huxel, a 2002 inductee into the Roger Bacon Women’s to join such a rich history of student athletes in the Roger Hall of Fame. They live in White Oak with their son Bacon Hall of Fame.” Jackson and attend St. James Parish. Brandon and his wife, Dawn, are expecting their first child in April.e Team that Beat LeBron Please cut out and mail check to: Roger Bacon STAG • 4320 Vine Street • Cincinnati, Ohio 45217 Name: ______________________________________________ Class Year: __________ Phone: ____________________ Email: ______________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________ TONY MEALE # of Tickets: __________ $ Enclosed: _______________ reunion 17
  20. 20. ANN (ROBERS) THOMPSON ’54 was recently awarded the Realtor Emeritus from the National Association of Realtors. She was appointed to The“Living in a secluded Franciscan hermit- Ohio Real Estate Commission in 2010age out in a remote country area outside by then Governor Strickland. Sheof St. Louis, Missouri, is a treasured taught real estate at Cincinnatimemory” said SR. LAURENCIA LISTER- Tech for 15 years, has her ownMAN ’31. “While there with thirteen real estate appraisal companyothers my knowledge of Sts. Francis and and she is also the 2011 Jim “BClare was deepened. Free from responsi- president of the Green ubs” Kbility, TV, newspaper, magazines, even Township Democratic Club.people, my time there was devoted to She has 5 children and 4 indt ’5Franciscan history, Eucharist, prayer, stepchildren. 7meditation, discussion and fun. Thisexperience led me to an appreciation of Congratulations to SR. PATTIsimple living and joy according to Gospel ZUREICK, OSF ‘78 upon her successfulvalues.” Sr. Laurencia celebrated her completion of her Master of Arts in80th Jubilee this year. Pastoral Counseling Program at The Jim “Bubs” Athenaeum of Ohio. In June she was Kindt ’57 finished accredited as a Licensed Professional his 44th season this year as Counselor and began her new ministry the manager and founder of the in Cincinnati as a Professional Counselor Storm Club Baseball Program. This at Mercy Professional Services in August. year on June 6, 2011, Storm ClubAbout 34 ladies of the OLA CLASS In addition, Sr. Patti is also working defeated Hillsboro Legion 15-5. ThisOF ’51 (pictured below) celebrated their toward additional credentials as a victory was the 2,000th win for60th reunion together with a delightful Registered Play Therapist, as she strives Bubs! During this 44 year period,luncheon at Clovernook Country Club to help children in times of emotional the team has won 36 state and 17on Friday, September 9th. and mental healing. regional championships, two world championships and national runner-ups 8 times. Over 400 of Bubs’ ballplayers have received college scholarships, 66 have been drafted by the pros and 13 have made it to a major league team (Jim Tracy, Colorado Rockies Manager; Frank Wren, General Manager for the Atlanta Braves and Tony Compano, Outfielder for the Chicago Cubs to name a few). Eighteen of Bubs’ former players have coached high school–Joe Corcoran (AD) and Tim McCoy ’02 both atThe men of RB CLASS OF ’56 celebrated Roger Bacon. Twelve former playerstheir 55th Reunion with a dinner became college baseball coaches-celebration at Clovernook Country Club What’s New with U ? Dan Hartlaub, head baseball coachon Friday, September 30th. at the University of Illinois and Jimmy Stay connected with RB and send us an update. Remember to send your updated Schmitz, head baseball coach at home address, phone number and/or Eastern Illinois University. e-mail if you’ve moved or changed information recently. Send to Sue Huerkamp shuerkamp@rogerbacon.org18 winter 2012 or 513-641-1313.
