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Thyroid Australia Ltd


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Thyroid Australia Ltd

  1. 1. Thyroid Australia Ltd Publications Order Form Title Name (Please print) Date Organisation Address State Suburb/Town Postcode Phone E-mail* *If you have an e-mail address, would you like to receive the articles you have ordered as e-mail attachments (Adobe Acrobat PDF files)? t No t Yes The number of free articles you may choose depends on the number of years you select to be a member of Thyroid Australia. Please limit your order to no more than 20 articles at a time. If you would like to order more than 20 articles, you may consider buying one of the books listed on our recommended book list instead. Duration of Membership Free Articles • Not joining Thyroid Australia 0 • Joining or renewing for one year 10 • Joining or renewing for two years 20 Cost of extra articles = $1.00 each. Maximum order = 20 articles. Articles for which payment is required • ThyCa03LIR Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, Collection of Low-Iodine Recipes Cost = $3.00 • Genzyme01TC Genzyme Therapeutics, What you need to know about thyroid cancer [Booklet] Cost = $2.00 Articles Required • Please send _____________ free articles (up to 10 or 20, depending on the duration of your membership – see above) • Please send _____________ extra articles (cost = $1.00 each) • Total number of articles ordered: _____________ (maximum 20) • Please send a copy of the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association's Collection of Low-Iodine Recipes t No t Yes ($3) • Please send a copy of the Genzyme Therapeutics booklet, What you need to know about thyroid cancer t No t Yes ($2) • Total amount enclosed for articles: $_____________ Please list the FULL code # (e.g. Tb19-3Immen) for each article you require in the boxes below- Please return this Publications Order Form to: The Membership Secretary, Thyroid Australia Ltd, 333 Waverley Rd, Mount Waverley VIC 3149 For Office Use Only Articles $ Cash/Cheque/MO/Stamps Receipt # Received Date information sent Letter/E-mail Member # Printed 1/11/04 Thyroid Australia: Publications List Page 1 of 27
  2. 2. Printed 1/11/04 Thyroid Australia: Publications List Page 2 of 27
  3. 3. 1-Nov-04 Publications List DISCLAIMER All materials supplied by Thyroid Australia are for information purposes only, and do not constitute medical advice. • Please refer to the front page (the Publications Order Form) for ordering details. • Please limit your order to no more than 20 articles at a time. • PleasewritethecodenumbersofthearticlesyourequireontothePublicationsOrder formand returnthat toThyroid Australia.Please keep the full list for your own records. • Please contact us if you have not received your order within six weeks. Mail does sometimes go astray. • Some of the articles listed below are also available on the Internet. Where possible, we have provided the URL of these articles. If you have access to the Internet, you may wish to obtain the articles you require there, rather than ordering them through Thyroid Australia. Please let us know, however, if any of these URLs do not take you to the desired web page. Currently we are able to offer you some articles from the following organisations: • AACE American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists - • ATA American Thyroid Association - • BTF British Thyroid Foundation - • HPTH Hypoparathyroidism Association (USA) - • NGDF National Graves' Disease Foundation (USA) - • TA & TF Thyroid Australia (Thyroid Flyer) - • ThyCa Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association (USA) - • TED TED Association (UK) • TFI Thyroid Federation International - • TFA Thyroid Foundation of America - • TFC Thyroid Foundation of Canada - • TTS The Thyroid Society for Education & Research (USA) - ceased operation on 15 March 2002 We are also able to provide articles from some other sources. For further details, see the relevant articles. This list changes regularly as we receive new articles, and as we remove those which are no longer current or relevant. ACN 094 832 023 ABN 71 094 832 023 333 Waverley Rd, Mount Waverley VIC 3149 Telephone: (03) 9888 2588 Fax: (03) 9561 4798 E-mail: Web: Thyroid - General Information Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q Tb24-4Fettes I Fettes, A brief history of the thyroid TFC 2004 q TF5-1Wall J Wall, Thyroid disease: the "Problem" TA 2004 q Br18-1Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: What is tyrosine, & how is it involved in making thyroid hormone? TFA 2003 1p q BTF03Gland BTF, The thyroid gland - introduction.htm BTF 2003 2p q BTF03FAQ BTF, Frequently asked questions BTF 2003 22p q Tb24-2Five TFC, Five minute medical school TFC 2003 2p q TF4-2Unwanted PHARM Committee, What to do with unwanted medicines TA 2003 q Br17-2Cooper DS Cooper, Current issues in thyroid research: Thoughts on prevention of thyroid disease in TFA 2002 3p the United States q TF3-3Light C McDermott, How many … does it take to change a light globe?: A lighthearted look at TA 2002 thyroid conditions & those involved q TFA02Statistics LC Wood, Thyroid statistics - TFA 2002 3p q TED56Melatonin C Dayan, Q&A: Does taking melatonin affect the thyroid function? TED 2001 1p q Tb21-4Macauley J MacAuley, Mastering your metabolism TFC 2001 3p q BTF33Vander M Vanderpump, The Whickham survey: A summary of a study of thyroid disorders in an BTF 2000 2p English community over 20 years q Tb16-3Symposium TFC, Symposium on Thyroid 1995: What’s new? - BS Hetzel, Iodine deficiency & excess: A TFC 2000 7p world problem; R Volpé, Graves’ disease; AD Toft, Other forms of hyperthyroidism; WMG Tunbridge, Hypothyroidism: The hidden disease; P Walfish, Thyroid disease during & after pregnancy; D Becker, Radiation & the thyroid; DS Cooper, Thyroid nodules & thyroid cancer: Evaluation & treatment - Printed 1/11/04 Thyroid Australia: Publications List Page 3 of 27
  4. 4. q TFC-Volpe R Volpé, Common concerns of thyroid patients - TFC 2000 7p q TF1-3Koumourou R Koumourou, Thyroid gland disorders – TA 2000 4p q TF1-3Doodle AP Stevens, How many Australians have thyroid conditions? An actuarial doodle - TA 2000 3p q Br14-4Women DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Is thyroid disease less common in men than in women? TFA 1999 q Br14-2Lee SL Lee, Thyroid hormone action TFA 1999 3p q Tb20-3Glossary TFC, Glossary TFC 1999 1p q Tb20-3Glance TFC, Thyroid disease at a glance TFC 1999 1p q Tb20-1Gland TFC, How the thyroid gland works: Just the facts TFC 1999 1p q Tb20-1Good TED Assoc, Good practice in the management of hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism TFC 1999 1p q Tb18-4Rowe RC Rowe, Signs, symptoms & investigation of suspected thyroid disease TFC 1998 2p q Tb19-2Glossary TFC, The thyroid gland & thyroid disease: A glossary of terms TFC 1998 1p q TFI98NB TFI, Important information for thyroid patients - www.thyroid– TFI 1998 3p q NGDF#15S&S NGDF, Thyroid disease: Signs & symptoms (Bulletin #15) NGDF 1997 7p q TED39Armitage M Armitage, A range of presentations but the same thyroid TED 1997 1p q TTS#1TD TTS, What is thyroid disease? TTS 1997 q TTS#7Tests TTS, What about tests & treatment? TTS 1997 4p q Tb17-3Stacey JE Stacey, The body’s