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Trends Journals

  1. 1. Trends Journals New t Cell P o r ess! Trends in Biochemical Sciences is the lead- Trends in Biotechnology is unique in draw- ing monthly review journal in biochemistry. The ing together a wide readership of scientists lively, well-illustrated reviews concentrate on the and engineers from the many disciplines of the biochemical, biophysical, molecular, and cellular applied biosciences. It reflects the views of suc- aspects of animals, plants, and microbes. The cessful biotechnology companies and leading Opinion articles present a personal, authorita- academic research groups that biotechnology is tive viewpoint, and the Update section includes the integrated use of many biological technolo- Research Focus articles and Letters to the Editor. gies, from molecular genetics to biochemical Total Average Global Circulation: 2,699 engineering. Impact Factor: 13.9* Total Average Global Circulation: 1,259 Impact Factor: 7.8* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 40
  2. 2. Trends Journals Trends in Cell Biology is among the leading Trends in Cognitive Sciences brings together monthly review journals in cell biology. Review research in psychology, artificial intelligence, lin- articles monitor the breadth and depth of current guistics, philosophy, computer science, anthro- research in cell biology, reporting on new pology, physiology, and neuroscience. The developments as they happen and integrating journal features succinct, lively, and up-to-date methods, disciplines, and principles. In addition, Review and Opinion articles and discussion of Trends in Cell Biology includes commentaries the latest developments in the primary literature on the latest developments, hypotheses to in Research Focus articles. Trends in Cognitive stimulate new research avenues, discussions Sciences provides an essential overview of the of developing techniques and computer latest thinking for both experts and newcomers to technology, meeting reports, personal profiles of this rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary field. eminent cell biologists, career advice, literature Total Average Global Circulation: 953 alerts, a meetings calendar, and reviews of new Impact Factor: 9.4* books, software, and CD-ROMs. Total Average Global Circulation: 1,260 Impact Factor: 12.4* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 41
  3. 3. Trends Journals New t Cell P o r ess! Trends in Ecology & Evolution is essential Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism pro- reading for all those interested in the biology vides a forum for the discussion of all aspects of organisms, populations, communities, and of endocrinology and metabolism. The concise ecosystems. It keeps scientists informed of new and readable Review, Research Focus, and developments and ideas across the full range Opinion articles cover topics at the cutting edge of ecology and evolutionary biology, from the of endocrinology and include both clinical and pure to the applied, from a molecular to a global research aspects of the field, from state-of-the scale. art treatments of endocrine diseases to new Total Average Global Circulation: 2,000 developments in molecular biology. Impact Factor: 14.1* Total Average Global Circulation: 680 Impact Factor: 7.1* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 42
  4. 4. Trends Journals Trends in Genetics is among the highest-cited Trends in Immunology has short, authoritative monthly review journals in genetics, with articles Review and Opinion articles on basic research covering developmental biology to genomics. topics that enable researchers to follow trends Every issue contains concise, informed, and and important developments outside their timely reviews that synthesize for a nonspecialist specialist area and provide the reader with a readership current topics in these fields. Trends complete picture of the diverse field of immu- in Genetics features the popular Genome nology. The additional Update section featuring Analysis section, a forum for original observa- Research Focus articles is designed to highlight tions concerning the function, organization, and recent advances in a particular field, providing evolution of genomes. insight into the implications of the new devel- Total Average Global Circulation: 2,068 opments as well as future perspectives and Impact Factor: 10.0* directions. Total Average Global Circulation: 3,041 Impact Factor: 10.2* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 43
  5. 5. Trends Journals New t Cell P o r ess! Trends in Microbiology provides succinct Trends in Molecular Medicine aims to facili- summaries, opinion, and discussion of the most tate communication between groups of highly exciting current research in microbiology, from trained professionals with distinct backgrounds virulence to genomics. The prestigious Editorial and skills whose common goals are to under- Board attests to the journal’s established reputa- stand and explain the molecular basis of disease tion as essential reading for all those interested with a view to new clinical practice. in molecular and experimental themes in all Total Average Global Circulation: 646 aspects of bacteriology, mycology, protozool- Impact Factor: 5.9* ogy, and virology. Total Average Global Circulation: 967 Impact Factor: 8.3* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 44
  6. 6. Trends Journals Trends in Neurosciences publishes authorita- Trends in Parasitology has become a highly tive, succinct, and readable articles written by regarded review journal of international impor- leaders in the field. The field of neuroscience tance. This reflects the truly global significance of has a relentless stream of exciting new develop- medical and veterinary parasites. To maintain its ments, but with our concise Reviews, Opinions cosmopolitan coverage, Trends in Parasitology (progressive and forward-looking review-length not only commissions articles of interest to the articles), and our shorter Research Focus arti- specialist but ensures they are written in a form cles, keeping abreast of the latest ideas is easy. accessible to readers in other fields. Its format Total Average Global Circulation: 2,449 and broad scope have made it an essential jour- Impact Factor: 13.5* nal for parasitologists worldwide. Total Average Global Circulation: 1,167 Impact Factor: 4.9* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 45
  7. 7. Trends Journals Trends in Pharmacological Sciences is one Trends in Plant Science is the leading of the leading monthly review journals in phar- monthly review journal in plant science, with macology and toxicology. Each issue contains broad coverage of basic plant science, from succinct articles on the most exciting recent molecular biology through ecology. The journal developments in pharmacology and toxicology is essential for those working in plant science research: topics covered in the journal range or related specialist areas. Short, authoritative from molecular to behavioral pharmacology and Review and Opinion articles on research topics from current techniques to theoretical pharma- enable researchers to follow trends and impor- cology. The journal is essential reading for stu- tant developments outside their specialist area. dents, professors, and directors alike. The additional Research Focus articles highlight Total Average Global Circulation: 1,933 recent advances in particular research fields Impact Factor: 10.4* and provide insights into the implications of the new developments, their future perspectives, and directions. Total Average Global Circulation: 1,179 Impact Factor: 8.0* *Source: 2006 ISI Journal Citation Reports 46