  21. 21. CHRIS KATZ ’02 joined the U.S. Navy in June of 2009 and graduated third in his class from the Aerographics program, studying Weather and Forecasting. ChrisRB Family members KIM ’79 AND SI JON POWERS ‘90 and BETH BABEL got married this past year and is currentlyROSE opened a new Buffalo Wings and POWERS ‘99 are the proud parents of stationed in San Diego as a E4/Third ClassRings in Finneytown recently. They are a new addition to their family, Abigail Petty Officer in weather forecasting andsponsoring several RB Nights at their Anne Powers, born on September 13, reporting at the Pacific Fleet Weatherrestaurant to benefit this year’s Evening 2011. Abigail has three other siblings, Center. Chris will be moving to Missis-for Excellence on April 21st. The first NICHOLAS ’14, Ben and Jessica. sippi for his classes in oceanography.Bacon night was held in October, thesecond in December. On February 8thjoin Bacon family and friends for anothergreat night of eating at Buffalo Wingsand Rings! LEAH KROEGER, SARAH STENTZ, SAM HEISTER and DOUG JOHNSON (pictured below), from the Class of 2010 traveled to Pittsburgh this summer to audition for American Idol. They wereMILT STEGALL ’87 was featured in an unable to get through for an audition,article for the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The The CLASS OF ’91 (pictured below) but still enjoyed a vacation together.Cincinnati native and former Canadian enjoyed the Homecoming game andFootball League star is no longer playing their reunion on the new Alumni Deckin the CFL, from which he retired three at the Bron Bacevich stadium on Octoberyears ago. Hes the CFL’s all-time leader 7th. After the Homecoming victory theirin touchdowns (144) and receiving yards celebration continued at the Forest Park(15,153).” Buffalo Wings. On the following Saturday afternoon classmates and theirBurke, Inc. promoted MICHAEL LAUX families enjoyed a picnic together.’88 (pictured below) to VP of ClientServices in October. Michael joined Burkein 2009 as a Senior Account Executive inClient Services. Prior to Burke, he led salesand marketing efforts at Parker MarketingResearch. Michael also spent seven yearsat Right Management Consultants,a Cincinnati-based human resourcesconsulting firm. Michael holds a master’sdegree in business administration fromNorthern Kentucky University. He also DAVID JOHNSON ’03 and LAURA BRITTANY BOLLMER ’11 assistedearned a master’s degree in clinical VIOX ’03 were married at St. Clement in a Cincinnati State women’s soccerpsychology and a bachelor’s degree church on July 23rd. victory over Kelloggin psychology from Xavier University. Dave, a player on the Community College 2002 State Champi- on September 10th. onship Basketball She made a third team, is currently and final goal in coaching freshman the 75th minute basketball at RB. of the game. The CLASS OF ’96 (pictured right) had a great time reconnecting at The Pavilion in Mt. Adams for their 15th reunion. reunion 19
  22. 22. 10th Annual RB Cornhole Classic The OLA Class of 1962 will celebrate The RB Class of 1962 will celebratein the RB Auditorium a 50th Reunion next year on September a 50th Reunion on April 14, 2012 atSaturday, February 18th at 6:30 pm 12, 2012 at Clovernook Country Club. Jim and Jack’s Riverside Bar (251-7977)$50 per team; $15 per spectator More information will be forthcoming. at 6:00 pm. More information will be• Check-In & Practice at 6:30 pm Contact Bernice Schmalz Bishop at forthcoming. Contact Don Ernst at• All players must be 21 or over 794-0818 or bbishop@cinci.rr.com. 922-8775 or nernst0619@fuse.net.• 64 Teams (Two & Out Format)• Open & Mixed Couple Divisions• Beer and Food provided Jim & Paula Blessing Alums, Friends and Families... you are welcome to attend FirstFor More Information: Catholic Cemetery Society Friday Mass in the Our Lady of Angels chapel each rst FridayCall John Hoeh at 505-8969 Mary Ann Dehmer of the month at 8:15 a.m. Co ee and pastries o ered a er Mass. Thank You 2011 Tom Dehmer John Kidwell You are also invited to attend an Alumni Association meeting Don McGrath on the second ursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Fi Friday Wes Neal Library/Media Center (park in rear lot.) Betty Nerl Ma Sponso ! St. Anthony Fraternity Questions: Call Sue