regulator TFC 1996 3p q TED29Hillson R Hillson, Looking after yourself & your thyroid TED 1995 2p q TFC#1Intro TFC, The thyroid gland: A general introduction (Health Guide #1) - TFC 1995 3p Diagnosis & Testing Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q Br19-3TSH TFA, What is a normal TSH?: At what TSH level should we treat for hypothyroidism? TFA 2004 1p q ATA03TFT ATA, Thyroid function tests - ATA 2003 4p q Br18-2TSH TFA, New TSH guidelines from the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry TFA 2003 1p q Br18-2Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Do TSH levels vary during the day?; & Should I take my T4 pill on TFA 2003 the morning I am having my TSH test? q Br18-1Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: When are special tests needed to assess thyroid function? TFA 2003 1p q BTF45Wightman C Wightman, Letters & comments: Blood tests, getting it right BTF 2003 q TA03Quotes M Stevens & AP Stevens, Thyroid function tests & hypothyroidism - TA 2003 16p q Tb24-2TotalT3 R Volpé, Letters to the doctor: Total serum T3 test "best measure of the appropriateness of TFC 2003 2p the dosage" of thyroxine? q TF4-1NACB AP Stevens, Scientific review: 2002 US NACB guildelines for the diagnosis & monitoring of TA 2003 3p thyroid disease q TF3-1TSH AP Stevens, 'Normal' TSH - TA 2002 2p q TFA02T3 DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Free T3 - www.askthedoctor/freet3/1 TFA 2002 1p q TW5-1TSH LC Wood, TSH: A new "normal"? New guidelines from the National Academy of Clinical TFI 2002 1p Biochemistry (NACB) q BTF36O’Reilly D O’Reilly, The use of thyroid function tests in deciding if the thyroid gland is overactive or BTF 2001 2p underactive q TED55Dayan C Dayan, Thyroid blood tests: Usual tests & usual results TED 2001 2p q Br15-1Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Why isn’t the TSH standardized? TFA 2000 1p q TED49TFT C Dayan, Q&A: Do I still need regular blood checks? TED 2000 1p q TFC#2Confirm TFC, To confirm the clinical diagnosis (Health Guide #2) - TFC 2000 2p q NGDF#48Levin L Levin, Understanding your blood tests (Bulletin #48) NGDF 1999 9p q BTF98Diagnosis BTF, To confirm the clinical diagnosis BTF 1998 q BTF22TFT BTF, Thyroid function test results [Q&A] BTF 1997 7p q BTF18Wright C Wright, Letters & comments [TSH undetectable while on thyroxine] BTF 1996 1p q TED29Q&A4 C Dayan, Q&A4: How can the thyroid blood tests be accurate when the laboratory form does TED 1995 1p not include other medications that patients are on? q TED28Perros R Perros, Thyroid function tests TED 1995 1p q BTF8Bayliss Sir R Bayliss, Problems in diagnosing thyroid diseases BTF 1994 7p Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q Br18-2Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Can a needle biopsy of my thyroid nodule give the whole answer? TFA 2003 q Tb23-1Bedard YC Bedard, FNAB & its value in management of thyroid nodules TFC 2002 1p q Tb14-4Ross DS Ross, FNAB of thyroid nodules; & RD Gaz, Instructions for patients undergoing core TFC 2000 2p needle biopsy - q Br14-3Baskin HJ Baskin, FNAB guided by ultrasound TFA 1999 2p Printed 1/11/04 Thyroid Australia: Publications List Page 4 of 27
