How to share folders within a domain network


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How to share folders within a domain network

  1. 1. HOW to share a folder in the office based on the access right1. Create the folder which you want to share on your server driver, for instance “NIGERIAFILES”2. Now in the main folder that you have just created, create new folders. E.g: Finance,Admin and Programm..3. Now go back to the main folder and do “Right-click” on it and choose “Sharing andSecurity” from the contextual menu.
  2. 2. 4. You will have the “NIGERIA FILES” properties open on the “Sharing” tab.
  3. 3. 5. Now, select the “Share this folder” and “APPLY” then “OK”.6. Once you click on “OK” the windows will be closed and will have a “hand” icon on themain folder, which means you have now shared your folders with others users.Now we need to personalize the access right for each user within the main folder“NIGERIA FILES”7. Right on one of the folder in the main folder “FINANCE” and select “Sharing andsecurity”. On the “proprieties” of the selected folder, select the “Security” tab
  4. 4. Then go to “Advanced” in the bottom.You will have the following windows open.
  5. 5. Now, deselect “Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate………” onceyou click on it the “security” windows will be opened. Please, select “REMOVE” then “apply”and “OK”After removing the existing permissions, you can now add users, who will access that folder andfiles.To add users, please click on the “ADD” button
  6. 6. When you click on the “ADD” button, you will have a windows open, which will help you to lookfor users.Type the name of the user in the blank field and click on the “Check Names” to confirm theavailability of the user within the system. (If you don’t know the complete name of the user,you can type his first name or family name and then click on “Check Names”)For example, if I type “Roger” and click on the “Check Names” I will have this:
  7. 7. Then click on “OK” to personalize the access right for such user. You will have the followingwindows:You can now personalize the access right for the user. For Full access, just to tick on the fullaccess case and others will be selected automatically.After that, click on “OK” to add definitely the user and “APPLY” and “OK” to save themodification; “OK” again to quick the properties for the selected folder.You can add more users with specific access right by doing the same process.Also it is the same process for adding user to access other folders within the main folder“NIGERIA FILES”So if you want to add user to access “Programm” folder, you go back and open the mainfolder “NIGERIA FILES”
  8. 8. On the “PROGRAMM” folder do right-click” and select “Sharing and Security” the choose the“security” tab on the properties of the “Programm” folderThen choose the “Advanced” button in the bottom. You will have this window open:
  9. 9. As we did, untick the “Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate………”once you click on it the “security” windows will be opened.”Please, select “REMOVE” then “apply” and add users who will access the folder and files withthis folder “PROGRAMM” as we did for the “FINANCE” folder.Note: User must be in domain network. User must use its credential to log in the domain or tolog in while mapping the shared drive to his computer.