Huerkamp at 641-1313 St. John the Baptist Province or shuerkamp@rogerbacon.org On the first of October RB alums and The 6th Annual TOM ROEBEL MEMO- friends enjoyed a beautiful night under RIAL BOWL-A-THON was held July 30 the stars eating, drinking and dancing to at Colerain Bowl. Current bowling team the sounds of the fabulous band “Second members, alumni, family and friends had Wind” at the BLACKTOP PARTY AND a fun-filled evening of glow bowling, GRAND REUNION. pizza, music and door prizes. The TomIn October (pictured above), a SPRING Roebel Leadership Award was presentedGROVE CEMETERY TRAM TOUR was to current team members Ben Miller andgiven to a group of EFE ’11 attendees. Juliana VanRafelghem (pictured above).The tour and reception was auctioned The funds raised are used to support theat the Evening for Excellence in April. RB girls and boys bowling teams. Alumni Awards & Benefacto ’ On Saturday, November 12th, Roger Bacon hosted the Dinner on campus. Jim Clark ’68 received the annual Astrolabe Award, Barb Kock ’57, graduate of Our Lady of Angels, received the Amaranth Award, Judy Guillem received the Roger Bacon Award, and Rocky Merz ’95 received the Spartan Award. (Pictured from le : Jim Clark, Barb Kock, Fr. Bill Farris, Judy Guillem and Rocky Merz.)20 winter 2012 Check out RogerBacon.org or our facebook page for RB Alumni events.
  23. 23. Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage 4320 Vine Street PAID Cincinnati, Ohio 45217 Cincinnati, OH Permit No. 5420Please SAVE THE DATE of April Grand Prize Raffle Ticket21st for the best social event of Name ______________________________________ Phone _______________________________ 25ththe year! Roger Bacon’s Address ________________________________ City/State/Zip _______________________________Anniversary Evening Email ____________________________________________________________________________for Excellence charity Student Name & Merit # ______________ ________________________________________________auction & dinner will be held in Enclosed you will find a check for $ _____________ for _____ ticketsthe Fogarty Center. This is the ($40 each or 3 for $100, 7 for $200, 20 for $500) You need not be present to win. All proceeds benefitschool’s largest fundraising Make checks payable to: Roger Bacon High School the Scholarship Fund at Roger Bacon High School.event and benefits all of the Charge my: Visa MasterCard AMEX Discoverstudents. Many alums reserve Account #___________________________________________________ Exp. Date ___ ___________tables and have “mini reunions” Signature ______________________________ ___________________________________________with drinks, dinner, music and GRAND PRIZE $5000 • SECOND PRIZE $1000 • THIRD PRIZE $500 • FOURTH PRIZE $250fun provided. Call your friendsand make plans to attend this Mail to Roger Bacon - Evening for Excellence • 4320 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45217exciting evening at RogerBacon on April 21, 2012 for 25th AnniversaryEvening for Excellence Reservation Form SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2012 • FOGARTY CENTER AT ROGER BACON • RESERVE TICKETS BEFORE MARCH 16, 2012“Ole’ Barcelona!” Please reserve: _____ Tickets at $85 per person _____ Brown Level Patron at $100 per personIf you have a tax deductible NEW! Young Alum Ticket (Classes of 1989-2008) _____ $50 per persongift that you can offer to our $ ___________ Check enclosed (make checks payable to Roger Bacon High School)Live or Silent auction such Charge my: Visa MasterCard AMEX Discoveras a gift card, tickets to a Account # ___________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _____________sporting event, a vacation Signature ___________________________________________________________ ______________ I am unable to attend. Enclosed is my tax deductible donation: $ ____________stay or a cash donation please I can help you out with a Corporate Sponsorship, Catalog Ad or Gift Donation.contact Chris Bissmeyer at Name ______________________________________ Phone _______________________________cbissmeyer@rogerbacon.org Address ________________________________ City/State/Zip _______________________ ________or call 641-1313. Please give the names of the guests with whom you would like to be seated. (8 to a table)