  5. 5. q TTS-FNAB SC Weber, FNAB - TTS 1996 "Neck Check" (Assess yourself for a goitre) Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q AACE04NC AACE, How to take the the thyroid “neck check” - AACE 2003 1p q Tb22-4Why TFC, Why check your neck? TFC 2001 1p q TED36Hedger A Hedger, A dentist at your throat? TED 1996 1p Thyroid Ultrasound Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q Br12-1Baskin HJ Baskin, Thyroid ultrasound TFA 1997 3p q Br7-2Simeone JF Simeone, Thyroid ultrasound & other imaging techniques TFA 1992 5p Autoimmune Thyroid Conditions Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q Br19-2Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Thyroid autoimmune tests for Hashimoto's Graves' disease, TFA 2004 lymphocytic thyroiditis; Thyroid autoantibody tests; Hashimoto's and/or Graves' disease? q TF3-2Arnott R Arnott, Graves' & Hashimoto's diseases as autoimmune conditions TA 2002 q TFA02YrFamily TFA, You & your family - TFA 2002 1p q Br14-4New LC Wood, New news about thyroid genes TFA 1999 1p q BTF28Pearce S Pearce, What causes autoimmune thyroid diseases? BTF 1999 1p q Br11-1Davies TF Davies, When my doctor says “thyroid antibodies” should I lie down & cry? TFA 1996 2p q Tb17-2Volpe R Volpé, How autoimmune thyroid disease develops TFC 1996 2p q BTF12Weetman A Weetman, Autoimmunity: Why it is so important for thyroid disease BTF 1995 1p q NGDF#39Gorman CA Gorman, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis & Graves’ disease NGDF 1995 2p Graves' Disease (GD) & Hyperthyroidism Code # Author & Title of Article, & URL (if available) Publisher Date q Tb25-1Winn N Winn, Quality of life of hyperthyroid patients TFC 2004 q ATA03GDFAQ ATA, Graves' disease: Frequently asked questions - ATA 2003 1p q ATA03GD ATA, Graves' disease brochure - ATA 2003 4p q ATA03HyperFAQ ATA, Hyperthyroidism: Frequently asked questions - ATA 2003 1p q ATA03Hyper ATA, Hyperthyroidism brochure - ATA 2003 5p q BTF03Hyper BTF, Signs & symptoms of hyperthyroidism - www.btf– BTF 2003 1p q BTF44Hadden DR Hadden, Why is an overactive thyroid called Graves' disease? BTF 2003 q NGDF13-2Unusual NGDF, Unusual questions that run across our desk - I am looking for information about a NGDF 2003 1p thyroid disease called Reidel's thyroiditis. Can you help me? - I am hoping you might have some information on choroidal nevus, either separately, or in its relationship to Graves' ophthalmopathy, if any - My doctor originally thought I had Graves' disease. Now, my diagnosis is Plummer's disease. Has anyone else ever heard of Plummer's disease? q NGDF13-1OLeary S O'Leary, Graves' disease NGDF 2003 5p q Tb24-2Hyper TFC, Medications for hyperthyroidism TFC 2003 1p q Br17-1Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Can an overactive thyroid heal itself? TFA 2002 1p q TED60Graves TJ McKenna, The dynamic Dr Graves TED 2002 q TFA02GD LC Wood, Graves' disease - TFA 2002 1p q TFA02Overactive LC Wood, The overactive thyroid: Hyperthyroidism caused by Graves’ disease (Diffuse toxic TFA 2002 3p goiter) - q TFA02Racing LC Wood, Racing the engine: Hyperthyroidism - TFA 2002 2p q BTF37Pearce S Pearce, Graves’ disease family study: The first five years BTF 2001 4p q Br15-1Ross DS Ross, Ask the doctor: Testing for Graves’ disease TFA 2000 1p q BTF35Nottingham J Tingham, BTF Research Award 1998: Nottingham Thyroid Study [Mortality after the BTF 2000 1p treatment of hyperthyroidism] q NGDF10-1Baker M Baker, Scale your symptoms NGDF 2000 1p q NGDF10-1Shine S Shine, We all have Graves’ differently NGDF 2000 2p q TF1-2Colman P Colman, Treatment of Graves’ hyperthyroidism: The Australian way - TA 2000 1p q TFC#6GD TFC, Graves’ hyperthyroidism (Thyrotoxicosis) (Health Guide #6) - TFC 2000 2p q NGDF#49Snow L Snow & R Hattner, Two doctors answer treatment questions (Bulletin #49) NGDF 1999 6p q NGDF99FAQ NGDF, Frequently asked questions about Graves’ disease - NGDF 1999 2p q Tb20-2GD NGDF, Graves’ disease TFC 1999 4p q TED48Knox A Knox, Treatment of Graves’ disease TED 1999 1p Printed 1/11/04 Thyroid Australia: Publications List Page 5 of 27
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